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GRWM + Marquita Pring Fashion Size Inclusion, Confidence + More Emily Didonato

30 Sep , 2019  

Welcome back to my channel – I am here today with my dear friend together actually like that was like a year ago. Oh my. I was thinking of it this morning. It was a lot early, yeah, but kind, and I loved her at the minute. I met her. We’Re both from save you are yes, just some nice wholesome gal here and I was like this my channel, I feel like we have a lot to talk about. Oh my god yeah, so you may recognize mark it, even in so many editorials. So many I been around 14 years: oh we’re going to get ready and I’m going to ask Marquita a thousand questions like I like to do that is and what I enjoy doing it’s funny, because we work together for the loft.
Yes like the first. I remember seeing you and like really getting like an idea of who you were, and everything was when you did Italian Vogue. Yes, so I talk about all of these things. Oh my god yeah. It was the ultimate experience. It seems like at the time that was not a thing for curvy girls to be exactly in magazines like Italian folk that, like it was life-changing, it was one of those career highs that I had always dreamt about, and then it happened yeah. It actually happened and, like the story leading up to it, it’s probably one of the most insane. Please take miss Honoria, so I vacation. I went to South Africa, of course, of course, right whenever you booked out that’s how it goes so they have you booked the biggest jobs of your life when you got when you want a new chin, when you go on vacation they’re, basically like come out exactly Don’t go anywhere yeah. We ended up going to my boyfriend at the time he went to like this Park is like nature reserve up the coast of South Africa totally remote super super chill no service whatsoever. So far, oh my the best experience ever like just rolling around on the beach having so much fun. Little did I know so. Many people were trying to get in touch with me because of the opportunity of a lifetime came along its time going to Cape Town. So me and I’m looking at the time exactly come it’s finally time to charge our phone and writing it back to reality. So that’s what we did if he had like 80 missed calls and messages from American number. It seems like I think, something’s wrong, give a voice message, and it was my agent at the time Jackson I mean she’s like Stefan. If you know what marquita is, please have her contact us and like she’s on it a little bit right, call them, and they are so mad at me like so mad go. They tell me that Italian Vogue is shooting and see when my cell wants me to be a part of it with like insane.
I feel like backstory on that for any faction people who don’t know Steven. My cell is like the most legendary photographer in our industry. Like if you get an opportunity to shoot with him, he truly like makes careers makes them likes them. The creative genius for sure really like hearing about that opportunity. When you are very very far away, let me guess the shoot was like in two days: yeah. Okay, we’ve to go to the airport, now drive like five hours to Cape Town to get me to the airport as fast as can be, and then I’m on a plane. And next thing. I know straight from the airport, to the fitting location or and like Edward M, goes there so happy to see me it’s like freaking out, because I just I couldn’t it was all so surreal, like literally plucked from the bush of South Africa, to studio in New York to like it even seen story I feel like so, the cover was really beautiful. Our story was the only. It was the first of its time for Italian Vogue, Goodman, one other fashion editorial for curvy girls, which was B magazine, and I remember that one. I was involved five of us, and that was like the first ever, which was a huge success at this one. The Italian, but one was just one of a kind like but like ever seeing that ever being really excited, because even for myself, like I’m, also curvy and I never really fit like curvy or straight sound like whatever these terms and everything like that, like it’s. Just like who knows, but I was like this to me at least – sounds like this – is really giving me a feeling that the industry is going to change. Do you feel like that really sparked that conversation and change it still work-in-progress still alive progress, but absolutely that was such a defining moment that, like publication of that kind, tallien folk was actually finally making those steps to include women of all sizes like that was yes And it always been the dream for me like this needs to happen. This is my mission and modeling right now, but the fact that it was actually happening was just like, oh my god, and the conversation everything that came afterwards. It you just knew that there was no going back right. Okay, this is happening, it’s a slow progression, but it’s happening okay, so I want to ask you like: is there anything that you wish? You knew starting off in this industry that you know now that you could like shake your younger self and be like.
Don’t do that. I’m thinking, I would say, just not comparing yourself to anybody. I mean the fact: it’s like it’s a lifeless and also not just fondling nothing, but you know, I would say, like just stay. Focused stay driven, do not feel don’t be distracted by other people and what they’re doing like their journey is their journey. It’s amazing they’re doing what they want to do, but like do what you want to do and don’t don’t compare to anybody like the only person you should be comparing yourself to. Is you in the past, like I better every day, yeah, I think that’s a really good piece of advice and that’s something that I definitely wish that I mean okay, okay, something about the first, this time that we met each other and we had with massive skid Marks on our shins – and I was like Oh how’d, you get that relief box truck meet you so clearly they love to work out. So the I to work out, Oh tell me about it. Your journey with wellness, like what’s your relationship to like working now, eating healthy, like how do you think about it? Well, it’s funny. I’ve always been very athletic. My whole life like, even though I’ve been thicker curvier sports, have always been everything to me. Like my very young age, and then I guess once modeling started, you know, you’re kind of being told like you need to be bigger. You need to like a size. 14/16 is really what the customers want. These days, I mean like at that young age like okay, like I want to work, I should be doing what the customers want me to do, which is a huge lesson. I’ve learned like do what you want to do, not what the customers want you to do this meaning yeah like I feel like if people on home don’t know this like when she says customers, meaning brands, we’re going to know, meaning brands were saying like you need To be a size 14, what size were you like at the time? I would say, I’ve always sort of been in between 12 14 yeah, never really much bigger than that. I would say: there’s a period of time where I was not my healthiest. I was just kind of like living a great life and not caring and work with still flowing. So you know you don’t feel like anything’s wrong, but at the end of the day I knew like physically. I wasn’t happy like I came from an athletic back That’s when I was happiest so I November, what’s which I think just getting older and realizing that, like investing in your body and like mind body soul, hi is everything for me these days.
So I think, having that moment and like realizing that like no, I want to be my physical best like for my life as much as I can so that’s when I started taking workouts more seriously, yeah, I’m still like stuck on, like you guys got stuck on It I not I’ll put this in but like having to be bigger, because for us so much for us, I feel like that’s, making us sound Sheppard, but I expected yeah I’ve spent my whole modeling career, trying to me smaller, or at least it first like five or six years I was like how which is equally I’m sure, as stressful like to be like, I can’t even imagine yeah I can’t think what you know to not just be healthy, like just be where it’s like now, I feel like you embrace that I do I like just because our movie yeah don’t force it and if they don’t like your domani, whatever I feel like Okay, also we’re almost done getting ready I’ve done like the same makeup that I basically always do just regular everyday makeup I wanted to ask cuz you’re so confident, you’re so radiant, but to anyone who might be out there who wants a career like yours, they’re coming into modeling, whatever, maybe what piece of advice would you want to get done? I would say really think about why you want to pursue this career like have a purpose by coming into it I think that will give you more Drive more you’ll feel more certain when you walk in and you meet these people, it’s this industry like well Yes, you know you show up and they want you to be pretty face to put clothes on but like if you really want to have an incredible career where you can do what you want and speak and connect with people like you need to have a purpose A mission – and so I think at the end of the day – it’s not just about coming into this, because you want to get your hair and makeup done all the time grateful for it, but like it gets old, so I think yeah I have a purpose like really know what you want to tackle Why you’re coming into this and stick to it, because eventually it’s meant to be your go That’s right like that Like what’s your lie, it’s a good fight watch this bar! Thank you So much for watching, I’m literally so inspired like what and I like now, I got every channel Well, that’s what I was going to say: I’m trying together and start a channel So if you think work, you should start a channel comment below if you have not yet subscribed

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