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GRWM: Fashionist vs Beauty

30 Sep , 2019  

. I have a another TV segment beauty segment to do this morning and I’m actually doing my makeup myself, so I don’t have a lot of time. So, let’s get into mood, let’s go okay. Hopefully this is better. I don’t usually film this early, so yeah. So first I’m starting with the malli beauty, perfect, prep, poreless primer. I don’t always read primer but um. Today. It feels like a primer day. You know especially or everything, to look nice and smooth and funky also super drunk okay, nine dead zombie with the foolishness this morning, um but yeah.
I have loved this primer for a very long time. I don’t need to use this all the time because you know when you lay your makeup, that in a way is you know helping it to last, but I want everything to be as good as you can get this morning. So normally I would love to have a makeup artist. Do my makeup every time I go on TV but see what happened was mm-hmm, so here we are, but she’ll be okay. I’ve done my makeup before the TV appearances, so I mean it’s in the Beauty. Blender bounce foundation um: this is shade: 4.40 for deeper skin, with neutral undertones um, and I’m using this because I like it, this is a really bomb foundation. I did a review on this foundation when it first came out. I love the finish: it’s a matte foundation. Um because initially I was going to use the juiciest place, which looks really good, but the juiciest place has more of a it doesn’t have a luminous finish, but my skin kind of glows with it, which I love, but on TV like you, got to do the Extreme sometimes, and that can translate into grease instead of being like you know, all Radian and whatnot sounds like. Let me get a good mat foundation. It’s an Amal set. The moisturizer I used today was the mirror and oil control pore and oil control mattifier. Something like that, it’s basically the Meerut moisturizer that I’ve been using for years. They can have a new version of it that is broad-spectrum and yada yada um. I put that on. I wanted to do my Olay. We call it shine protection, but I bought a new bottle and have no clue where I put it and then it was like this much lift and the bottle I had before, and I ain’t tryna be stressing myself out this morning, I’m using this NARS powder. This is the new light reflecting setting powder in the shade Sun stone, nothing really special about this powder um.
This is one thing that I hate with powders um. I would much prefer like the Dior powder, because it has a cushion, see I already spilled paddle on me. It has a cushion that controls how much powder comes out so and I’m just using this Ecotools brush by the way from my um, a typical foundation, routine. Video, I forgot to mention in the beauty down so like equal tools, pressures. I was using it but – and I forgot to actually like saying, like yo you know, equal tools makes nice brushes too, so they, you know, look next over a school, so hopefully you’re not hearing these kids screaming their heads off, because you know how kids be all Hyper in the morning, ah seal underneath my eyes, so I’m putting a concealer, which I forgot to do before I put the powder on, but will be fine the fancy Beauty Pro filter for 50. This on particular shade for me, does a good job of cancelling out the discoloration. That’s underneath my eyes, I’m using the Loreal brow, stylist definer in the shade brunette. I need to get my eyebrows threaded, but I was trying to wait as close to when I need for Paris as possible I’ll be leaving on Friday evening. So I’m probably gonna try and get my brows done on Wednesday. Try to pop in there. I got a whole lot of stuff to do before I go to Paris, which is always the case um. You know you see like people who work themselves and it’s like. Oh my god, that’s so glamorous, but it’s like when you go away. It’s a lot. You got to do to prep so, and I got a huge influx of work recently and I just want to tie up my loose ends and have all my work done said it. I’m not. You know like editing things and corresponding with people and being all stressed, while I’m supposed to be like fabulous meeting French breads and what I’m speaking in Paris I’ve been to Paris before and I was like. Okay, this is Paris, so I mixed in a little bit of this brown stylus definer and dark brunette um, just cuz. You know what it’s just darken it a little bit, especially for television. It’s a Daisy brow, I’m gonna do a very neutral eye. Well, I’m gonna use neutral colors. In my I don’t know, if that I look itself is gonna be very neutral, like neutral in I’m still cuz.
She likes to like to do things that I was the Urban Decay primer potion, so I’m putting it on, but yeah, I’m really excited about Paris. Um, hopefully, go to a few shows, get some really cool content, oh and speaking of content, um fashion, and then Jackie ina, pellit, jakie, ina, um and then going in with ginger. I like to start with a neutral like a beige II kind of color um. Yes, the speaking of content.. Here’s the thing. I’ve always done both fashion and beauty content right, because I am equally obsessed with fashion, as I am with the beauty things, but I’ve always noticed that there’s sometimes a split because a lot of fashion people aren’t into makeup, like you know they they’re decked out. They always looking fly, but when it comes to makeup, like you know, maybe they’ll put a little mascara on and a lip, but like they’re like just so unbothered by like the nuances and makeup like they don’t care about your releases, um they’re not trying to cut Creases and all that other stuff they’re just about infections, which I totally you know, I totally get that hey, then I’m using the Mac 252 brush cuz. I want to lay down credit cuz. I’m gonna do kind of like a smoky eye like a brownie smokey eye kind of look, so I’m laying out credit right. It’s such a beautiful shade, like it’s brown, and it has like this beautiful red, reddish purplish, I wouldn’t say purplish like a reddish maroon undertone it’s just like so pretty um yeah, then when it comes to make up. You know a makeup girl. The makeup. Girls got a palettes, they know when the new stuff is being released. They got their lists, their stash is on fleek. They can do a cat eye in their sleep like if the beauty girls be BB, but sometimes on the Beauty. People is just like and I’ll just wear a black outfit or you know a simple dress or something like that: they’re not really into the fusions like fashion girls, aw, and I, like you, know, I’m not I’m not knocking what I’m just like explaining um so who And I’ll you know this ties into my point, but sometimes when sometimes my cousin can be kind of split, because there’s some people who go hard for fashion and we got to talk those dances. Hmm, I’m good, I’m good three times already 820. Oh, that’s so distracting and have no attention span hmm anyway, sometimes with content.
It’s like some people that came to the fashion content and some people here for the beauty content, and I would like for as many people as possible to be here for everything, so um yeah. Let me know what you’re what you like better like like. Let me know in the comments: what do you typically gravitate towards more fashion or beauty um and then like, because I’m gonna do because you know obviously poles coming up and I’m excited about full. Even though I was like let summer rock um, but I have finally gotten to the point where I’m like I’m sick of wearing summer clothes and yeah. So I mean oh, what kind of fashion content, because I have one coming up that I need to after I come back from on filming this TV show this morning. full fashion, I’m actually doing some stuff with them again in October, that’s gonna go on their channels and stuff. That’s gonna be really fun um, but you let me know because on while I have ideas of what I want to do, I do like to hear um. You know what you want to see. I cannot for the life of me, find my Laura Mercier smudging brush. I don’t know it’s like a kid. I don’t know where it went and that’s my favorite brush to kind of go underneath here. So now I’m using the Mac 214. I don’t know what my Laura Mercier brushes and I’m going in with credit underneath the one that I’m um but yeah. I would like to know what you would like to see, because I do get some really good ideas. Um from youth all is like yesterday on Instagram, I posted a picture of shoes because I did a blog post on animal print. Shoes which check that out, but the link to my blog is in the description box um. You know you can shop animal print shoes like really cute pairs to buy um and somebody left to come, and somebody will always comment. First of all, before I even say that get into that, so you have no attention span um, but before I even get into that, like you guys here on YouTube, like you y’all on the bomb like when I see the same people commenting I’m like. Oh, my god, it’s the peoples like like I just I just love to see it. You you love to see it um. You guys make me so happy. Thank you so much for that and it’s very appreciated. I love having a community. You know because sometimes some people have platforms who here is like dang, I wouldn’t even wanna pose because they audience be so damn mean, but you guys aren’t mean I like that um but anyway.
Yes, so somebody who normally comments on my Instagram, which I love too cuz on my Instagram, peeps, be keeping me in stitches, but on she commented she was like you know. When you do chance, but she was like you know. I would love to see some common content on styling ankle boots. I was like I’m doing it, I’m doing it. Alright, I want to put something: don’t want doulas. I think I want all this cuz I’ve been doing Sam a lot lately. I don’t want ya. I think I’m gonna do dual is what the whole equation. I’m gonna do dual is right in the inner corner. Well, not the inner corner, but you know the front part of this lid right here. Just take him a pinkie and patent it down. Um yeah! I might I’m doing that. What keep what kept me from doing fat up as much fashion content as I wanted to in the summertime, because it’s hot, but I think I figured out a way that I can do it with the air conditioning. And you know fans and stuff on, because I was watching somebody else’s fashion. They do the split screen so they’re talking about the fashion and then you see them modeling it. On the other side, I’m like I can do that because when a mom they don’t know the side, you don’t need volume, so I could have the AC and the fans and one that cranked all the way up and it’s not gonna affect the sound. I’m gonna do that so stay tuned, but yeah… I love this. This I have not found a. I have not found a black well Pat McGrath permanent. I think it’s called Herman jello, perma glide or something like that, but Pat McGrath black pencil is comparable to it, but I stick with the Urban Decay because I’m a word unlikely to get 25% off. You know whenever a 30% off or whatever the discount is when Urban Decay does their um friends and family sale and that’s when I usually stock up one. These there’s a blog post, comparing the two which I’ll link in the description so check that out all right I’m gonna line my top line and put myself mascara and my lashes on and the big mirror cuz we you know time is night.
Time is of the essence, so the lashes are blinking flashes inside I will link them in the description It’s a black home brand um The person who owns the brand, though, was took our site down temporarily to do some inventory, but hopefully it’s up because I’m going to need some latches This is the NARS, a complete concealer, so off matte, complete concealer in amond Just use a net hi, so this is gonna be like sped up When I do my highlight contour blend out all that other stuff, but make sure you check out my foundation routine Can I just post it if you want like details and stuff? So I’m just gonna use the prime, so prime Beauty bronc Browns bronzer and bronze weight bronzer in Bronzeville, I’m just a warm the perimeter Warm me up, cuz, sometimes the studio lights I can’t remember what the lights are like it near glad I think they would, you know just fine, but some of them can be very cool tone and that can make you look gray and ashen We don’t want it okay, so I don’t know if I’m gonna add any more footage from my day you know going on or what now I’m gonna put on a red lip, but I’m gonna wait till I get there to put it on cuz Make sense to it, but it’s gonna be the lip bar hot mama put that on when I get there you know obviously put my bangs hell or whatever so I’ll Try to remember her to you know, give you more finished, look like you know footage, but otherwise I will link the show I’m going to be on is New York live, which is local to the New York tri-state area, but they do post the clips online So I’ll put the link to the segment in the description box and you know pinning it as a comment so that way like if I forget to get footage like you, have the actual segment to watch and please watch the segment too um I wasn’t here to say but yeah I if I don’t get a chance to do a proper outro and here’s a outros but yeah What goes with what you know I do a lot of like dressing for your body You know how to wear color, how to mix prints, how to dress When you have big boobs, I already have so make sure you check those out already I’ll Give you a little closer up, and I will follow me on social I’ll guys

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