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GRWM: From 0 to 100 in 30 minutes! | Jamie Page

30 Sep , 2019  

Hello everybody welcome back to my channel today. I am in a very big rush. I have to get ready in 45 minutes because I actually have a meeting with Mac. I’m meeting some of the girls who work at Mac for drinks, so I don’t know why. I gave myself such little time to get ready. I need to look presentable and I also got to do my hair, and so I decided to stress myself out even more I’ll just film the whole thing, because I figured I would do a little get ready with me to show you guys how I go from Zero to 100 in a short ish amount of time, I have actually a pretty fun.
Look that I’m gonna be doing today, and I hope you guys are going to enjoy wash me frantically get ready, and hopefully I will look better than right now, though, further ado, let’s get started, because I don’t have a lot of time. So actually, I’m gonna start off. First with my eyes, so I decided that I kind of wanted to do something a little bit more fun today, rather than doing my normal like natural neutral, look that I do all the time I don’t want it to do. More of like a neon sparkly look, and I found this little huda, beauty, mat and metal, melted, shadows thing in my collection and this color really spoke to me. This one is in the shade lime light and it’s pretty much like a lime yellow-green. It is such a cool shade, so I think I’m gonna do just that kind of just all over my lid and then I’m gonna add, of course, a little bit of glitter to that. So it’s gonna be pretty quick, pretty straightforward, but it’s gonna have a pretty big impact. At least I hope it will so to apply this. I am gonna use a brush just so that I could be super precise. This is my Sigma cream. Color b-58, and so I’m just gonna apply a little bit of color right on the back of my hand, so I’m just picking that up with my brush and I’m just going to go ahead and swipe it all over my lid, I don’t think I want To put a primer on, I feel like this product last well kind of on its own, so I’m just gonna make sure. I’m nice and precise I’m gonna blend it out a little bit with a brush, but I do want the color to be pretty concentrated on. Like the bottom half of my lid and I’m gonna take a clean blending brush this one is my morphe JH. 37 and I’m just gonna go ahead and just like soften the edge, not necessarily blending it out, but just making sure that it’s diffused so that it’s not just like a really graphic line where the shadow ends. That’s just not what I want. I’m gonna apply a little bit more because I feel like the intensity was lost as soon as I put that blending brush onto my eye and so now to kind of just like bring this to the next level.
I’m gonna take some of this heavy metal, glitter eyeliner from urban decay, and this one is in gold mine, it’s kind of like the exact same color, but in glitter form, and I’m just gonna put that on the back of my hand and then just Lightly dab it mainly in the center of my lid, but kind of like feathering it out towards both sides, and this is just gonna – add a nice little fun sparkle. Oh, my god. This is so pretty. So that’s literally all I’m gonna do for the eyes. I’m gonna go off camera now and just do the other eye and then apply a ton of mascara and then I’ll be back to finish off the rest of the face. Okay, so eyes are done. It was super quick super easy, I’m really happy with the way they turned out. I also added a little like half lash right on the outer corner. I always find that when I do these, like one color looks all over my lid. Putting on a lash makes the biggest difference in the world and I just really wanted my eye to kind of flare out a little bit because I’m not wearing any eyeliner, so I want the lashes to do the cat eye work. For me, I have done, looks like this in the past, like I know, I have, but I’ve never put glitter right on top and I just feel like it makes the biggest difference in the world and it just brings everything to the next level. I think it’s just so pretty so now it is time to move on to the face I’m gonna be using the new nude six tinted cover so excited to finally try this. So many of you guys have been asking me my opinion on this, so I figured while I was here. I might as well just pop this on and give you guys my first impressions – and I am gonna – be wearing this throughout the whole entire night. So I’ll put a little overlay or pop up to let you know how this actually wore, so this is essentially just a really sheer foundation from nude six, it’s one of those like your skin, but better types of products. So this is what it looks like comes in a little tube, but there is a pump and I’m using the shade nude five, which i think is definitely a little bit too dark for me. But because it’s such a sheer, hopefully I’m gonna be able to make it work. Otherwise, in my face, is gonna be a completely different color than my body, and I am going to actually apply this with my fingers because on the nude sticks Instagram. That’s always how they apply it, so I’m gonna do the same.
It’s kind of exactly what this product is supposed to be it’s just really nice and sheer a lot of my natural skin. Texture still shone through, but I feel like all of my redness is covered, and it still looks so natural looking like when I look even super close to my skin. It doesn’t look like I’m wearing foundation. What I’m actually really appreciating about this product is that it doesn’t feel like super wet on my face, even though it has a nice dewy finish, it doesn’t feel like it’s gonna slip and slide around. It actually feels completely set down on my face like it. Doesn’t feel sticky at all which I love. I was a little bit concerned that it would be like a stickier formula, but it’s not at all. So now let’s apply my concealer and for my concealer today, I’m gonna be taking my NARS soft matte in the shade 2.5 creme brulee, and I’m going to just apply that with this Fenty concealer brush it’s the 180 and I’m just gonna start to apply This underneath my eyes, I really like this shade, specifically also because it does have a nice peachy undertone. So I find it does a really really good job of cancelling out the dark circles underneath my eyes, and I just love the way this concealer sits on the skin. It’s really long wearing it’s one of my faves. I mean I’m all for like a really bright under-eye look, but this is pushing it. Okay, I think what I’m gonna do is I’m actually gonna take a little bit of the foundation and kind of just like finesse it with the concealer to darken it a bit. The foundation is so so thin. So doing this is not going to. You know make my under eyes: look super heavy or cakey. I mean. Obviously I wouldn’t typically suggest this, but I’m just showing you guys how I’m correcting this very, very light concealer without completely. You know starting over or going through my collection and I’m trying to find their shade because, like I said I’m in a rush, so I don’t really have the time, but I’m still going to put some of this concealer. You know, on the other high points of my face, just to kind of even things out a little bit. Okay, I’m kind of obsessed with the way my skin is looking right. Now it just looks sohydrated and dewy, and so nice, are you kidding me? I really really like this product. I think I just need to get a shade. That’s one one shade lighter, because this Shea’s a little bit too dark for me, but other than that love it. Okay, I’m gonna set a little bit so I’m gonna take my Marc Jacobs, accomplice powder.
This one is in the shade 50 and I’m just gonna take a little bit of this and just set underneath my eyes and there’s the center of my face for my foundation normally moved. So it’s like all my nose or around my nose chin forehead, and it’s also gonna cancel out a little bit of that shine. So now it’s time to move on to the rest of the face. I’m gonna take my Natasha too known at environs and globe palette and I’m gonna grab this shake right here. It’s the powder bronzer and I’m gonna, take that on my Fenty 170 setting brush I’ve been loving this for bronzer lately, so I’m gonna put that, like my cheekbones temples hairline, this is my second time using this palette and I really really like this bronzer Shade, I just think it’s really pretty. It really suits my skin tone at the moment. For my blush, I do want to do something pretty neutral, just because obviously there’s a lot of color going on on the eyes, and I figured I might as well use a Mac product since I am you know, going to a Mac meeting, so I’m gonna Take this Mac blush in a blush baby: it’s a really really pretty soft blush color! It’s nothing too! You know intense, and it’s really gonna complement this color on my eyes, because it has those purpley undertones and purple and yellow are complementary. Colors, even though my eyes are kind of like a yellowy green, it still leans on that side of the colorspectrum, and this has those purpley undertones. So that’s how you know they’re going to complement each other. So for my highlighter, I kind of want to try out this powder from Givenchy. It is the healthy glow powder in the shade 2.5 natural rose. It just looks like a really really natural. I like there’s no Lake, shimmer or glitter in here. This is the Mac. One two 9s, I’m just gonna layer it on my cheeks kinda, just gives a really soft Sheen to the whole cheek area. I actually really like that. I don’t want anything too crazy. I always find when I do something a little bit more intense, whether that’s on the lips or on the eyes I like to keep everything else really nice and soft. For my brows, I kind of want to keep them a little bit more natural-looking. I don’t want them to be too intense, so I’m just gonna put a fibery brow gel through them. I’m gonna use my alia essential brown, natural volumizing brow gel in the shade dark brown. I’m just brushing all the hairs upwards, I’m just like finessing the product through and it really does the trick Love look at the difference between both brows, I’m just gonna take the highlight shade from the Natasha to nona palette, and I’m actually just gonna put a little bit of that on my brow bone just to really finish off the eyes, and I’m also gon Na put some in the inner corners as well and all the Cupid’s bow, while I’m at it for the lips.
I want to do something really natural and just super glossy, so I’m actually just gonna line my lips with my makeup forever: artists, color pencil in the shade endless the cow It’s just a really nice, like almost shadow color, it’s like a cool toned taupe and then I just blend it with my finger to really make it look very natural-looking I don’t my lips to look defined I just want them to look plump So that’s why I like this particular color cuz It literally just makes it look like a shadow It’s such a great shade, if you want just like that Naturally plump look without it Look like you lined your lips for my lipstick, I’m gonna take Mac, half and half one of my favorite news from Mac and just like blot a little bit of that on my lips, just add a little bit of color I don’t really want a ton, then we take my line and lip glow a bomb in it Grapefruit add some gloss, and that is literally it for the makeup, so quick, so easy yet so effective Now, I’m just gonna go off-camera, I’m gonna strain My hair, because it’s the quickest thing for me to do when it comes to my hair and then I’ll come back to show you guys the finished Look I am back My hair is now straight Jen that took me literally two minutes It is now 435, which means that I finished this whole look in a half an hour, and that means I have a whole 30 minutes to slowly get myself ready to walk out the door I don’t know why, but for some reason I feel so confident whenever I wear this like a yellow, green eyeshadow, I just feel so like badass, so much more so than wearing my neutral shades, which is like the funniest thing, I’m just so in love with this Look Don’t forget to let me know all of your thoughts down below Let me know if you like, to see more, get ready with me like this, where I just take you from start to finish: zero to 100 super casual, because I really enjoyed doing it, and I hope that you guys do too, of course, hit that thumbs up Button and subscribe, if you are not subscribed already – and I will see you guys in the next one – bye

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