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Grwm on my first day of school! *Aliyah Simone, senior

1 Nov , 2019  

It’s senior season, ladies good morning. My little beans today is Friday. August 9th today is quote-unquote my first day of school and I was highly requested I’ll be doing eight first day of school, get ready with me it’s 8:15. In the morning I have to leave the house at 10:00, I’m giving myself like an hour and 15 minutes to get ready. I don’t know it’s senior year. I don’t care what I look like. I don’t care what I’m doing I’m just here, because I have to be and that’s that on that now I’m not doing much to get ready, because I’m tired as hell cuz.
I stood up till 2:00 a.m. editing last night and I just don’t find the need to go all out for the first day because I’m tired and it’s not outside. So I can’t even snap on the fall outfits like I usually do, because it’s hot as hell and I don’t want to deal with the I need to go brush my teeth, because why would I want to stink? That’s disgusting on today’s episode of things. You don’t care about that. I’m just still gonna say I’m gonna be using this Colgate Maxx fresh with whitening, toothpaste and then my lucky green toothbrush, because I need to have white teeth for the first day, because I need to snap like that, and my teeth are dirty because bacteria Be growing overnight and I got time for this – let me go ahead and start brushing my teeth. Real quick can’t forget to brush that time. Ladies, oh wait. I almost forgot something a lot of you stink me now, since I have braces. I want to make sure my teeth are the cleanest they can possibly get so I’m gonna go ahead and actually use my water flosser again, even though I use it last night, which is this thing, it just gets everything out. My mouth is: crevices know how to bust this thing out, because I ain’t got time to be calm. I care, I really know I’m gonna go ahead and get in the shower and clean on my body, so I could smell good for the rest of the day and then we will do hair and makeup when I get out. But let me go ahead and jump in the shower, so I don’t think throughout the day, because hygiene is a necessity and it’s not cute if you don’t keep up with yourself on purpose. So let me go ahead and get in the shower and I’ll get back to you in about 10 minutes. I love my beans, I’m out the shower. Let me give you some details on my shower. While I was in the shower, I used the diva curl one condition original daily cream conditioner.
Just to give my hair extra little. Excuse me just to give my hair just a little bit more definition, because I do have curly hair. It’s the key, and I wanted to look good because first impressions are very important and then for skin care. I use the clean and clear deep action clean cleanser than this oil-free init.d. Please don’t with the layers of dirt and oil that can clog pores and it gives you a cool refreshing tangled and I went in and type exfoliated with the clean and clear exfoliating oil-free scrubs that exfoliates to clean deep down to the pores, with a also cool And refreshing tango: are you tired of waking up with your daily morning, swollen puffy face? Are you tired of trying to keep up with your pore closure and making sure your skin is blurred and glowy throughout the day? Are you tired of just being unnecessarily hot? All the time, if you said yes to any of the previous questions, don’t look so down. I have a product for you. Yes, you who was watching this. Yes, you on the screen, whether you’re watching on a phone tablet laptop or TV. Yes, you introducing the vanity planet, revive face and body ice roller. Now. What is this, you might say Elton Lou put on my glasses for his hold on it is this new rolling knowledge is evident. Planet has created for you guys that you can use on your face and body to decrease pore size deal with burns and bug bites and just give your skin and overall cooling and smoothing feeling yeah. Look how happy I am using that wow, I’m dumbfounded baffled. Like look, how happy I look, who would have thought I’m so shocked, it’s so cooling and it’s so good to wake you up in the morning and get rid of your deep puffiness in your face and who just wouldn’t want this product. I know so Bob. I use this in the mornings too deep of my face because I actually wiggle very swollen in the morning whether it be on my cheeks and my lips or my eyes. Something is always small. On my face or body you can’t ever since I started using this. I noticed that I can be puffs and be swole myself in the morning, because when I wake up I’ll be looking rough and this helps a lot, I love this product just so much because it’s so simple, it always stays cold, there’s no extra maintenance and because Of these things that it is made out of it stays cold, you don’t need to put in the refrigerator the freezer like the old-fashioned ones, because it’s 2019 who’s gonna put a beauty products all the way downstairs, because most people don’t have a skincare fridge and Those people is me, I am people.
I noticed that ever since I start using this in the morning. I noticed that my pores have shrunk and they stayed shrank throughout the day and it just makes my face overall look more 3rd and it gives my face more of a blurred effect, and I love this so much for that because it decreases the amount of skincare Products actually use in the morning and the amount of time I have to use and spin on making sure my face is okay and I’m not getting acne in my Porsche stay close because when your pores are opened darkens and ain’t, a pimple, not one pimple, I Recommend this to you, because I love using this like in my morning routine, but also on my pampering days. This has actually changed my paper routine and changed my skin, because now I don’t have to worry about just keeping my pores clean and empty and closed at night. Actually can do it in the morning, and this makes me feel really really really bougie. On my pamper days, because I have self care, Sundays and skin care is a major part of that and when I take my face, mask off and it’s just such a cooling relief when I use it after my face massive scar on my self-care Sundays, it’s amazing. I definitely recommend you using this if you’re more into looking for ways to keep your pore shrunk and small throughout the day, or you just want something to upgrade your self-care days and make you feel even better after yourself here today. This also helps me with redness and inflammation that I deal with in the morning, my nose is a little red from washing my face. I can use this right now and probably get rid of slight redness on my nose. We have to see how it looks by the time I’m done with this little segment. This also promotes cell growth when your cells throw on your face. This means that your face will get a more of a glowy and healthier look. So not only do you keep your pore small, but you keep your skin growing and that’s really important for healthy skin. But if you’re interested in the vanity point of revive face antibody ice roller, you can definitely check it out. The link down below as it talked to my description box or you can use the co2 Lea 50 on vanity planet.
com to get 50% off your order, or you can go to my vanity /a. Fifty four, fifty percent off your order. Also. Ten point: oh six, so totally clean acne treatment. I already know they must have a soft side, even though it’s too hot for it, and when I get hot and start sweating, I get pimples. I just don’t got time to be caught like it. I don’t want to break out, I’m pretty sure nobody wants to be breaking out by the way. If you see a bruise on my forehead right here, I dropped my ring light on my head. So please ignore her. Now I’m going to go in with the oil-free acne moisturizer, that is by Neutrogena it’s the pink grapefruit line. I’ve been trying a bunch of new products, obviously, because if you watch my skincare routine / how to get clear skin in a week, I didn’t have any of these products, except for the toner. I just use. If you want to go see my official skincare routine, that I always get back to when a product doesn’t work for me I’ll link the card up there, it’s one of the sides and I have oily skin, which is why I have to use mainly oil-free products. Now I’m going to go and look to Sephora brightening eye cream that hydrates in the puff shear on your eyes, because I don’t like to use concealer or foundation, especially in the warmer summer months, because I’m literally it’s literally just gonna melt off. So, what’s even the point of using it, so if you have bright under eyes just naturally from using good skincare products, you save yourself time from doing all that makeup and effort from doing all that makeup last up to the skin care. Regimen I’m going to be using the rose and skincare rose water face because I kind of want more of a glowy look like I don’t want my face to be completely matte. I still want some life in it, so I love this because it gives you a really glowy skin and it just hydrates your face without overdoing it. So now that skincare is done, I’m gonna go ahead and put on my outfit of the day, which I will show and attempt to link everything down below. after I put my clothes, are on slash outfit of the day. So that’s something I kind of snapped on. We are going to do my hair and then we’re going to do makeup. but I’m saving your time cuz. You don’t wanna hear me talk too much so you’re welcome.
Let me go get dressed dry, my hair a little bit and then I will get back to you. As you can see.. Now I am taking this lovely body lotion from lush called sleeping. It smells like lavender, it smells so freakin good and this honestly made just such a big mess. And honestly, I really didn’t need this much but ooh leg muscle. Did you pick the muscle? This is me trying to put on my skinny jeans because getting little weight so putting on skinny jeans a little hard and then my matching black socks, and then here we are up wow. The magic of editing who would have thought Aliyah could contain and maintain what am I talking about now, it’s time to put on deodorant, Wow jamming out to deodorant yeah lit ha ha so relatable time for makeup. Welcome to how many ways can we a mess up? Her face today, first thing: we’re gonna do is go ahead and get into this hair. How do you know how I want to do my hair here? I know how I’m stepping we’re gonna get into it simple. because that is not my brand. If you’re here for tutorials – that’s not it advice is a little different. I don’t do tutorials on here and I’m so sorry about it. Oh my gosh: what’s the girls names I Spit on her doll I’ll be so quick to cancel somebody for animal abuse, but when somebody treat a black person like that, y’all are hush mode anyway, I said: em abuse isn’t a bad thing, they’re, both terrible things, but If this was a minority, y’all wouldn’t have LAPD wouldn’t have said anything both are bad, but y’all need to get it together. Thank you for speaking up about the dog. I hope it’s in better hands now. Y’All need to speak up for these minorities. To this. This requires a lot of water. I’m gonna go ahead and put this towel on my shoulders. I can’t you’re too hard on the first day. You know what I’m saying I just can’t even do it. I need to start by wetting my hair completely with this and then detangling it with is why tooth comb right here? Okay, so now that my hair is mostly soaking wet, I’m going to be going in with this shape: Meister manuka, honey and yogurt hydrate and repair multi-action leave-in with my fruit and baya Bab oils. This stuff works wonders it defines my curls so good it doesn’t leave any white background. I love that it’s a spray, it’s like a thin spray, but it still has product in it and it’s so balm.
I’ve tried so many spray leave-in conditioners, where it’s either too thick and it leaves a residue or it’s just too thin, where it’s just like. I could have just used water, but this is like the perfect in the middle, and this is a high key, become a go-to of mine. If you guys want to update a curly hair routine, let me know, because I’ll be more than happy to do it. I always try new curly hair products, so what I’ll be showing? You is what I do currently, who knows what I’ll be doing a week from then, but that’s just what I’m liking right now, then, I’m just gonna recom out my hair, because I did do this hairstyle yesterday. I didn’t look the best, because the hairstyle got worn out in my sleep, so I have to redo it today, sleeping and that made my hair a little tangled, I’m just kind of coming up the ends, because on My ends get tangled. My hair shrinks a lot more than it actually should, and it annoys me does this like all his hair and it shrinks up like this. Are you joking? I just got product splashed on my. I love that for me and my curls are defined as ever. Hello come through Shea Moisture. I don’t know if you could tell, but let’s just take a little appreciation for what you can reach out. I was gonna show you guys my curls and how defined they are, but my hair is too dark. Of course, I switch columns because I was tired of feeling wet hair. On my hand, it was disgusting. Now I’m going to go in with one or two pumps of the diva curl super cream, coconut curl styler, because this stuff is amazing, I did one and a half pump. So this plus the Shea Moisture makes my hair look amazing, like great, didn’t have to snap. Like that, I’ve noticed that by calming my hair every day or every other day prevent so much shedding when it comes to wash day, which is like common sense. I realized that I have to take care of my hair during the week cause like usually it seems like the longer I go without washing my hair, the better it look, but that’s not healthy and I don’t recommend so I’m getting better at taking care of my Hair, this is something I had to learn. Of course, coz. My hair always wasn’t natural. If you want a hair journey and how I grew my hair out, let me know my hair wasn’t always natural, so I didn’t always get to do this. Every morning I had easier mornings when I had straight hair, but I feel like this looks better on me and it suits me better and I’m very happy. I made the transition, but I can say on days where my hair isn’t cooperating. I just wish I had straight hair. I promise you, but I love my curls, but sometimes I just wish I had straight hair, oh and by the way I went in with the diva curl arc angel, gel maximum style, no crunch styler, and then I’m gonna go through this once again to evenly Distribute the products in me head since I have a bit a lot of product in this area, I’m just gonna scrunch it with this t-shirt because you’re not supposed to use towel on your curly hair cuz.
It causes breakage, and this is just gonna suck. The excess product right out, I’m actually gonna, do this all over the back area cuz I can’t be caught lacking and since I’m a senior, I’m gonna be helping a lot with like activities throughout school, and I will be vlogging like the slightest bit of My day, because I’m gonna be busy running around and stuff, I need to look presentable for the new juniors at my school for the people who are gonna, say: oh my gosh, why don’t she get to go to school at 10 o’clock? How does she get to leave the house at 10 o’clock for school? I do a dual enrollment program, which makes me able to go into school late. So that’s how I made my schedule and for the whole first week they want us there at 11:20. So that’s what I’m doing and I have to get my text books from the school so either way I get to go in late last year. a bunch of people were like look. but I guess not. Let me shut up and instead of wetting, my hair with water, I’m just gonna go straighten with the shea moisture. In this first front piece, because I don’t want my twist to be too soggy and then I’m gonna take some more of this diva curl gel just to hold the twist that I’m about to do, and I’m just gonna start twisting. My hair – I just have my first little coil twist right here and then I’m going to do the same on the right side of my head. I’m gonna take the two twists and bring them to the back of my head and flatten out the top as much as possible, because I don’t want to put it out on top of my head cuz. It has the chance of flaking, and I just don’t want that – to be the only thing on top of my head and then I’m just gonna take this tiny black rubber band and tie it around the two pieces. In the back of my head and our hair is done and I’m gonna go ahead and kind of scrunch it with this t-shirt. Because do I have time to defuse yeah, I really don’t have any time to defuse, so I’m just gonna try to get all the moisture out. I can with this t-shirt.
I would defuse it if I had the time, but sadly I don’t have the time and most the time my hair looks better when I air dry it anyway. In my opinion, I’m gonna go ahead and throw on some brows, and then we are going to do makeup. It’s actually a really easy makeup. Look if you’re really into easy everyday makeup looks you should definitely file this one cuz. I think it’s no more than five steps, so I’m gonna go ahead, throw on some brows and I would be raping okay. So I’m back with eyebrows and my eyebrows are literally two different shapes. So if they look uneven, they are because that’s just how they naturally are. I fill them in now, redo them every morning. Cuz. I don’t have time for that right in with our makeup routine, I’m going in with the Maybelline fit me finishing powder in the shade. 10 fear light just to deal with some of my t-zone oiliness. So I put this especially on my nose and under eyes. I found that this powder one matches my skin color and it’s easy to work with and two keeps me from being oily throughout the day and it works so good it just it’s just superior than most and it works so good. So if you haven’t tried this loose finishing powder eye ten out of ten, especially if you have oily skin my skincare, I use this primer. I don’t think primer really does anything for me. I haven’t really noticed a difference in my skin personally when I use prime, when I don’t use primers, so I just don’t feel the need to use primer for school because, usually when I get home, I either take my makeup off right away or leave it on All day, there’s really no in-between, it just depends on the day and most of the time I take it off right away, so I don’t want to last longer than I want it to so. I feel like primer adds some extra time to it and I don’t want that extra time and by the way I use the Sigma concealer blend kabuki, which is the F 79 brush for that cuz. It works best under my under eyes. Now I’m just gonna go on with the Sigma sculpt highlight and contour palette in the shade fake it for a very, very, very light. Bronzer cuz, I kind of have a fat face, I’m not mad about it, but I kind of have a fat face and it’s not good with every occasion aka school I mean, if I can fix it, I will and I feel, like the slightest amount of bronzer, Can go a long way, I’m using the Sigma, large angled contour brush to kind of bronze and contour.
My fat baby face. I’m gonna go in with the same brush on my nose to do a slight nose contour, because my nose doesn’t really bother me, but I’ve just gotten in the habit of doing this every day. I could go without it, of course, but I feel like having this on my nose and kind of a kind of pulling it all together moment. Now, I’m going to be using this buffing blend a thirty nine sigma brush in the crease of my eye. Just so my eye color matches my contour slash, bronzer color and I do those very lightly. I don’t do too much because I don’t want to have like a whole wing cut crease moment, because that’s just not what school is for. This is a everyday makeup. Look and I basically use the same shade, which is faking it now, I’m going to be going in with two highlighters today I like to mix the color pop lunch money super shock cheek and the Kylie Jenner press illuminating powder in the shade salted caramel, because I Feel like this in-between, color and shade is like perfect for my skin color, so for my nose highlight I’ll be using a morphe, m5 100 brush and putting this strictly on my nose, because when I use this on my cheeks, I find that it does do a Little too much I have a different brush for my nose and my cheeks. I know how weird I’m on it and then I’ll be using the Sigma high cheekbone highlighter brush, which is the f03 brush and mixing these highlighters together and putting them aren’t my cheekbones. Am i glowing not from this angle but from this angle? Yes, but for this angle? No, then I’m going to be taking the tip of this and putting this on my brow just to give it a little more definition and eye catching crop birdies. When I walk by, you will see me like hello, sis brow is glowing, since it is the first day I kind of want to give the first impression that I’m nice – and you can approach me easily and I feel like blush – is a major part of there. So I’m just gonna put a little bit on my finger and kind of blend that into my eye light. Now I usually don’t use blush because I don’t like the way it looks on me. But since I wanna look presentable for the new students – and I want to look approachable, I feel like. Let’s just gives me that really kid feel it looks like I have none on, but my face actually gets ruined sweating a lot since I am done with the rest of my face.
I’m gonna go ahead and move on to mascara and lashes. Now, depending on the day I might put on lashes. I like these Sephora collection, coil, faux false lash. They look like this and then I also love these eye. Lurex jasmine Brown, just Swank faux mink collection. Both of these are really good easy to apply, and I love you so much so if I do want to get super cute at school, I might go less on the makeup and more on the lashes just because it’s just easier to do like that. I’D rather have more lash than makeup of our makeup than lash, depending on the day, but since I’m not doing lashes today, this doesn’t even matter now. I’m just gonna curl, my eyelashes, with this eyelash curler. Before I put on some mascara, I’m first going to going with the Too Faced better than sex mascara, so I can get some volume in my lashes just so it can create a good base for when I use my second mascara so first layer of mascara done Now I’m going to go in with the benefit they’re real mascara, because this gives my lashes extra length and this kind of comes out the clumpiness of the better than Sega or Mila, and makes my lashes look really long and really like individual bulls. I actually sent my face with the Urban Decay all nighter setting spray, since I will be going to an event straight after school, I’m actually leaving school early today, cuz the reason I’ll be vlogging the fun parts of school today, but I’m gonna go ahead and See you guys at school now the art of smelling good. I use the Japanese cherry blossom body spray to make me smell yummy throughout the day and then a last touch of my outfit. Is this off-brand Gucci belt from forever 21 and I styled outfit with my converse, I put on my shoes and then I was out the door to get ready to go on my expedition to my first day of senior year and my mothers are now this ride Was especially long cuz, I was long and going back to school for the longest time, but the drive actually went by quick, but I was also long. You ever get that feeling where the drivers like long, but it’s quick, but it’s long, but it’s still fast but like it’s long as hell, but like it still fast, but that’s how it is right. Phone, if you gotta go say, that’s a safety issue. I have nothing to lose Someone please come kidnap me.
It would be great content, but now we are just turning into Mars back entrance of my school, because the other way I had too many speed bumps and I need speed bumps cuz I just don’t like speed booms, nobody likes speed bumps and now my mom is pulling into the parking lot where she drops me off thanks mama now I am just getting out the car and grabbing my stuff and going to head inside of my building So I can go ahead and head to homeroom I’m at school now and I’m going to get my book because I want to go order them online They were trying to charge me $200 You must be free, so now we’re going to get them and we’re going in our new building, which you saw earlier, but I’m whatever in Kennedy, it’s hot you’re on student council this year and I’m not yet I still do all the stuff things they do like I’m on it, but, like you, don’t want that responsibility, I don’t want to get bullied when the students don’t interact Um excuse me, is it open? It’s close, oh my god, so guys This is the end of my first day Please give it a huge thumbs up down below it makes you subscribe if you knew I’d love for you to be a part of the new of being and rapidly growing Being family can be a tambien short, but it’s gonna be thick beam wherever you are we’d love to have you and make sure you comment down below We are first day of school because I would love to know and thank you so much again – maybe planet First, if you are interested in the vanity planet, room 5 face and body ice roller, you can go to the link In my description box, you get 50% off your order or use the code Alia 54 50 percent off your entire pending planet order Now, usually, but today I’m just feeling a little lazy Graham’s, Twitter and snapchat to keep o me when I’m not on camera, because I have not david dobrik, i can upload I cannot upload everyday almost like Kannapolis I cannot upload everyday So following my socials, especially my twitter and famicom, instagram is the best way to keep up with me when i’m not on here You guys enjoyed it and thank you so much to go mini planet for sponsoring it, and i can t see you guys on the next one: they cool, bye beans,

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