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Grwm (large flash tutorial)

1 Nov , 2019  

Everyone, it’s me game anyway, Black Swan.. so I got you girl. I actually really do like the Instagram chunky. Glitter looks that people are doing like a lot of people are doing. I mean hello, so I have these two glitters, this mac star glitter. It’s like chunks of really pretty glittery stars and it says silver. Stars 818. I mean like that’s the name of a so I got this from Mac and then I have this glitter. I got from bitsy cosmetics and it’s nail and body glitter.
So it’s like a universal glitter and I got it from Sally’s Beauty Supply and the color is called flashing lights. So I’m gonna do a look with these in it. I’m not sure how they look. It’s gonna go so we’re gonna experiment together. I already have my eyebrows on as you can see, but I’m gonna go ahead and do the makeup revolution foundation to prime my eyelid and as for the eye shadow palettes that I’m using it’s gonna, be my and it’s not a Beverly Hills sultry palette. Now I haven’t really been able to dig into this palette because I i’ve actually had for a little while, so i’m gonna try it i’m gonna. Try it. I honestly the the clothes i didn’t use we’re fine, I didn’t have any um. I don’t have any issues with this particular palette, so yeah. So if you’re wondering what colors I’m using all the colors are gonna come from this palette, and these are gonna be the glitter. So this is basically that’s it. It’s gonna, be it as far as the eyeshadow goes, so without further ado, let’s get into it. So to start this, look I’m going to use my makeup, Revolutions concealing to find foundation and I’m actually going to set it with my finger. I’m not going to use any powder, I’m just gonna Pat it down with my fingers for the first color, I’m going to be using dystopia from my sultry palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills and I’m going to pack that on pretty heavily within my crease. Some people like to start with the transition color some looks. I do start a transition color, but for this one I am NOT, you don’t have to do it in a certain order. I feel like long as you’re blending. Everything out like you’re supposed to is it matter if you start with the crease or your transition, either way, you’ll be fine for the next color, I’m using twig, and that is going to be my transition color. So because it’s a little ashy, it took away from dystopia.
So what I did, I just went back over the crease with dystopia just trying to bring bring back the pigmentation in that color. So for my cut crease, I’m using this same custom defined foundation that I used to prime my eyes and a regular old flat brush something I got amazon years ago. So it doesn’t matter if you use a foundation in a concealer, a primer or a Paint Pot. It’s really up to you, it’s whatever your preference is. I’m gonna take cyborg and place that all over my eyelid space, because it’s a shimmer, it’s pretty pigmented, I didn’t have to wet the brush. I just put it straight from the pan to the brush to the lid and it transferred very very nicely and I’m using patting motions, I’m just gonna pack that, on with a flat, fluffy brush now it’s time for the glitter, I’m gonna start off by Priming, the eyelid space with this glitter primer that I got off a shop hush it’s by the company, Santi I’ll have it down in the description box below and I am putting a generous amount all over the lid space covering where all the shimmer was now. It seems like it’s pretty pointless since I’m gonna be covering up with glitter, but your glitter is still going to your backdrop. It’s been still gonna peek through the glitter. So that’s why you know you put the color on before the glitter because details matter when you’re doing looks like this. So don’t do the shortcuts go ahead and put a color for the backdrop and then Pat your glitter on top of that and just go crazy with the glitter. Now I’m going to start to add those clinky stars that I got from mac cosmetics. So what I’m doing is I’m taking the back of my brush and I’m actually putting dots of glitter primer on top of the other glitter, and then I am placing the clunky stars on top of that, I’m not using any certain type of placement, I’m just popping. It on top and I’m pressing it with my finger now, I’m gonna go ahead and start on my winged liner. I am using my wet and wild mega liner. It’s a liquid eyeliner, it’s not the waterproof, the waterproof clunks up. It gets crusty, but this one it stays smooth. It goes on super black and it dries fast. So I’m going to start on my foundation. I use I’m using the makeup revolutions because I’m defying the the sack same stuff that I put on my eyelids to do the cut crease in the primer.
I’m using that underneath my eyes, because this look is so dramatic. I will be using more concealer than usual. I’m putting this concealer everywhere. It’s like an brighten in my face, bringing up the high points, because this look is a little more dramatic. I’m taking it across my t-zone down my nose, I’m putting a generous amount, but it’s all gonna get blended out. In the end and for the foundation, I’m gonna be mixing my Becca illuminating foundation, mixed in with my NYX warm mahogany, because I am a super in-between shade and then also because I like to put on a lot of makeup so the illuminating foundation. It’s going to make it look a little more dewy and not so cakey, because if you have a lot of makeup on and it’s mattifying it has a tendency of looking cakey. It looks like you have a lot of makeup on. It. Doesn’t look so much like skin, so that’s why I like to use that one and also has a neutral tone into it, and the War mahogany gives me the warmth that I need in the foundation to set my face. I will first before I add the powder. I’m going to smooth out all those wrinkles and basically the way I do that I just go over them with the Beauty Blender one more time and then immediately after I apply the powder and I kind of press the powder in to the parts with the heaviest Wrinkle edge, even though it’s not a word, you know what I mean. I press it into the to the heavy parts with the wrinkles and then I take it up to my nose and for this look I am using my Sasha Buttercup loose setting powder and I’m just gonna start, knocking off all that powder around my face and Also taking my anastacio Beverly Hills for mahogany bronze powder and taking that all into my contour zones, which is on the the depths of my cheeks bones. And I bring it up to my temples onto my forehead and around to the other side of my face. And in between, if I’ve seen like clumps of setting loose powder, I just knock it off at the same brush using the light hand for the blush I’m using my NYX high definition blush in the color crimson This is super pigmented, so I’m using a super big fluffy brush and I am patting that arm with a really light hand, because I don’t want to look like a grandma sitting in church with too much blush on, so I’m just really lightly.
Adding on my blush in between my highlight and my contour now for the nose contour, I am actually using my black opal pressed powder in the color expresso I like this color for dramatic, looks because I could still get a pretty dramatic nose contour without it being too over-the-top, because the color is a nice cool tone So it gives me more of a natural shadow for my waterline, I’m gonna be using this really pretty blue I got from Jordana cosmetics, they sell it at Walgreens I’Ll have the information down below, and this is the color blue divine, I’m just putting it on my waterline and then I’m buffing it out with a detail brush and for the lower inner corner of my eye I’m gonna be adding my NYX aqua looks eyeliner glam liner and I think it’s like the color sky-blue or something like that But it’s really shimmery and pretty it’s just like a nice little detail I add it to this look and for the lips, I’m using my favorite lip combo, I’m using my NYX lip liner in the color Club hopper, and I am topping that off with birthday suit from Tarte cosmetics and what’s a look without highlight, I am going to Do an oldie but goodie, I am actually gonna stack on my Mac, highlights my gold deposit and my soft and gentle these too When you stat come on, I don’t care what tone you are It always turns out like perfection, you look like a bag of money in for the last detail, I’m just gonna pop on a little bit of my high shine lip gloss from LA Colors, okay So, oh, I can’t with this nice little way, though you know you get your makeup together You’Re like anyway, wait Do you see me with this way? Honey with you see me, so that’s something right! Now, I’m gonna hop off the camera I’m going to go ahead and get my materials from my way, cuz I’m really about to do my I’m not to do my hair up My makeup is done I’m about to do my hair up really really nicely Maybe, like you know, like a little holiday celebration look, but this is real extra It’s just real extra you’re, not gonna get bacon and eggs with this one right here so yeah I have fun doing this and I’ll see y’all guys on the next one Mike

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