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Half face high-end vs half face pharmacy cheating reminder!

1 Nov , 2019  

You Hey, Oh hey, guys, I really want you guys to pause it right now and comment down below which side you think is high-end.. I think both sides look very very similar, and I have some amazing amazing drugstore products to share with you a lot of jupe Sandpoint. This is going to be amazing. I’m going to take my Mac fluidline brow gel cream in the shade at true brunette. I absolutely love this product so much. This is my favorite brow product and then on the drugstore side, I’m going to take the chi chi chi chi, Chi Chi, really the g-tube brow pomade in the shade and medium brown.
I haven’t used this one yet, but the color looks pretty good. It’s a little bit dark, but let’s work with it shall we so starting with the Mac product, I’m just going to fill my brows in, as I normally do. Oh, my god, I literally am obsessed with this product. It just glides on so nicely. It’s really creamy! So I just want the brush-off, so there’s no additional product and I’m going to dip this in to see what formula? Oh, my god, that is very meaty. Oh, my god is a sorry pigmented alright, so I’m actually really really impressed with this chichi product like I have nothing bad to say at all. It’s so easy to apply so creamy and I’m just like obsessed with it and then to conceal my brows on the high end side, I’m taking the Mac Pro Longwear concealer in the shade NC 20. So I’m just going to put really small amount there and just carve the match. On the other side, I’m going to take the next HD concealer. This one is a really thick moosie consistency, so I do much prefer the Mac concealer. But let’s move on I’m going to go in and prime my eyelids with that same Mac, concealer on this side, they’re still such a good job at covering veins and discoloration, and all that and then using a different brush, I’m just going to prime the other side. So the next concealer definitely does dry out a look. We call you have to work really fast with it um, but it still does cover really really well now, it’s time for the eye shadow, I’m taking the it cosmetics and naturally pretty palette, and I’m going to pick up the shade sunset right here, and this is Going to go directly in the crease, so I want to do kind of like a warm autumn, fall kind of look today. Oh my god that is so pigmented. I haven’t used this palette in the longest time. I literally just picked up this smallest amount, my god, it’s beautiful, so wiping off this brush. Then I’m going to take the chichi spices palette, which I only picked up the other day and I’m so excited about it, because when i swatched it the colors were just like incredible.
Let me swatch a few, so you can see what I mean like this is a drugstore palette and look how penguin said that is now taking the shade in the crease just like this side. So this one is the high-end product. This one is a chichi, so, as you can see, they’re both just as pigmented each other, there is just a slight color change. I would say this one’s just a bit more warm and a bit darker all right. Let’s do this, I would say it’s taking a few minutes more just to blend out the edges and the other one now going in with the violet Voss Holy Grail, eyes, shadow palette, I’m going to take the shade brownie points right here and this one is going To go directly in the crease to warm it up a little bit, so I’m just taking a smaller blending brush and popping it right in here and then on the other side. I’m going to take this shade right here, but it’s blending just as well as the violet voice. One now going in with a shade cranberry splash from the violet Voss palette, I’m going to put this on the inner corner and the outer corner I’m gonna. Do a bit of a halo eye today, even though it’s like a comparison, I still want the makeup. Looked pretty I’m just going to Pat this down, so it’s as pigmented as it can be, and, of course, wiping that brush off. Then I’m going in with this color right here which isn’t as like foiled, but it still is a very shimmery shade and then I’m going to take the shade at toffee, which is a beautiful, bright, shimmery gold. I’m just going to put this directly in the middle. So I’m just going to fade the two colors over the top of each other and then on the other side. I’m going to take this color right here now, moving on to the face on the high-end side, I’m taking the makeup forever hydrating primer, I honestly haven’t uses before and if I have, I can’t remember if it was good or not. So, let’s put it to the test today: oh my god, it’s so moisturizing! So anyways, let’s move on to the other side. This is the NYX angel veil primer. I use this all the time. It is a really thick like consistency, as you can see right there. It’s not as easy to blend in because it is kind of like it’s kind of dry when you rub it in um, but it makes my face feels so smooth then for foundation, I’m going to take the Marc jects remarkable foundation. I have this shade. 54. I’m just going to dot this on my face, I’m going to match it to my fake tan neck, I’m just going to buff this into my skin, my god! It’s like covers absolutely everything.
I’m also going to blend it down my neck as well, because my tan has faded a tiny bit I feel like you, do have to work really fast with this foundation because it is kind of like dry. I bet you’ve never seen anything like this before. Look at the difference, so I’m going to take a different brush for the other side and I’m taking the Maybelline fit me matte and poreless foundation. I absolutely love this foundation, I’m in the shade 310 Sun beige. This one feels quite moisturizing when you put it on the face, because it’s more like a wet consistency, um, but it isn’t as full coverage as the Marc Jacobs one, but it still has a really really nice, like medium coverage. I’D probably prefer this coverage over this one because I feel like this one’s just like a mask, but it definitely is good for, like special occasions and stuff now it’s time for concealer to lighten up my complexion a bit so I’m taking the Urban Decay Naked skin Concealer in the shade, at like neutral, this is my Holy Grail concealer. It is absolutely amazing, so I’m just going to paint this on my face. Why not and then just dab this in I’m also going to clean up this eyeshadow line as well. I’m also just highlighting my chin and up here a bit just for a bit more dimension. On the other side, I’m taking the Maybelline fit me concealer in the shade at 15. I absolutely love this concealer on my what I think this is a light shade. This concealer is probably my favorite drugstore concealer, I’m just taking a bit of Mac, prep and prime on the other side, because I didn’t realize how bright that Maybelline concealer was so just blending this in with the other side of the beauty blender. Now, let’s set that concealer down in place, so I’m going to take my Laura Mercier translucent setting powder on this side, just blending out any creases before I do that and start baking only they can all ever do and on the other side, I’m taking the Rimmel Match perfection at silky loose face powder; I’ve never actually uses to bake, so this is going to be very interesting. Just flipping the Beauty Blender around again now to set my face. I’m taking the Mac select share press powder in the shade NC 40. I’m just going to Pat this right on. I actually don’t have a drugstore powder, that’s like that, has any color to it, but I do know that the Australis, fresh and flawless powder is like amazing, probably even better than this, then with a different brush. I’m going to take the Rimmel stay, matte, transparent powder. I really hope this doesn’t leave a white cost on my face just going to dab this in now for the lower lash line.
Again, I’m going to take the shade sunset and put this from inner corner to outer corner and then taking this shade on the other side. Oh my god, my eyes going to leak. Please stop please and then taking those gold shades again and I’m just going to put them right in the middle of my lower lash line. You can definitely tell the violet ball shade, there’s a lot more shimmery than this gold now going in with the benefit a roller lash on the left side, I’m just gonna Curt, my top and bottom lashes, and then on the other side. I’m sure you guys knew this was coming, I’m taking my L’Oreal telescopic mascara. This is my all-time favorite. I think it’s better than any high-end mascara I’ve ever used. Please don’t mind my fake ten fingers. It’s like a well and truly time to scrub, but turn off.. I just put some false lashes on off-camera, just because I don’t have any affordable lashes at the moment, but I will list a few different brands down below that are really similar to this style but affordable. So now, let’s move on to the face, I’m going to take the benefit hoola bronzer and I’m just going to use this to contour under my cheekbones. So I’m just going to use an angled brush and also my jaw bone as well. Just go ahead dust off as much as I can rub it on my tail and then I’m going to take the sleek face, contour kit in light, I’m going to so nervous. I’ve never used this before no ice. Oh that’s pretty good. The shades actually really nice. As you can see, this is more of like a red tone than this one. This is just really neutral, like Brown now for bronzer, I’m going to take the matte gold deposit and the Milani baked bronzer in the shade golden this. One here is obviously a lot more orange tone than this color, but let’s see if we can make it work, we’re just putting this basically, on top of my contour, this is absolutely stunning. I love this. I’m also just going to put this around my forehead. This has like a lot of shimmers throughout it. Sorry, it just makes your skin look so luminous, just brushing off all of that product and then going in with the Milani one. I really like this for a cheap, op, Runza um, but this one again is like more ready tone than the golden gold deposit. I’m just gonna bake with the Rimmel on this side and Laura Mercier on this side, because well that was just like really intense and it went everywhere now for blush, I’m taking the it nas in the shader, Moore and the essence blush in the shade Berry me up, as you can see, the shades are very similar and this one is just as buttery as Naz.
It is so pigmented I love the essence blushes just taking a very small amount of the nos, because these are so pigmented just going to put this on the apples and then blend it back Let’s do this, let’s brush away this bake and see what we’re left with Oh, my god, this one’s so hard to blend off Why Napa highlight I’m going in with the Becca highlight in the shade opal and then the nude by Nature, little palette that I picked up So I’m going to use the shade on the end right here So much this one, so let’s go in I love doing my highlighter So much! I’m also going to put this on the tip of my nose I can’t really do half of my nose, so I’m just gonna use this one now going in with the one by nude by Nature, I just brushed off any excess product I’Ll, never use this I’m excited now for the lips, I’m taking the Kylie Jenner cosmetics, the lip line in the shade, okay and then the NYX lip pencil in the shade natural So just going in with Kylie I’m not sure if this is exactly like high-end, but let’s just go with it now going in with the next one I would just say that the Kylie cosmetics, one is a bit more creamy and the next one is probably a shade warmer I think I like this color better now for the lipstick I’m taking the Mac in the shade yes and then the Clinique in the shade I listed down below I absolutely love MAC, lipsticks and my favorite, so because the two shades are a bit different I’m going to go in with a gloss on both sides, so on the high-end side, I’m taking the dose of colors in undressed and the color pop in the shade fairy floss I absolutely love the color pop glosses and then to set all of this makeup down In place, I’m going in with the Urban Decay all nighter in long-lasting and the Maybelline, where a boosting setting spray, I absolutely swear by the urban decay Setting spray is like whoa, you know just not like a fart gross So here we have the finished makeup Look, this just goes to prove that you don’t actually need a really expensive makeup to have a nice makeup Look sometimes high-end products are just easier to work with I’m super impressed with all the drugstore products I think they look absolutely gorgeous um The bronzer, maybe is just a little bit too intense, but that’s my fault let me know – and I’m gonna be more than happy to do that, and I love you guys so much You

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