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Guest host Jennifer Lawrence interview with Kim Kardashian West

1 Nov , 2019  

Okay, let’s do this. I have been obsessed with our first guest in her family for over a decade in a very, very healthy way. She is the queen of reality, TV, social media and now cosmetics with her beauty, company k’kaw Beauty. Please welcome Kim Kardashian Wow alright buckle down and get comfortable. My first question: do you think it’s a coincidence that Reggie Bush’s wife looks just like you, I’m probably not for you, but I’ve been obsessed with you for a really long time, but can you remember the first time we met? I do actually, we were at a hotel in New York and I don’t know where we were coming from, but it was late and we were going up to see this axial velorek suite at the Greenwich Greenwich.
I think yeah and I’m getting in the elevator with Kanye and then I bed doors are like about to close and I hear Jennifer screaming. I love your show. That was the same hotel where I was taking off my bra under my shirt and Kanye. Tapped me on the shoulder I was like what so recently I went over to your mom’s house for dinner. It was everything I could have ever dreamed was yeah, so Jennifer came over for dinner like two weeks ago. Yeah I’ve never seen my mom more drunk in our lives. I was way more drunk than your mom. You take it easy on your mother that point it was like they had like a few too many drinks. For my for my taste yeah. Well, you were drinking teas, though I understand, and I remember getting naked in your mom’s closet and ordering you to dress me. Yes, I know you just be fabulously. I looked amazing. Did you call Kanye to come up in the closet? Did you want him to style me, but you said I’m not joking. I really want Kanye to style me, and so I said, okay and then I come back in and you’re fully butt-naked. I’m gonna come downstairs and tell him not, and we put on one of my mom’s dresses and you wore it throughout the whole dinner. Oh, it’s I have it oh yeah, I went home in it, so you Kanye, like fart in front of each other, or do you talk about fart like do you fart in front of him? There’s no real good way to segue into that, but I was just thinking cuz. I asked you to get me gas X and I remember Kanye looking down the table like oh my god, she farts, I just had one of those stabbing gas pains in the back. Are you dead, my ribs yeah cuz? I was so excited I feel like. I know you so well now, yeah yeah inside and out yeah, so one thing that a lot of people might not know if they haven’t watched every single episode from the time.
The show has started is that you, you run Instagram in social media but you’re. Also, a bonafide hacker totally like I’m wired, yeah trouble, I’m fully retired, but tell me about that yeah I used to be like the go-to spy that everyone would call and try to get info on their boyfriends or husbands or matter you get it. What did you do? Um, I just probably was in a really insecure on trusting relationship, and I had to work for myself or back yeah yeah. I know it’s far bad. It’s not like that anymore. I don’t hack anymore. Tanya doesn’t have a password on his phone yeah; no, he doesn’t, but actually we shouldn’t say that he does people, but he doesn’t have pictures in his phone, so good good. You could take it over. There is this service that I figured out that you can call someone’s number and make it look like it’s anyone elses number calling them. So what I figured out is how to get into the voicemail system is, if you call the number but make it look like it’s your own number, calling it tricks the system and gets right into the voicemail system. We’Re screwed. Now that there’s texting cuz, no one leaves voicemails anymore, but all those are battle rates are screwed yeah. I got major dirt back in the day. So do you think that you could like hack like a president’s Twitter and maybe like stop a war like you? Could save the world and it’s kind of like that game we were playing at the house. Remember we were like you were like okay. If you could save the world, who would you rather sleep with Donald Trump or kim jong hoon? Who did you say? I think we were just laughing so hard. We didn’t choose by. Oh that’s in quantum aid you choose, I get very aggressive when I’m drunk, I probably forget, sort of hold where you were gonna pass out. Yeah. No, I don’t know, I don’t know if we chose so another random question. Just Chloe is Chloe like in on you being subtly rude to her or like. Are you just like subtly with me? What like about her style? No, we all do like periods and she’s like my her, and I are really vibing right now, yeah I’m just maybe. I was like rude about her style.
Okay, but I loved her side. I don’t have a sister, so I don’t know how it works. I just say a free-for-all: yeah I mean it should be honest. If you had styled my suitcase, I would have probably been like tick yeah, better already packed it. I would have been annoyed. She already packed it. Yeah we’ve had all the work in and then you, but the Polaroid’s was a really nice touch. I actually wanted to for this show I couldn’t stop having ideas. I wanted you to come and like organize my closet and stuff. Well I’ll come up, please all right! No okay, wait! Wait! What do i? What okay? I made you something, but I don’t know if we have enough time what should I do just okay? Well, when we come back, wait, no wrap up the conversation, so you know very funny stuff. When we come back. I have many deeply personal questions. I need to ask him pay me to talk about her cosmetic line k’kaw. This is one of her products which I think I have oh never mind. No, I don’t have that this is for blush. It’s for contour blending, contour blending. Yes, not what you think it is. That’s not your all what I thought it was. You know what I guess when I was pleased. Okay, I never thought all my things are like a flesh color. So I get it, but that’s not wasn’t necessarily the flesh color. That made me think it was a dildo I usually see like darker colors, so yeah. The fact when I was posting it on social media and I was like yeah – I didn’t notice because it was white so to move on from dildos, which I don’t want to do. You have you’re hosting your famous family Christmas Card this year. In return, I’ve noticed I’ve never been in one. You are welcome, okay, good. I took the liberty of putting myself in one already this I drew myself. I love the fan er that I made you this. My eyes are closed in complete bliss, so you can keep this yeah yeah. You should on your furniture, yeah. Okay, so can I get to my deeply personal question card? Yes, okay, great, oh well! Actually this is a total side note. But what do you think about? Selena getting back together with Justin, I think it’s so cute. Okay, I don’t know what to think who of all of your sisters lost their virginity. First, you were yeah, no, it wasn’t Kourtney have you ever been cheated on? Yes, how did you find out um my hacking skills, nice yeah? I I got into the voicemail thing and it was on my birthday.
I was at dinner with all of my best friends put it on speaker board, wondering like where my boyfriend was his voicemail. He was flying in town to meet another girl. On my birthday. He lied to me that he was in a different city. Oh my god that got the Taylor Swift song. Oh my god, that’s awful! I’m sorry that happened. Did you marry him? How many ex-boyfriends are still on your phone? Only one, okay, yeah and you know super friendly. He lives right across the street from Courtney. We never, you know, really talk, but the nicest family. I went to his wedding and yeah great okay on the count of three. I want us both to name your craziest ex-boyfriend, my craziest, your craziest ex-boyfriend, one, two, three Kris Humphries. What is the most incorrect rumor you’ve ever heard of yourself? Oh, I don’t know, I start to like believe them all. There’s so many. I know everything I just don’t even know. I know it’s so overwhelming whenever it could ask that question like my eyes, go cross. I guess it’s everything yeah I know and then and then after a while, like there was like footage that I had blamed Donald Trump for all the hurricanes in the world like after I saw like the ninth headline, I was like damn high, but I didn’t okay. If you were stranded on a desert island with one member of your family, who would you kill last um like I could only have one surviving yeah like you’ve, already killed the annoying ones and now there’s like basically your favorite one. Okay, I mean my kids, oh wow, oh my god. I forgot children. Now I feel guilty. I feel bad. You mean just I mean just siblings yeah, but I mean, if you were gonna, kill a kid. What kid would it be know which of your siblings? Would you kill last it might be Chloe cuz, I feel like she’d like kill me like whatever you would? Actually, the one I’d have to kill. First yeah like just strictly a survival wise? Okay, what is the weirdest thing Kanye? Does he falls asleep anywhere? It’s like we’ll be at a meeting or like he’ll. You know introduce me to people. I’ve never met before and we’ll be at a restaurant and he’ll be like snoring like stop. I wish I had that. Do you guys have like normal couple things we like argue over who to hire to take the garbage out every day super normal? We watched Family Feud every night before we fall asleep. Oh my god, yeah! That’s like overly normal.
I watched you guys to fall asleep. How many of Kanye’s albums? Can you name all of them? Oh, you can yeah that’s sweet, yeah you’re, a good partner. Yeah have you talked to AJ since he’s gotten out of prison? I haven’t Danna. I think I saw him at like a club in Miami. Like a decade, I may be right, like eight nine years ago, did you talk to him yeah? Did you ask him if he did it? I just never really like go there. I have like so much respect for his children. I don’t know I feel, like my mom and Caitlyn, both say like a lot about it and are really vocal and I just feel like you know his kids. It must be like really hard, so I just try to like to stay away from it yeah. This is the second time I’ve tried to attack. Children tonight has gone over written songs about you that, like we don’t know about yeah, can you tell me what they are? There was one that he hasn’t released, but he’s sing it at the met called awesome and he write like before we got together. He had played it for me when he was recording watched the throne and then when we when I was pregnant, and it was my first Met Ball. He performed it like to me at the Met, and oh my god, yeah. That kind of stuff never happens to me. That must be really really nice. I’m just gonna keep like. So what does he wear to bed? What a both of you wear to sleep? I have like Kim Kardashian on a couch answering questions. You ever sleep in socks. I sleep in socks every night, oh my god, like the smell, is nice and you can write good. Like I put my sauce up, I’m freezing so yeah. It’s really cold in the studio. By the way I’m gonna talk to Jimmy about it, it is yeah and I have a weird reaction where I sweat when I get cold, so I’m afraid that’s it. If anybody at home is wondering why I’m sitting this way, it’s not for my breast. It’s for my armpit sweat, just squeeze it away, yeah! It’s a it’s not supposed to happen like that, and my leg hair grows faster, but it’s warm okay. How did you pick your surrogate and why didn’t you ask me yeah did I was I even in like in the conversation I’ll know. If I do it again, oh my god. I just can’t wait for your kids to just be like teenagers and oh we’re Just it’s like the royal family, I’m just like.
Ah, what are they gonna? Do? They are the whole family is so lovely What did you guys do for Halloween? We all go to Courtney’s and spend Halloween there, and I try I was going to do that thing that you showed earlier telling the kids that I took their candy, and then I just didn’t have the heart to do it Yeah there were some of those kids reactions, though I was watching like some of them was like, oh, like oh and then some of them I was like, if I ever did, that to my parents like yeah, I like fruit, my parents, like my parents, told me They ate all my candy I would have been like okay Well, I’m sorry I’ll be in my room Yeah wouldn’t work fun It like Courtney goes so overboard with the decorations that I think her kids are just over it like the Moto anti Halloween Oh no way Yeah, what were they um? Mason was quavo from egos showed up at school like weibo, and north Penelope was nothing Oh looks like about not festive and Norris was Wonder Woman She was a few things Her and Saint were Axl Rose and slash Oh my god They had fits with the wigs and it was like a whole thing, so that left like one Second, that’s what happened to me at Halloween, five minutes with a wig, and then they were bunnies to go trick-or-treating in costumes, like I did this year Oh, I always thought that like if I like, I had like a little baby and it was a boy I would make him a Chippendales dancer and take his shirt off with a little bow tie I saw this girl online did her daughter is like a Victoria’s Secret model in with the wings and like in lingerie, but it was like a bathing suit I think she got a lot of things third time I have proven I’m not responsible enough to be around It’s sexy, okay So what do you guys like think about blac Chyna? You know I was I always said when someone was gonna Ask me, you know: dream is gonna see this one day, and so I think it’s just super respectful to just not say anything about You know my niece’s mom got it totally Fourth, child Pits are available now Kim kardashian-west everybody do you, love clicking buttons and subscribing to things Then click the button to subscribe to my channel and you’ll finally be happy

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