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Grayson Doran refused James Charles for two minutes in a row

30 Sep , 2019  

Daniel my wires and since actually my layers this year, hopefully we look really Oh, it has smells good yep, because this it’s a good I wish I was spooked for a real one and I will admit that same I really was sorry I didn’t mean tohave any to largest James Grayson, now he’s just there You can see the ball, we’re actually going to mukbang I hub right now you want to come Oh, I am pretty hungry, but can you just bang the instead? Do you know how much I love survival? We can’t be in just like nature’s engine with the wild huh Okay, it’s good! Dear Santa I hope you can give my good friend James a nice boyfriend, so I could have a little more personal space We show the tips and then my stick can go into the box Okay, let’s keep moving I like a big Nutcracker I don’t know I’m so gonna click, nothing What could it be a silicon remake of, and we got you some multi-tool, so you can really stop something Hopefully me, thank God, we have you to protect eyes, behaving it We learning up We loaded up the demands I love a good load and okay some roll, because you would tie something and a sleeping dog He could be warm and comfy with me nm, if you don’t want to stress penny, probably just wrap yourself up and give it to James like butt naked or something

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