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Grwm: zoella for the day

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello. I wanted to do a get ready with me, starting from wet hair to this look. This, for me is probably more of an everyday look, because I don’t mind rocking a bright red lip and having a little bit of a sheen. To my cheeks, but if this is a bit out there for you, then maybe you could consider doing this for a Christmas party or a night out or to something a little bit more special this time of year. This is a look that I will pretty much be sporting every single day, so you can see from start to finish how I did this, so I hope you enjoy it.
So the first thing I did was wash and blow-dry my hair to wash my hair, I use the pure ology hydrate shampoo and conditioner. I’ve been really enjoying using this. The conditioner has menthol in it, so it’s really nice to use in the morning. It’s very refreshing, and it makes your head feel very like fresh kind of like when you go to the salon and someone else washes your hair for you, that’s what this feels like and I’m really enjoying it. It says it’s for dry color-treated hair, which essentially is what I have so. This has been working a treat. The next thing I did before I applied any heat to my hair was I put the davon s, oi all-in-one milk, all over my hair and just gave that a little brush through I love this product. I’ve talked about this before it’s been in my favorites. It’s a multi benefit beauty treatment with ruku oil, so I just gave that little spritz before a blow-dried. I just find that it makes my hair easier to style and leaves it a little bit softer. Then, once my hair was dried, I put a little bit of the way hair oil kind of just running it through my hair, mostly concentrating on the ends, because obviously those are the drier parts of my hair, and I absolutely love this. I love the smell of it, it’s great, especially if you have color treated hair and oil, I feel, is a must before I start styling my hair, I’m gonna put my skincare products on now. Just so they’ve got a little bit of time to sink in before I start with my makeup, so the first thing I’m gonna do is put on this serum. This is the rush pose a effaclar duo. I love this so much. I’ve been using this every morning, underneath my moisturizer and every evening before I go to bed, and I think my skin is a very appreciative – puppet okay, now that that is applied, I’m going to put on my moisturizer.
This is the tattoo Harper clarifying moisturizer for blemish prone skin. I don’t actually have much left of this, so hopefully it will come out there. We go face done. Okay. Now I’m going to start on my hair. I am one of these people. That always does my hair. Before I do my makeup, I don’t know why, because I feel like most of my friends: do it the other way around and they do their makeup with with their hair wet and then they do their hair afterwards. But I don’t like to think that my wet hair will go on my makeup. I don’t know which, which order do you do it? I would love to know I’m gonna curl, my hair today, because so many of you asked me how I come my hair. What I use and which technique I use also so I thought now would be a great time to show you, because I feel, like kind of party festive season, I tend to go with more of a curl like a curly look, because I think it looks more Done and also, if you’re anything like me and you don’t wash your hair everyday if you curl your hair, your hair looks better for longer. I think so. The Tong that I currently use is the new me five-in-one, which I have had for years and there’s no like clamp or anything. It’s just the wand. I don’t know the size of this. I think this is a one inch, maybe, but I find that this heats up very quickly. It gets very, very hot. Therefore, I think it makes the curls last a lot longer and it also gives them more definition, but it does mean you have to be very careful. I have burnt myself a number of times because I haven’t used the gloves, so it does come with a glove. I just I don’t know where mine is I’ve lost it first thing I do. Is I section my hair because I have the thickest hair ever and it takes me a long time, so I try and section it as much as I can, because you don’t want to take pieces that are too thick. So I used a scrunchie because a scrunchie is not tight as a normal hair bubble, so it doesn’t leave a kink. Well it shouldn’t anyway. I try. I try not to leave it in one section for too long, then I just take one section: that’s about this big and any pieces near my face. I will do away like these and then I leave it on there for about 20 seconds 20 ish seconds.
Then you let go Dada KO number one take another piece of hair that is of a similar size and I’m gonna go the opposite way to the way I just went. I also like to leave a tiny bit at the end, because I think it looks more like beachy if you leave a tiny bit of hair at the end like this, and it also gives you something to hold onto, especially if you’re using a wand do excuse. Nala snoring in the background, who’s obviously had a hectic night once you have finished that layer it’s time to let loose and do another one again any bits around your face. Take them away from your face. Whenever I do this, I just have visions of me leaving Iran for sightly too long trying to take the wand away and it just breaking all my hair off you, you, okay and once you have curled every little bit of your hair. You’Re gonna want to just run your fingers through it because it’s very like static curly at the mo it’s a bit prom curly, I like to say, and then I’m just going to use a little bit of this, which is the way texturizing hairspray and I’m Just gonna spritz that all over so that it gives it a little bit more definition and holds the curls a bit better, very voluminous. Now it’s time to start on the makeup, which is obviously my favorite bit first thing: I’m gonna do is put my foundation on the foundation. I’m curly, loving and using is the Fanta Beauty, soft matte long wear foundation in the shade 170. I think I might have to go down to the 160 soon because my tan literally has famished, but I’m making it work. Actually it does make me look a little bit more healthy, so I’m not opposed to that. I’m also using my fenty foundation brush as well, which I still absolutely love foundation done next thing. I’m going to use is price. Surprise the collection, lasting perfection concealer because it’s the best of best – and although I try so many other concealers this is the one I always find a go back to using the same brush. I’m going to blend that in or dab it in this is blending or dabbing. I think it’s bit of both and now my base is done. I’m gonna go in with contour bronzer, and for that I am using the benefit hoola, because I think this color, you can’t really go wrong with this. For a bronzer or a contour, I love it and I’m using a spectrum mean girls brush this one says you can’t sit with us: it’s just a really good little light, get it on the brush, give it a little tap, although it’s like wintery – and this is More of like a festive look, I don’t think you can go wrong with a bit of bronzer really now I have two products that I want to use on.
My cheeks, although I don’t know if this is gonna, be a bit of an overload, but this fenty Beauty, highlighter, slash blusher, is so beautiful. It’s called which one is this chic freak, and it’s so pretty. I’m talking about this one here, because this one is slightly more shimmery, but then I also have this hourglass one, which is the incandescent Electra ambient lighting blush, and this is also very beautiful unless I put a little bit of this on it a little bit of This, on top maybe I’ll do that. Let’s try that see how that goes, I’m going to use the same brush! That’s definitely added some color as well. So that’s quite pretty I like that. I think I’m gonna go on top of it with a little bit of this, though I think this is what’s gonna. Take this look from like your daytime festive look to your night out Christmas party. Look to be honest! Maybe if you wanted, you could just leave it like this, but I’m not gonna go subtle, well middle of the forehead down the center a little bit on the chin. I like that. I think that’s really really pretty now. I’ve completely done my face. It’s time to move on to brows and eyes, which I think always bring a look completely together when I think of brows, I mostly think of benefit because I feel like they are the ruler of the eyebrows. They have like 10 products, 6 different shades, there’s something for everybody. I’ve got a handful of products I never know which ones to go for, because I love browsing browsing ziz one of my favorites, because you guys know how much I like to add in a powder, because I feel like it’s really easy to give shape. I also always use this. This is the 24-hour brow setter, love that, but I also have the precisely pencil, so I don’t know whether to go for browsing all the pencil or maybe a little bit of both. I think I’m going to start with the pencil and do some very like fine hairs, and then I think I’m gonna go back over with the wax that comes in the browsing which you can see. I’ve like majorly dent it right.
I’m gonna use the little brush first. This is their little spooley feel like spoolie. X’ are essential because you can brush out the brows and see exactly where you stand. You guys know whenever I’m giving beauty advice, it’s always get your brows done by someone else. Banish the tweezers and go get them done as well as all their products benefit actually do do eyebrows and they are amazing at it. So if you’re not sure go to benefit and they can like sort your brows out, you will never look back having someone else. Do your brows, the shade I’m using by the way, is for because my brows are slightly more ashy in color. So for is perfect for me, one brow done I’m gonna do this one now using the wax on this side. Again, this isn’t a floor and this is also a little benefit. Eyebrow brush, I’m just gonna put a little bit of the wax in the little sections where I’m trying to grow my brows just so that it really holds the pencil in place, and I don’t end up smudging it away. Now I’m going to use the 24-hour brow setter, just to go over it and really lock them in place. So this is literally just a gel that you can brush through your brows, it’s clear, so it has no color in it and it just keeps them exactly where you want them now. Brows are done. I’m going to move on to my eyes. I’m gonna put a little bit of the Too Faced shadow insurance on my eyelids before putting on any eyeshadow the brushes I’m gonna use for my eyeshadow are the clover brushes you’ve got a little like copper bases. I have four of them. I probably need for I’m gonna start with this one to cut down my first color and the palette I’m going to be using. Is this Too Faced palette, but this is the? What palette is this? Is it the clover palette inspired by their mini Chihuahua mascot? This limited edition, eyeshadow collection, features 18 brand-new, matte and shimmer shades in exclusive clover packaging. So this is oh. This is the clover palette. There are some quite bright colors in here, which I’m probably gonna steer clear of not too sure about this yellow, but I’m mostly going to be focusing on these these shades. I think, because I’m gonna go for a festive red lip I don’t want anything too wild on the eyelids, so the color I’m gonna pop all over my lid – is this one, which is called cuteness overload it’s a very pretty kind of champagne e pink.
I am gonna put a little bit of this white shimmery One called puppy eyes just on the very inner corner because it looks quite glittery, so I’m just gonna pop that there just to open up the eye a little bit now using a tapered blending brush I am going to go in with this shade, which is called paw print It’s a matte and I’m gonna go in the crease with this one I might put a tiny bit of this darker color called cuddle buddy in the crease, just just the very outer, and I’m gonna do a little bit of this super highlight color, just under my brow bone just to give it a highlight beautiful, using this slightly Skinnier brush I’m gonna take that same darker color and I’m just gonna go a little bit under the eye Those are the eyes at the moment I’m gonna go in with a bit of black liner The liner that I am gonna use is the Stila stay all day, waterproof liquid eyeliner, okay, this one is way better than this one Why does this always happen now? It’s time for mascara the mascara I’m using is the smithing cult, lash dance, mascara a little bit on the lower lashes This is actually quite a clumpy mascara So if you don’t like clump, you own like that, but I like a bit of clump, so okay and now there’s only one thing left for me to do, and that is the old red festive lip So we have the colour-pop ultra matte lip in the shade Creeper, i use this quite a lot I do like it and there we go That is my festive party pretty much every day like I would wear this every day myself like you will probably find that I will be wearing this through most of December I absolutely love it, it feels very festive very glowy, and that is exactly what you want this time of year I really hope you guys, like this If you did don’t forget to subscribe and also make sure you are following me over on my other channel, which is more zoella, got it and breathe them um, because I am vlogging every single day, so you can see exactly what I’m getting up to over there So come on over enjoy the festive fun and I will see you again very soon Bye

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