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Great wheel of misfortune!!

30 Sep , 2019  

Four three two you’re acting really close right here. What is that? What’s up you guys and welcome to team edge today we are playing the giant wheel of misfortune, challenge and a big shout out and a thank you to grocery gangs for sponsoring us again. A second time in helping us come up with this challenge, for you guys guys, they’ve got new powered up action figures for the grocery gang, a verse, clean team battle. They also have some pretty cool vehicle.
Playsets like this one right here, like this sweet sweet street sweeper, you got it, try it sweet sweet street, sweepers, weave sweeper, where you can place all your figurines right on there like get this out of there put him here nice. They also have over a hundred and fifty new collectible figures with new mega packs, twenty exclusive new characters that are now available at Toys – R Us then the grocery gang has a new putrid power movie now available on youtube, so go check it out guys make sure You guys keep a lookout for new grocery game items and webisodes available on their YouTube channel, guys make sure you check out the link in the description below now on with the challenge so for this round, Connor is gonna spin. What I’m gonna shoot at Joey John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, and whenever we go out the people? Oh you know turkey he’s gonna shoot turkey at me. Oh, Oh, my world, you’re gonna shoot a turkey at me. I better open my mouth for this one. Oh borrowing in three two one nobody’s gonna knock you up bro, it’s only 100 feet. Watch, it’s not gonna. Be that hard ready! Oh load me up. Yes, sir switch flashback to when Joey was smacked in the face by a sub sandwich. It! Oh no! It’s like once, if you didn’t mind a 300, I didn’t know, I was gonna, have it, but now we know wait 50. You did 300 on his because I wasn’t looking. Oh it’s so gross in here. No it’s on the outside. It just keeps oh yeah. That’s gonna be a nice sealright there. How much! I can’t see how many of they’re putting in there and I could see the squirrels and they were married. I can’t see Joey’s just covering it. Oh my gosh, my gosh 3. 2. 1. Oh, like that, oh that won’t be that hard to clean up. It’s just concrete. It’s not gonna, like soak into the wall. Ready player, chooses Blanche’s is shove that baby in there get your hands dirty yeah there you go now you’re thinking like a true sportsman. Oh part, three to three that didn’t even shoot it just funded me so doesn’t get on their turf. No! No! He did. I did that’s our Crowley, that’s what he laid it on fire, Sam, nice giant I did sauerkraut gosh, it stinks so bad packet type packet tight with the yeah, the only things lost our cheese balls and yogurt and yogurt.
Oh, why is it itchy now open wide you’re, better, get it boy I know 3 2 1 My crotch, I think he lost it like blew out my chest Dude all the steams are just steamed all right on to the giant wheel of misfortune As you can see, there’s a bucket above my head, Bobby’s gonna fill it with some nasty stuff If you land under the bucket, it gets dumped on you pretty simple Alright, ladies and gentlemen, the first item is the good old garbage Oh my gosh! Oh please, no cheating! Oh yes, No! No! Three to come here right! Well, the box that just dumped all over with the citta now it smells like Bo we’re gonna do some eggnog, my wife’s gonna be like get away from me You speak like garbage bro, that’s a chunk of skin You just threw up! Oh here we go that’s good, all right, you’re good! Oh my gosh! Oh my toes, I kind of want it why it’s washed it off! It’s on me! It’s on me! Oh that smells doing some oats I love it I’m just playing with this piece of pig skin dude I’ve just like it around I’ve, eaten that before Oh, it’s all spelling a lot of lies is the worst disgusting It’s gonna Be me yes bugs Connor! No, it’s me where that well, that’s got the majority corner sidewalk on it and three two one: oh, we antique wow, really, I’m not gonna get a girl ever in my life, just trying to absorb the girl stuff Who did that all right now we’ve got some nacho cheese, nachos, there’s gonna be a small one It’s slow! That’s that’s good! Thank you Thank you Thank you We’Re going out with a blaze of glory I don’t want to yeah I got a whiff of you again: oh man, oh man, I’m not slipping All right Go home man all right here! We go, it wasn’t getting It was gonna get, it was getting it well, it’s gonna get Joey! Oh yes, all right! Here we go Joey three, two one: Oh Brian, oh you get your fit hand in there, bro scoop it yeah There we go dude It’s just hair dye, decorate him Let’s tuck a room decorate him liquor in him, decorate him yeah of this better than cereal nacho cheese Lll Do that’s all mine dude, that’s so bad topping them up literally having sound like one word, it’s one of those situations where you just don’t feel Like speaking It’s not bad guys, go check out our last wheel of misfortune, that’s where we got punished in a bunch of different ways In another part of it, we had to have a gross smoothie concoction thing where we missed makes a bunch of random things Oh, I hate this piece: food

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