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Gymshark X Whitney Review Honest Trial Comments and Meetings – VLOG

30 Sep , 2019  

Good morning, happy Friday I just woke up and got a facial. Last night I went to Sephora I had to buy a new skincare, that’s a lie. I had to buy a new foundation and got load into the skincare section and when you spend over $75, they give you a Hydra facial, so they have like the actual machine. Oh, my god, my skin feels so much better like I got a facial not too long ago, and they pulled up the little thing where you can see how much dead shits in there.
Oh, my god, it was disgusting, so I’m feeling a good about it. Right now, sir, I’m very smiley. I don’t know why I like fake tan to my body last night, except not my face cuz I was like. I don’t want to ruin the facial right now. So that’s all right. My foundation will match so, oh good in the hood anyway. I need to go wash my sheets because fake tan day, duh – and I actually been meaning to this for so long – and I tried the other day and I couldn’t walk it out. But before my gym class at 9:30, so we’ve got 45 minutes. I want to try and change the wipers on my car. I know that’s a very weird way to start a vlog, but that’s what we’re doing today, I’m going to the I’m Whitney Simmons gym shock launch. I love her. If you don’t follow her she’s like this Instagram, you choose social media. Fitness stop she’s, so amazing. In terms of she’s, not just about exercise, she speaks to her audience. She connects with the audience I really like and admire her and I’ve been invited to the I want to say the pre pre launch, because the she’s doing this launch party, with, like fans and other people over the next two days over the weekend. But today I think it’s like a media pre-launch activities day and I’m really excited about it. I was like is that fake town me sort of is obvious that tomorrow it’s not well, it’s green, so today greeny what do you? What do you call this? I don’t know what the color this it’s like moss, so we only actually have five minutes walk this out. I just like I said I tried the other day. Here’s one I didn’t even know when I bought it that you had to buy two and they’re different lens. It was the whole thing removed. The pre-install connected from the center is not going that smoothly. Like my half, for starters, I mean I bought those those wipers. It went to the coffee, shop and bad ones, who told me any of the true and the sizes and um I swear to God, the smaller one, the 20-inch that they told me needs to be 18-inch. It’s too big and it’s it’s bigger than the other one and it doesn’t fit and alcohol get it off my car. So it’s kind of just sitting there, the next day and I’m on my lunch break and I was like I’d say put that one on it was too big right and this morning it was.
I really needed to wipe my wipers. Guy was like, I can’t because it’s a new thing. It was a whole thing, so I was like I’ll just come to order zone quickly and my break I just did turns out. They gave me the wrong measurements to start with, so it wasn’t even 22 and a twenty. It was a 24 and a 17 that’s completely off, so the guy took it off in literally two seconds. I got new ones and he put them on in. Like 10 seconds, I could not believe I wasted like three weeks trying to work this stupid thing out. It’s all sorted now I mean, if I really wanted to I’m sure I could have done it and there’s nothing against like girls doing stuff, but I’m glad that it was just it’s just done it’s over and done with it’s just so much easier and less stress To just have someone who knows what they’re doing do it I’m next time? I would like to do it because he made it so simple. He did say, though, those original ones well, very also they were very stuck, so I will just give myself that, after gym, I came home cooked a little bit had a little nap watched, a lot of friends, straighten my hair and now we’re getting ready to go. Well, not getting ready well going now, it’s time to go, I live very conveniently to most events like it’s only eight minutes away. It’s just down the street. These ones are like very. They don’t hit a miss. I always have a good time, but they just you. Don’t know this is between 2:00 and 6:00, so it’s like it should be a good time. It should be good luck, just walking there. Now you can hear the music from here click on the street. Oh you see have to go now popping but expire. I should have paid in there, but you know we’re not gonna do that, but that was so fun would debrief ignore this ignore this. I don’t do clutter. I was in the middle of cleaning and sorting hard and I was like the sun’s going down, but I look like this and that is like that, so you know you can deal with that. Hey! That’s me. In the background Sunday, now I went to the event on Friday thought I’d show you the outfit walking up need to clean my mirror. That’s okay! This is the outfit. Oh, it is so fun. I really really really love this color. I love blue, so much so. This was a good choice on my behalf. If you know me, I’m a good fight for a fight for one of you being generous and lying because I’m 5 foot. So I really really appreciate it and love that the fact that and Disney’s – oh, my god, usually sneeze in three.
So that was nice to just have a one I’m growing up like I was saying. I really appreciate the fact that it was 7/8 length because I could actually wear it without it. Scrunching up and I’m pulling up here and like look good, it actually fits me even there like a model, it would be like there or an average pass and it’d be there. I am thrilled, I’m thrilled, I’m just throughout. I tell you, I’m throat cuz, I’m throat. It’s it’s like actually insane, and I know like any person that was Jim shock would know that already, but I didn’t so. I didn’t know that, because Jim shock is so culty, let’s like, let’s not lie about it. Jim shock is a cult if you’re like wearing Jim shock, he’ll only wearing Jim shock. I was scared. I was like oh it’s too good to be true, like when people say butter and like it’s so soft, I’m like yeah cute, like I’m sure it’s like just like all my other half the blouse. This is just a little bit cuz. I haven’t put my laundry away. I’ve got like every brand, that’s just like one of many drawers and I’ve got like every brand of activewear. I did not have Jim shock, so this is the best. I think I’m gonna join the cult. I don’t wanna say: cult the family, the family. I want to join the gym Drock family. Before I show you like in detail. I just want to say one thing. Thank you Whitney like I, I like anyone else. I love seamless. I love seamless things. My vagina doesn’t love the seamless so much. I don’t want like that. Little thing this feels seamless, but it’s not and thank you because, usually with like color dr. WA, you can see those lines that you don’t want to really see you. So, okay, the real no line, where is the line it doesn’t exist, does not exist. The Hamilton does not exist. It’s a great day, it’s a great day for everyone, so we’re just gonna move over here. So I got the blue. I can’t remember the actual call the name of it, but it’s blue and I freaking love it, and I also put the block, because I’m a loser like that. So this is the black pad. It’s got the Whitney Simmons little gold stamp across here. Signature quote, which I love it’s a beautiful day to be alive, a beautiful reminder on the back. That’s got like this beautiful X inch thing to make you all so good, and it’s got this nice little. What a call it like a laser cut. I think, and it’s seven eight – it’s got the jim shock logo at the bottom, and I tell you it just feels like, like you’ve, never felt anything before God. My boobs look good in this one. This one has a little people here, it’s quite secure. I think it I think it was. It says, medium support, but I feel pretty full in this.
I would consider it a full support, but I was a little bit eerie about the back, even though I liked the accent off it in the future, but this gold, like bar, I thought it would like dig in and be uncomfortable. It does not. It doesn’t dig in and it’s actually very comfortable to my surprise, which makes it even more super stylish. So that’s the back of the blue right there, so it has a little cut out. There has the thing and very nice, so this is what it actually looks. Like from the back, it’s a nice, I love that kind of shape if a sports bra the front. Is a nice scoop next to hold your ladies in, but give you a little bit of cleavage that you all need and want in your life and also has the signature quote to match it’s a beautiful day to be alive? I was lucky to be part of media, so I went and I was gifted these, but it’s so affordable. That was like so much that I wanted and but I couldn’t choose and then I was like no. I just just give me these twos like think these are great, but now I’m thinking I’m gonna go buy that bomber jacket. There’s this bomber jacket and it’s reversible. I didn’t realize it was reversible. So it’s got like the teddy, like fluffa, you can wear like outside or inside, and then it’s got like the sports kind of athleisure style on the outside or inside whichever you want. There’s also like joggers and like sweatshirts, and there are tank, tops to match these. Personally, for me, I tried it on. I might also vis literally that’s all I have that so the tank for me didn’t like sit in the right spot. If I was duck, I’ve had that much more for torso wood, so any Tom, Dick or Harry it’s gonna be fine. But for me it didn’t works. That’s fine got a nice little goodie bag as well. I haven’t really gone through it to be. Honor has been very busy since I went to the event. You know what everything in here matches my blues, so I’m very thrilled about that. This might be the turning point that I use a actual water bottle. I, if you like. I have like all these, like, I use blue land cleaning products I use so I’m like so, and I’m trying to be so environmental, no plastic, I just can’t have them been able to get rid of a plastic water bottle, because I can’t use glass because I Break it I’m a very clumsy person, so I just carry plastic water bottles and I reuse it until it’s like gross, but maybe maybe I’ll try, because I just I just have a thing with metal. I don’t I’m gonna. Try, I’m gonna try putting it out there Then I’m gonna have a guard because I’ve even been given like our yoga ones and but they’re too small.
I drink a lot of water I need big ones, but I’m gonna I’m gonna try movies, okay, oh so when, in the event, this is what I picked up She had this like envelope, Oh, which I’m sure you was you saw and inside she wrote a little like note of like everyone every like envelope Ting was printed differently This one says there’s nothing brighter than a true smile I think that’s so cute and just so beautiful wonder, beauty baggage claim gold eye masks need I might use that tonight There’s also a tool of skin care, major glow, cooling and brightening hydrogel mask that sounds I think I’m gonna stay in and just do masks tonight and to go with there’s a nice Tula skincare face wash, which is great because I love trying to make a new face, washes and skincare If you know me like I’m, skincare obsessed, probiotics and superfoods the cult classic purifying face cleanser, I like that and lastly, all the only things go away: acne, spot treatment from the same brand tools, I’m trying to find the angles So I can’t see the clutter because it’s making me uncomfortable, I know it’s making you uncomfortable, but it’s making me on daring, uncomfortable I put a clean it but anyways Thank you So much for watching make sure you hit the subscribe button The like button tenders bells on so you’re notified when I post, I feel like I can officially say I’m joining the out, but the family that is Jim shock I honestly, I promise you probably named inactive Webre and I probably got it because I love trying them I live in active where I breathe after where and it’s just so damn comfortable, but I never tried gym shop because I was scared I have conquered my fears and it’s been the best decision ever because it is just like you don’t understand until you try There’s no other way to describe it, but butter ease, I’m like putting my legs on the wall now, there’s no other way to describe it, but buttery soft It’s like it’s a really good stretch I highly recommend it so I’m just gonna stock up on life This collection was amazing, congratulations Whitney well deserved and clean up now, because it’s making me uncomfortable hope you have a good day I highly recommend the collection, everything on it I might just have to go and waste all my money, not waste use my money on it to further my collection, because I’m part of the family now

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