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Grandma grey to Millennium Pink: Custom temporary hair color, wig application, make-up

1 Nov , 2019  

There are 365 days in the year who says you have to look the same for all of them. This wig is a non-standard color. I looked through all of my hair chalks and I didn’t have any color that was really close to it. So I made my own: I used a little bit of chalk and a little bit of water and I just dissolved the chalk in the water to get a color that hopefully matches don’t need to do my full head since I’m applying a wig. It is a three-quarter fall. That means this wig starts right here.
It does not cover the front part of the hair. My front of my hair goes over it, so I need to color the front of my hair to match the wig. I’m gonna do a little extra because it’s better to have too much than not enough, which can be said of so many things. That’s pretty drippy, so I’m gonna run and blow-dry it so that I don’t have it dripping all over me. While I’m doing my makeup – and I think we got a pretty good match there – Chuck is very drying to the hair, so do expect to do some heavy conditioning afterwards. If you have bleached hair, the chalk may grab a little bit. So it might take a couple of washings to get rid of it completely. Let’s just get that out of the way looks like I got a little bit on my face. I will go remove that with some nice underwater and remoisturize and I’ll be right back. Your foundation is not going to sit right unless you have a good moisturizer on I’m using Brit vena available at verbena comm, and I will drop a code down below for you that I found if you want a discount code. If that is something that is interesting to you, boy between the pink hair, the pink nails and now my very pink skin, I got a lot of pink going on, let’s, let’s dim that down a little bit chilly makeup forever, matte velvet in color number 35 vanilla Applying with my Sigma soft blend, concealer brush, which is not technically a foundation brush, but I like it colorscience total i3 in one renewal therapy, it’s an under-eye concealer that has SPF to it. Spf 35 and it’s also got a slight orangie tint, so it camouflages the blue that I have under my eyes very well, I’m using our CMA no color powder.
I am applying it with a cotton puff in real life. I do my lips last, I hate looking at myself and no lipstick on so I’m putting my lips on this is Urban Decay Naked pencil. This is a sample of a Marc Jacobs, lipstick that I got at Sephora. A few days ago they had a promo and they sent this to me. It is called slow burn. This is the first time I am using it new palette that I also ordered from Sephora the other day. This is also the first time I’m using it. This is urban decay, vApp Talk and what I like about this palette. My favorite palette has been my Urban Decay. Naked 3 did not think that rose gold was going to be a color that I liked with silver hair, but I really like the way that sort of rose gold color makes blue eyes pop. So this palette is very rose gold and what I love about this since I’m traveling a lot. It’s got blush and eye shadow, so I think this may be a favorite. Let’s hope it’s the first time, I’m using it. It comes with a little mirror that you can put inside of it and stand up, but if I show it to you all blind to you, so I don’t want to do that. Yay, let’s put some blush on looking with this hair. I like these three colors. I don’t care for this color with this hair color I’ll play with that plenty of other times so double take right. There double take elf brush my favorite old, broken mac brush. I’m going to use this peachy tone loci on the actual cheekbone went in underneath with that darker tone. Oh yeah, this is gonna, be a favorite. That’s got a nice highlight to it. Sephora pro fan, I think it says profound 65 fan brush from Sephora, I’m gonna go in with this light tone party foul. It’s highlighter. I just get even more highlight up there. Oh yeah, that’s a great highlight the eyebrows, a quick brush filling in the eyebrows, with Sephora, neutral, gray brown. I love the neutral gray brown for most of my definition, but I do like to give it just a little more with the Anastasia brow Wiz in granite medium matte tone, backtalk three sheets, the lightest color up at the brow bone little on the inside corner.
Let’s take my domed utility brush and I’m going to use attitude up in the crease take bear right across the lid and because I am blending challenged, I always give everything anextra blend with a clean brush using the same domed utility brush. I’m gonna use some of that attitude underneath the eye as well. It’s very strong, pink Sephora black lace, a matte black pencil smudge brush by Sigma tightlining, with the same mount black, we’re gonna, go inside and outside with the black and then we’re gonna top that with just a little bit more of that attitude, because we Always need more attitude, I’m using NYX mascara black in worth the hype, brilliant marketing on their part. I think every time you hear a youtuber used this product, we’re gonna, say it’s worth the hype, so you’re gonna always hear it’s worth the hype. Does that mean it’s worth the hype, or is that just what the products called you can decide for yourself? It’s a pretty good mascara one coat of mascara. Is it worth the hype? You decide our Dell accent lashes black number 315 duo, eyelash glue in black or dark tone alcohol in a spray bottle. So you can always keep your tools clean. Who watch on that and, as usual, I’m running out of time. Black eyeliner mine that I’m using is from deck of scarlet right over that seam. Now you know for sure why you never see me doing cat eye tutorials candle. I use what I like to call stop a bird in flight hairspray to spray on the base where the combs of the wig will go into. When I say: stop a bird in flight, that’s usually like the cheapest hardest hairspray I can find so. I have picked up, I usually just can’t travel sizes, because I don’t go through that much. This is Aussie mega, which is just about out, and this is John Frieda’s frizzies, which is got a little bit more in it, but it’s also just about out so somebody needs to go shopping. Let’s give that a little bit Well, let’s use up the last of this if there’s any in there, that’s it that’s done, and you want to let that get good and dry before you put the combs into it, because that dried hairspray is really going to give those combs a nice anchor to Hold on to this is a three quarter fall and you’re all are gonna hate me, but you can’t get this anywhere.
I bought this fall about a year ago and then didn’t use it, because I couldn’t figure out how to get my hair to match it, I looked up where I bought it I bought it at alibabacom and that’s where you get really inexpensive things that they send from China, and I entered all of the search terms that I could use to possibly come up with this wig and got nothing so I can’t guide you to get this wig I’m sorry it’s if you want to end her lido and pink and synthetic and three-quarter fall into le Baba, see what you can get, but I don’t think this week is gettable anymore It is adjustable, so I’m going to want to tuck this back I have it Snugged in a little bit big comb at the top small comb at the back big cone right in there and find that big string Where is that big string? We want to tuck that in because we don’t want that to be hanging down our backs tuck that under and then take this other comb and stretch it and secure that up the nape of the neck It’s a little shining because it’s synthetic hair, I’m gonna hit that with some dry shampoo once I get to my boyfriend’s, because I’m out here heating up a curling iron to give that a little Bend want a little darker outline on the lips This is, I don’t know for everyone Maybelline, I don’t know it’s 4:20 Palladio highlighter, it’s the teens He has been right there and then we’re gonna top that off with a little bit of love, light lips and bliss Thanks for watching If you haven’t already, I love you bunches drop your comments down below what color do you want to see? Next, I’m gonna go see my boyfriend Now I think, he’s gonna have a little surprise I don’t think that was cheesy We’Re cutting that out

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