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Great Christmas! Untie the calendar of beauty coming! Is it?

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, everybody and happy Christmas. Finally here I am so so so happy, because what I see Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Okay, guys technically it’s not actually here yet, but it’s coming it’s coming. So I’m super super super excited, so we’re gonna kickstart, so I’ve been really lucky because I’ve been gifted quite a lot of calendars from different brands. Some of these I’ve actually gone out and bought myself just because I really wanted to try them, if you’re undecided, on what calendar you want to get this year or a matter of fact, I get really intrigued to see what’s inside, because I know some calendars, a really expensive, so it’s like.
Is it worth the money majority of the calendars that I’ve got just like Beauty, so they are gonna. Be more expensive, but you would expect that so I hope you guys do enjoy, spend a big thumbs up. If you guys do. I look quickly. How flippin cute is my Christmas jumper? I am in love. I love it so so much I’ll link you down below for you guys, but also I am going to do another big Christmas, jumper haul. So look up them, so the first kind of done, I’m gonna start with, is a body shop kinda. I am so so so excited because I really wanted they calendars last year, because so many people was raving about it. So this year I’ve actually got the chance to get my hands on actually more than one, because they do do three different calendars. They do one for 45 pounds, which is the lowest price one for 65, which I believe is this one, and then they do want, looks a little bit more expensive as well. It obviously has a bit more in it. I’m not exactly sure how much that is and why don’t you be 85 but think it goes up in twenties. So I’ve got this one which is in the middle, so hopefully it should be really good. I think it looks so so pretty though I know this calendar is quite pricy, but I feel like it’s totally worth it, because I also feel like it’s a gift for somebody like I would. Rather, this is like an early Christmas present and have another Christmas present under the tree, because it just looks a whole lead-up to Christmas. So exciting, that’s what I love plus! Then you get a gift every single day, so let’s actually get inside is actually worth a hundred and sixteen pounds. So they go. You actually get your money’s worth, so you open it up, and this genuinely is the coolest kinder. I think I have actually seen because it’s actually boxes, which i think is so much nicer because it really looks at like it looks so much more special than just an average one. So I’m I’m gonna suck on infinite.
So, okay, let’s go for a round a box. I don’t know I always go for the biggest ones, but right we’re gonna go for thirteen. It’s quite a big box. I don’t know if the other ones I’ve got a forum outline. Is it yeah? Oh, it’s not a there. You go just kind of like to slid down, as you guys can see. A body shop British Rose, instant, glow, a body butter, and this is really good size like I was expected, like really small, but this would actually last you like. This is oh, my god. It’s also good as well general. It’s so nice is that mini stuff. Is it like super super mini, so it really does feel like you are getting your money’s worth. Okay, I’m gonna take out a couple more. Let’s go for number 14: this is a camera mile makeup, remover crime, they’re open at 24 because it is actually 25 days. Majority of calendars, don’t go up to 25 days. So that’s another great thing about this one, and this is huge. What the hell this is like this is not a mini. This is a full-size product. This is so good. So this is a, I think. It’s a body. Butter yeah, must be right, buddy. What’s up? Oh, my goodness. This smells amazing! Oh what the hell! This is almond milk and honey for sensitive and dry skin have a look at that? I actually genuinely think is amazing. This is worth the money in my opinion like this is definitely a big big thumbs up thanks. Calendar is a soap & Glory calendar and again liquid love the packaging love. How much this really really really stands out. It’s a 24-day calendar, it’s 40 pounds. So again, I feel like what I really really really hope that we do get our money’s worth. I think it looks super super super cute, though I’m upset about it’s nuts. So again, I’m just gonna open once we are gonna go for number 19 here and have a look inside, so this isn’t too big. What is it I don’t know? This is a fresh and foamy body wash so this is super cute. I really like the fattest Asajj shape is it’ll be different and I really thought I could get much product inside, but let’s have a look at another one open another one. Do that’s actually a lot better because that’s actually decent size and by the way, I’m loving. That kind of definitely want to get hold of that. I’m gonna have a look at the back. Chitta wasn’t of a great thing about this. I don’t really like calendars that have a picture of everything. You’Re gonna get that’s gonna be kind of ruins it, but at the same time, if you’re undecided and what calendar to get and you’re like, I don’t know if it’s actually worth the money is good, because I thought this one has all the writing.
So it does have everything that is inside up here, so it says what the whole give pack includes, but it doesn’t actually show the pictures which I think it’s nice up said it’s more surprise and you actually open them up so again. I think this is really good. I think I would have to kind of like try out a little bit more to see the sizes – it’s not as big as the body shop. One, but again is a little bit less expensive, but also I do think it is super super super cute. So this is the NYX calendar. It’s called countdown and it’s a 24-day advent calendar as well. I also think the pack all of these packaging is so cute, like I love it so much so. This is also super super super cute, the only thing with this calendar I mean – I literally love it because you guys know how much I’m obsessed with lipstick like I can’t go a day without lipstick, so this calendar is literally perfect for me, but if you’re not Off massive fan on lipstick – and you definitely not gonna like this calendar, because that’s kind of all it consists of so this is 50 pounds which again does seem like quite a lot of money. But if you actually walk it out, that’s about 2 pound of lipstick and you’re not going to get a NYX lipstick for two pounds. So really you are getting a good deal roll. So, let’s hope that the size of the half-decent, though so okay, let’s go for number 16 open this bad boy up. This one is a intense and butter gloss, so it is actually a lot smaller than I was expecting it to be. But, oh my goodness, this color is so nice. I rather such a pretty nude. So it is actually a lot smaller than I expected it to be. How I feel, like you still probably wouldn’t get us 40 pound, and hopefully he does have like quite a bit of product actually inside. If you guys do really love lipstick and just love makeup in general, I really just want to venture out and try more like fun things with your makeup. Then this is definitely a great talent just to get because clearly, you’ve got a lot of different lipstick colors. That you’ve got bright, Purple’s, Reds, pink nudes, grays and greens, like you, have a built everything. So you never know like you might try one of these. Try a green lipstick. I think. Actually I love that and that is worth getting. So I think it is a really good way to like venture out and come out of your comfort zone and try new lipsticks that you never really thought you’d have the chance to buy because to buy a big one might be really expensive.
So I thought this is a really really really good way to like venture out. You know this one is definitely a tease because it is actually sold out. So I do apologize beforehand. However, on my Twitter, I’m actually gonna be giving a calendar exactly like this or what obviously, not this one. I am gonna be giving a calendar just like this away from kales so be sure to go and follow my Twitter to be in the chance of winning this kinda, so it is actually 95 pounds. So again, it is a little bit more expensive. However, this one I know for a fact, is definitely worth it because it is actually worth so much more than 95 pounds and plus kills. Products are amazing. They are such an amazing skinny care brand. So, first of all again it looks so so pretty. I really like the fact that this actually looked a gift wrapped, like it’s really heavy, so it must actually have like great things inside. So I’m going to undo the bow and have a look. So this is a 24-day advent calendar I’m gonna open. It 21 have a look. Oh my gosh. If I get this out, wait! Okay! Here we go so this one is a oldest the mask. This is nice most the face mask. It smells really good. The thing is, with the kills face mask you know: it’s actually gonna work like it’s genuinely gonna help your skin. It’s so much sucks up such a good skincare brand, even if you can’t get hold of that calendar, definitely recommend them as a brand, because they are amazing and by the way I don’t actually want to open any of the others, because mom – and I are so Excited about this that we do actually want to open it a day at a time, so I’m going to leave this one but yeah, if you guys want to have a chance of actually winning one then be sure to head over to my doctor. This is the lush calendar. The last calendar always looks very, very, very big. It’s always a very big calendar. It’s really cute. It looks very similar to last year. To be honest, it’s the same kind of like shape the same hexagon shade. I really like what it looks like from the outside. Well, the only thing with this lush color is to me: it’s not really like an advent calendar because inside it’s up as possible, it smells absolutely amazing. The only thing is, is there’s only like six different boxes, so there’d be like two lush products in each one. So it’s not like everyday. You can like open a door or on a box of products. So that’s kind of annoying thing. With this kind of day. It’s more like a gift, but it is an amazing gift like this is such a lovely, lovely, lovely present so coming through exactly how much this was.
I think it’s like 40 or 45 pounds. So actually it’s really really really not that expensive. Considering what you get inside, because you actually get full products of everything, so you get beautiful bath bombs, so good! This one is actually my favorite bath bomb of all time like it is amazing in the bath these three gold stars and shoot out gold. It’s literally like incredible, however, it would take you a long time to wash your bath after, but it’s so worth it all. Oh, my goodness, I forgot you get this so Snow Fairy is actually their best seller from lush and it’s a shower gel, and it’s literally, if you a lot of shower gel after using this, it’s the best thing ever. It smells amazing and it only comes out for Christmas time, so this is beautiful, it’s great, that they have that in there as well, so they have a lot of their best sellers. They have really big amazing bath bombs, like oh, my goodness. I’ve never seen that one before definitely didn’t have this last year. That is so nice. I love that the smells beautiful, so they have a bubble bars. They have like creams the shower gels. They have lots of like amazing things. So, what’s the money pull over to me, it’s not really like an advent calendar, it’s just more like a gift, so there was one thing lash I wish you could change about. It was that you actually get to like open it up. I just think it’s more exciting, there’s no really order and how you do it, but it is a really really amazing present, I’m really not too pricey. Considering what you do get inside then a fit advent calendar, and this is the winter 1/2 glam which, by the way, I love that this is actually a 12 day calendar again he does this super cute. It’s a bit annoying. Then it’s only 12 days, but hopefully the products inside will make up for it and it is actually the cheapest out all the ones that I have shown you so far. So this is 3040 and also another great thing about this calendars. You do get a lot of their bestsellers, so you get their Porefessional primer, that hoola bronzer, that they are real mascara You get some pro products skin products, so you kind of get like a full face of makeup as well, which is great because again, if you are kind of unsure about trying their products, because I know if you’ve never spent 20 pounds on a mascara before it Might be like, is it really worth it, so you can try out their little mini mascaras and see if you’d like to see if it is worth it.
So I feel like it’s definitely a great great great calendar to get, and it probably is one of my favorites also Okay Actually, I know I’ve kind of said this about everyone, but I think this one does excite me the most out of all of them It isn’t the best one of sim visually I think it’s a little bit basic If anything, a bit too basic up, I bought the products inside are really really really gonna make up for it I love Clinique as a brand I just think they are so amazing I use them every single daily So this also has a beauty and skincare incite, so we’re gonna have a look at that Let’s open one of them up we’re gonna go for number 11, which is this one here right This is obviously this is actually a decent size as well So this is a hand cream I love a good hand cream because I feel like I never actually go out and buy them I always forget, but they are actually so useful and so hard to just go put this on my hands Actually, my hands have really dry Hmm, that’s not really! Nice comedy walk out what it is, but it does smell nice, but I’m just gonna open up one more I’m gonna open up three, oh, my goodness, I’m dropping it so inside this one you get a black eye pencil which is really nice So you get a makeup product and this is 75 pounds again and I feel like they are actually like decent sizes, though so I feel like you are kind of getting your money’s worth So this is another calendar that I definitely would recommend Looking on the picture on the back, you get a makeup brush which is really good I think, because brushes excite me so much you get blush Ah, you get a lot of skincare lipsticks, eye cream, serum, so kind of a game You get a bit of everything Mascara face wash so this kind of does every trick, so everybody that wraps up my favorite advic hundres of 2017 with some of my all-time favorite products Also so, if you’ve got any of these, if you get any of these, as I said, I am doing hashtag stuff, then again this year on my vlogging channel, so I’m gonna be giving a really nice gift every single day on that channel so be sure to not miss out by the 1st Of December, all you need to do is go over There go subscribe, subscribe to this channel, if you guys have it already give it a big thumbs up and hopefully I’ll get to see you guys very, very soon Bye

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