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30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel happy Saturday, I’m gonna, be doing a full tutorial full face. Look at this eh eh. I am feeling this eyeshadow today. I wish I had somewhere to go. I feel like there was a lot of requests to use this palette and I’m not gonna lie. I really wanted to use it too, because it’s super pretty and then for the rest of the face, I’m actually using a lot of the products that I got from my Ulta haul and some drugstore products as well.
You’Ll see I struggled a little bit in the beginning, but I think the way it turned out is like super hot fire bring the noise. Let’s go party. I’m excited to use this palette because I’m not doing straight-up gold, I’m gonna, be using the turquoise II blue colors in here. Also I’m gonna stay in this range here. So these three and then this sparkly one right there. I love this eyeshadow color.. I would buy that as an individual in a heartbeat kind of reminds me. Do you guys remember the days of uninterrupted from Mac? That was like my jam every single day anyway, I’m gonna start off with sandstone. This is color here. As my blending shade and I’m using my NYX brush summer. She could take a little bit of that and work it into the crease. I do want a little bit of a lighter shade to buff out the very top of the crease I’m gonna use blur from melt cosmetics, which is like the perfect blurring color for me to do like upper crease area. Just blend this out a little bit up here and now, I’m gonna go in with the mustard color, which is called Dijon, loving it and work it into the crease. How nice is this? Color, though, are you not vibing? Are you by B so for the crease color, I’m gonna be using this shade, which is Python from the palette really pretty like black? It almost looks like a blue-black kind of color and I started applying it. Definitely I feel like goes on more green than I was anticipating, so I’m blending this out and I just feel like it’s definitely not the color. I was expecting it to be it’s cute going here. I think it’s like when you blend it out. It kind of turns more greenish and then the undertone of the blending color is like more yellowy green. So it’s kind of like a lot of green going on here.
Alright. So now I’m trying to blend this out, I feel like the more I blended, the greener. It’s getting – and this is like definitely not the vibe that I was going for, but I’m gonna roll with it. We are going to adapt and move on. Alright, I’m taking a little bit of that first color that I used to blend in here. Give me a little bit more of a transition situation. I’m not gonna lie. I’m not loving this color, but you know what we’re gonna make this work. Okay, I wonder if this is gonna stain. I have a feeling this could be one of those shadows, kind of like a hot, pink shadow that would stain. Okay, looks much better packed on now. I’m gonna go in with the sparkly color, which is Aurora this one here, I’m kind of wondering. If I should. I think I should pack this all over the lid, this matte color and then put the other one on top. So I’m just gonna just swipe this right over here. This is the matte Python color and then I’m gonna put aurora on top of this alright. Now I want to take my finger and start applying this Aurora color. Oh, it’s so pretty! Alright! So now I’m gonna do my lower lash line and I’m gonna start with the first to transition colors and I’m gonna pack this onto the lower lash line. Just because I realized that blending it out kind of makes it look a little bit more green, so I’m gonna pack that on and then I’m also just gonna slightly winged out the shadow. I didn’t know if I wanted to do winged out or not, but here we are so I’m just gonna use a makeup, wipe clean up the edges and just slightly wing it out. Alright, next, I’m gonna take. This is the shady liner from dose of colors, but you can use you know black liner or whatever, on the lash line. So that way I can add my false lashes, but I’m not doing the wing or anything all right. I’m gonna put on my mascara. This is the l’oreal lash paradise. I’ve really been loving. This mascara, I will say it is incredibly difficult to get off like harder than regular waterproof mascara. I don’t know what’s in here, but it’s like it does not want to come off with oil and then I’m gonna put I’m gonna do black.
I was thinking about doing something else in the waterline, but I think black is gonna be the best. Okay, now I’m gonna set the waterline with black shadow every time I look at this, I’m just like it really came together. I’m not gonna lie. I was a little worried there for a second, when I first started blending out the Python color. Now I gotta decide what I want to do with the inner corner, because some of the shimmers in here really do have a lot of green in it. I do like it. I just don’t know if that’s the direction I want to go for this. Look all right now, I’m ready to do the inner corner. I think I picked out a shade that I want to do this top color lime, chrome. Well, it is called lime, chrome, it’s super green. It’s really cool! I mean you can see how green it is right. There definitely got a more limey. I’ve used it before and a different totally different look, and I thought it was really cool, but I’m gonna use this shade called brass on the inner corner, because I feel like that’ll give it like something that I want to put something dangerous on the inner Corner I want to put somethin asti on the inner corner. Oh that’s gonna be nasty for sure. I’m gonna go back over it with Aurora that made it like green, but in a cool way, in a way that I approve of Foundation, I’m gonna use the elf foundation. I believe this is the flawless finish, your flawless something this is the sheets and, let’s see how well this matches at the moment, isn’t that really good mm-hmm? I love the way this foundation looks, I feel, like it looks luminous gosh. I forgot how much I liked it now. Concealer, I’m gonna do a little bit of my Laura Mercier flawless fusion to kind of blend everything together right here. This a shade, 2n gonna buff this out all right and then I’m gonna use. The hood of beauty, overachiever concealer in the shade 10 end to brighten up really get up in right here. I’m like I want some full coverage bring it on to me. You know we were going bright bright. I needed that. I needed that huda beauty in my life. I probably didn’t need to use that Laura Mercier won today, because I accidentally put so much of the hood of beauty went on alright need to set I’m gonna use.
My peach perfect powder from Too Faced, which I really really like. Alright now I’m gonna try out that flesh highlight that I bought from Ulta. This is the shade jump, somebody’s a fan brush to apply it and it’s definitely not super bright, though I mean it’s good if you’re not looking for a super bright cuz, I feel like it doesn’t really highlight texture, but you kind of have to put a lot On not my favorite highlight I’ve put on, but also it’s like you know, I’m not looking for something blinding here, but I feel like it looks. Okay and now I’m gonna do blush with the this is the one I know I like this is hug from flesh. You guys will see how good it looks. Whenever I talk about blush, I feel like I when I put it on I’m like. Oh, my god I put on so much blusher. I talk about how much I love blush. I swear.. It looks like I don’t have that much blush on which I’m not trying to have a ton on, but when I see it on in person, it looks like I have more blush on than I do on camera. Okay, so I just want to throw that out. There I just wanna, let you guys know that this is a lot of blush. It’s a heavy blush application today. Alright, now I’m gonna do the Milani baked bronzer. This is a shade number 4 called glow and I’m gonna kind of Pat it on here. Here. Let’s see how this highlight does like on the tip of the nose Cupid’s bow situation, it’s very like very smooth. I will say that no chunkiness, no metallic Ness like when I put it on here, I’m kinda like okay, it’s whatever you know when I look at it in my leaning mirror over there, like not in my filming setup and I’m kind of like creeping on I’m Like wow, this looks very pretty it’s a very pretty non metallic non frosty highlight. I think it looks good if you’re going for something super blinding. It’s definitely not gonna give me that, but it’s very fine. So if you do have a lot of texture in those areas, it could be a good option, but you know I’m still. It’s still need time with it. It’s been like 12 seconds I don’t know yet all right, I’m gonna go with something a little bit more like warm nude, so I’m just gonna be lining with okhla liner from Mac and then lipstick, I’m gonna be using this one from k’kaw.
This is number three that melted on me, but I still like it so I keep it around this combo Never fails me Never fails me Oh you guys I am obsessed, I shadow, so that wraps up this makeup tutorial today My finishing thoughts on this palette, the gold palettes from Natasha de Nonna – I’ve pretty much used all the mattes in here I love all the warm tone like the brownish That’s this one is amazing I love that eyeshadow color, so much the blue one today or the bluish green Python color I did have a problem blending it out, but it’s not that it was like a bad formula It was just when you start to blend it out and diffuse the color You know just like any other matte shadow It gets a little bit lighter and I think it was just too green for me I wasn’t really crazy about the way that it looks blended out, but once I started packing it on it gave me all the feels All the life, so I will say that one’s a little bit more difficult to work with, if you’re wanting to do something more blended out with that shade But I feel like this is kind of what I had in mind today Anyway All the other colors in here are amazing These three in particular I really really love, I think, they’re different I think they’re unique and that’s why I like them so much I think the inner corner turned out really cool on this look Obviously, Natasha Nonna palettes they’re pricey, but I really wanted to create a look with this one today, because I thought just this color palette was really special every day that I do my makeup I look at it like wow I really hope you guys enjoyed it and thank you so much for watching which have I used all the mattes and you, oh, my god, the tops working Please did I really have chocolate on my lip and no, he told me I can hear you almost started My eyeshadow, without filming again, okay, that was close That was close You guys, yeah about you, stop eating chocolate, while you film, hmm

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