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Guest room tour! 2017!

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi everyone so today, as you can see, I’m in my room right now, so I’m doing this intro kind of vlog style, because today I’m going to be showing you guys my room, you guys have been requesting a room tour for A pretty long time now so, basically, how this room tour is going to work. Is I’m going to show you kind of vlog style on my new vlog camera? As you see, I got a new vlog camera actually at not like a new vlog camera, because I’ve literally never had a vlog camera before so it’s my first, I guess just a quick couple things to say the last time I did a room tour I think, Was in like 2013 or 2014, and since then I moved my room downstairs.
. But since then we moved houses, so this is a completely different room that you guys have never seen before same sort of things, but I’ve never really completely went through it. So yeah, sorry, so many disclaimers anyways without further ado. Let’s show you my room. Ok, so, first to get to my room, you’d, walk down this little hallway and here’s my room. It’s got this little thing on the door. So, as little thing I have hanging on, my doorframe is just basically a bunch of shelves tied together, obviously, and I actually got that in Hawaii at like a little market place. I really like it, because the aesthetic of my room is kind of supposed to be. Like seashell s, so the color of the walls in my room kind of look a bit beige, but naturality being here, it’s like a really really soft, pinkish, color sort of like a blushy color, and another thing I didn’t really mention is: I have like a cathedral Ceiling basically means that it like Peaks up and it’s a lot higher than the rest of the house. The ceiling out here is like that and then in here it gets a lot higher. So this is the color of the wall that goes basically immediately into the cathedral ceiling. That’s all covered in stained wood. I have three out of the four walls painted and there actually is paint under. Here too, I decided to put up these curtains that are almost the exact same color as the wall, just because I wanted a different texture. I don’t know if you can see this, but right at the top of the curtain. There’s this little glass lizard. I don’t really know where to start with explaining things, but I think I’ll start on this side. Oh hi, so basically on this wall, I have a shelf a mirror, my glass desk and then my chair, my mom, actually bought this mirror to be somewhere else. In the house, but it didn’t end up looking good there and it kind of matched my aesthetic perfectly.
It’s just silver and it’s got like these little detailing all the way down, and I have this chair and it’s basically just a glass chair that I got at IKEA, but I made it kind of fun because I got this fluffy rug also from Ikea. And basically, I just put it on here. I think it looks really cute this remote right here actually controls my light and it like has a fan or whatever boom, and I have this little jar thing. I don’t really think this is like a jar, but basically we got this in Europe in Turkey, at the Virgin Mary’s house after she gave birth to Jesus where she eventually died there I filled it with water, but I’m pretty sure now it’s all evaporated out, but I refuse to open it just kisses a bit of water left over on this corner. There’s just a couple books. Can I have these three books sitting here because they’re the ones I look at the most? Well, not so much my yearbook, it’s just sitting here because I don’t know where to put it. Oh and this desk, it’s just glass and it’s got kind of like a green hue on the side is from HomeSense. I don’t know if they would still like, sell it or anything, I’m not exactly sure, but I got it just like six months ago. Okay, moving on into this corner, this corner is probably the only mess I actually have in my room, and it honestly makes me so mad she’s a curtain in my makeup box and a bunch of lights that I want to hang. I don’t know I feel, like everybody has like a little like junk area in the room, but mine is so noticeable anyways. Okay, this is the Alex 9 drawer storage unit. It’s from Ikea. It’s like one of my favorite storage units. Ever, oh, my goodness, such a mess, but all my makeup is in here yeah. Yes, it’s just of it. Okay, so on top of here I just have like quite a bit of stuff. First thing is this: is a fake plant? Oh no! I just love the way it looks, and I like the wicker basket. It’s in we’ve had this literally since I can remember not kidding, then I got this at home since, and it’s basically just like this little like glass thing that reaches into a candle holder and it’s full of shells. And honestly, if I was to describe my room and like one piece, it would be this piece and then this is frosted cupcake. It’s like one of my favorite candles take a sniff YUM right here is a picture, and this is a picture of me and my brothers there. I am obviously that’s me and I don’t know I just really like this picture and it’s in like a vintage frame that my dad’s had forever, and here is just this little like it looks like it’s like supposed to hold a cake, but I got it at Home sense – and it just I, just have like a little Winnie, the Pooh watch on here and a gift card.
Oh and if you guys have never seen like coins from Canada, there’s $2, here’s 25 cents. It’s got a moose on it. Then I have these two shells pretty sure both of these are from Hawaii, because whenever we go to Hawaii, we pick up and like bring home a bunch of shells. So I know for sure this one is this one might be from the piece of coral from Hawaii it’s from Maui from like a couple years back, and this is also from maui’s from the airport. My dad got it for me and I love it. It’s just a bunch of little turtle candles, so that’s the top of this dresser, and now we got to get up here. Safety. First, all right, so this shelf is basically a product of me having a lot of things that I wanted to display. But I didn’t want to clutter up my room, so I just said: okay, I’m going to have this one shelf and I’m going to fill it. So I guess I’ll start at this, and this is just a little candle like fancy thing. Oh and you’ll notice. There’s a lot of shelves just like sitting on this entire shelf, like just like the entire way, there’s just shelves. Those are all from, like Mexico, Hawaii places that we went and we brought it home in our suitcases. This is another thing from home cents. It’s just like a candle holder and I have Sweet Pea in here. These are my grad corsage, and this was Luke’s like what are they called boo C or something? I don’t know how to say it. I probably just butchered it, but I basically just have those up here. I got this shell in Mexico around eleven years ago. I just remember like absolutely falling in love with it and I needed it. The person told me it was a real shell, so I just like – I don’t know, and I carried it from like four houses. So it’s stuck with me a long time is just like a pink pot back here, just because it matches. I have this little Swarvoski duck that my brother got me when I was like oh man when was this like. This must have been like seven years ago that he got me this and then this dry, since I can do more than you can imagine – and it’s basically like a jar to put your prayers in my boyfriend’s mom got it for me and I really liked it. So it’s like front and center away this candle is so good.
You guys it’s from Anthropologie and it smells amazing and I don’t know it kind of looks like the inside of a seashell to me like look at that and then like look at that and then right here. I just got this from home since it’s just like a fake flower puff, but I love it like I don’t know. I just really like that. My mom got me this little. Candle holder from Bath & Body Works a couple years ago and I seriously love it and I think yeah ice cream shop is in here and then the last thing on the end I got from HomeSense is basically like a fake shell with little fake plants. I’m going to get a real succulent garden for in my room, but until then I’m just having fake plants in here these little hooks that hold it up. I painted them the color of my room, so they don’t really stick out okay, so that is literally everything on this side of my room. I went over pretty much every single thing like about this, my windowsill, so my windowsill is not very cluttered. Obviously, my boyfriend actually got this for me and it’s like a piece of a mammoth tusk. So it’s like actual ivory and ivory is kind of my thing. Obviously this is prehistoric, so it wasn’t hunted off of the animal it was just founded, so you don’t have to worry about any animals being harmed. It was already long gone over here. I have these three little pigs glass sculptures that I got in Mexico. I just really fell in love with, like glass shaping like firing. Glass is actually super cool. My brother actually builds guitars. This is a piece of wood off the first guitar he ever made and it’s made into a candle holder, and so I put little fake candles in it just cuz. I don’t want wax to get all over the wood moving directly from the window. So I have this fake little sheepskin rug that my dog loves sitting on rape aside there. I have this little Scentsy thing as you can see it’s silver kind of, like my mirror. You guys are probably wondering like. Why do I have so many pillows on my bed and I genuinely don’t really have an answer for it other than I just really like having decorative pillows. I’ve always wanted it. So I thought with this room I would just like splurge on some pillows, but basically all my pillows are from home scents other than this one pillow that my brother made me. I have like a little white blanket and then I have this little blanket that I usually sleep in and it’s just so soft I didn’t even really say anything about my bed frame, but basically what it is is it’s got a headboard and then all the way around it’s wood.
It’s not very high off the ground because I wanted a low bed and I’m hiding all my little teddy bears under there So you don’t see, you can see us make it Oh, I almost forgot about my nightstand Irate beside my nightstand I have these little candles and it’s basically all my three wick candles just sit here and I kind of switch them out and burn them As I please here is my nightstand, it’s just kind of like a white tree and then it goes into like I don’t know what this would be called, but it’s basically just like a wood chunk out of a tree or something on top I have another coral from Hawaii and I also have this other shell and there’s this little thing If you guys don’t know what these are they’re, basically lights so like they have a bulb inside them and you can turn them on, but they’re also, salt licks If you can – and it’s really salty like really salty – oh it’s just so salty beside that – is this clock? Oh my goodness, I love this clock I got it from home since I got a lot of things from home cents and then this my boyfriend gave me – and it’s just like this big wood piece that attaches to glass and it’s got a candle in it, and all around here are shells that his Family got on vacation they’re, really nice shells too, like they actually found this like it’s not like a fake shell or anything did that fit in there before ok, whatever, if you guys saw this little wire right here, it’s actually a light So let me just show you that, firstly, I have a fan, because I need wind on me in the night behind here hiding I have this little thing that turns on my little fairy lights They just go across my headboard like that they used to be hanging down, but my cat comes in and rips them down I also have some over here I have to hide it So don’t like seeing it on okay, there we go I have another one to put above my curtain, but I haven’t put it up yet Oh I forgot to show the curtain to where is my curtain It’s got white on the outside and then it’s got like this brown color on the inside I think it matches my room really well like yeah I hope it lived up to your expectations so anyways, depending on how motivated I am so be sure to click the subscribe button, because that makes me very happy anyways

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