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Halloween background for dangerous oxide (stamps, stamps)

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi everyone it’s Nicole’s floor here today and I am sharing this distress oxide halloween inked background featuring new stamps and dies from the Simon Says Stamp Stamp timber exclusive 2019 release. Creating this background really brings home that Halloween feel of this fun design. I started by die-cutting the bear tree oval collage, which is actually from a previous stamped timber or Simon, Says, Stamp release from a foreign Accord er by five and a half inch panel of smooth white cardstock.
Then I am taking distress oxide, inks and black set carved pumpkin and most are pardon me, wilted, violet and inking this entire panel. Now these colors do not naturally blend together, so I’m going to have to be it persistent and do a little bit extra work. However, distress oxide inks do blend a lot easier than traditional distress inks, so just going back and forth between the colors will give you the results you want. You might be wondering where that wilted violet is in the final card. It’s not as much a bold purple as a little shadow or hint of purple that you’re going to see underneath the black set distress oxide ink. In fact, we’re pulling a lot of that black set distress oxide ink into all areas of the background to deepen and darken the colors and give it that moody spooky Halloween feel I’m being really generous with the ink as well. Applying a lot of ink to this panel, I’m using that extra piece of card stock that scrap piece of card stock to keep my fingers out of the ink and not have a bunch of finger marks. You can still see a hint of that purple underneath the black set, I’m going to go back and forth as many times as needed to get that color the way I want it to look and to make sure that that tree is nice and black. I kept adding that ink to that area because I want to make sure that my tree is silhouetted perfectly in the finished scene. Once I have the ink supplied I’m going to clean up my work surface with just a a microfiber cloth in a little bit of water, I’m using a glass mat and then I’m going to take lawn fawn, liquid shimmer, which is one of my very, very favorite. New products from lawn fawn – I can’t stop using this instead of just putting a little distress or a pardon me water splatters over the background and have that react with the distress, oxides and wick away. I’m using this liquid shimmer. What’s awesome about the liquid shimmer? Is it’s going to wick away the ink and it’s going to give that oxidized, look and feel, but it’s going to be shimmery splatters, as opposed to just flat water splatters and for a Halloween themed card.
I love love, love the look of that little shimmery splatter. So I’m that’s kind of how it’s gonna look the tree silhouetted. You can see it a lot better here. I’m gonna mark on another piece of four and a quarter by half five and a half inch card stock, just where the oval is going to be. That’s because in this cutout opening I’m going to ink another panel that I can place behind this. To give the illusion of a moon or just kind of have a little bit different coloring to really silhouette that tree. In my mind, I was going for you know a spooky kind of moon look in order to achieve that. I’m applying mustard seed carved pumpkin and black soot so this time we’re pulling in a little mustard seed. We’Re gonna do the same thing as before, where we’re working on getting a seamless blend. That really doesn’t look quite as seamless as I want. So I’m going to go back in with more ink and just keep applying that until I get the look that I want to achieve, it’s super messy, but when we trim it down and place it back behind our oval tree panel, you’re never going to know. I did trim this down to about four inches by five and a quarter once I had this inked so that the edges wouldn’t show past the main frame that we’re using we’re going to go ahead and set those two backgrounds. Aside now and stamp this adorable fall Frenchie’s image or images. We’ve got the little Frenchie in the jack-o’-lantern, with the leaves around the base wearing the witch’s hat and then to individual pumpkins. This is a fantastic six by eight stamp set part of the stamped timber 2019 release, and I have stamped these images with the ink on three no line coloring fade out ink, so I can do some no line coloring with zig clean, color, real brush markers. My images are stamped on Bristol smooth cardstock as it’s my preferred cardstock for coloring, with my zig markers you’re gonna find that your results are so much better with this cardstock cardstock does make all the difference, depending on what coloring medium you’re using the same card Stock really doesn’t work for everything, and this is what I really love for the zigs. I am using brown and light brown for my orange jack-o’-lantern. I know the names of the markers probably don’t make themselves sound, like they’re, going to be perfect for pumpkins, but I absolutely love this color combination for a dark, rustic orange, which in this case is perfect for a jack-o’-lantern. The lid of the jack-o’-lantern is sitting next to the base of this one since the Frenchie is inside, and I will be coloring that in a little bit with these same colors now for the eye openings on my jack-o’-lantern, I’m going to use gray and pale gray When coloring with zigs, I like to take my dark, color, first and kind of trace out the shape of the stamp the lines of this stamp, maybe pull that color down a little further, which you would have seen me do within the jack-o’-lantern and then pull that Dark color out with my lighter color often I will only use two shades per color family, sometimes three, depending on the size of the image.
Next we’re gonna color in the little Frenchie, with mid brown and oatmeal, with a little pink haze for the cheeks. He is so cute that sweet little face. There are four Frenchie images in the stamp set, as well as lots of fantastic fall, themed sentiments. This is really the only image in the set that, I would say, is very Halloween. Driven the rest are all very fall. Driven we’ve got one with a scarf and apples and when holding a mug pumpkin spiced sentiments just super cute images for any kind of fall, themed card that you want to create. Now, I’m taking that pink haze to the cheeks and then cleaning the tip of the marker off on the bottom scrap piece there of my cardstock, and I did this a couple times because, as the ink dries, it’s gonna lighten those cheeks and give his little Face so much character. Another kind of untraditional color combination that I ended up using was this peacock, blue and purple, and I did this because that peacock blue would pulled out in with the purple. Marker is going to deepen and darken the purple still giving it that purple feel but darkening the color without having a black witch’s hat. I really wanted a pop of color in my witch’s hat, where it wasn’t black of some sort or gray, and so that is the color combination I went with, and I end up really really loving, that it turned out fantastic and I think it works really nicely With the colors of distress oxide ink that I used for the background, the brim are not brandy, baked around hat were colored with bright orange or bright, yellow and yellow we’re ready to color in the leaves around the base of the pumpkin and the pumpkin lid olive Green and mid green were used for the green leaves. I did use brown and light brown for some of the leads deep red and pale Rose. A nice rich autumn, color combination, another favorite mustard was used, so we have about 4 color combinations, for these leaves around the base of our jack-o’-lantern and that’s just gonna lend itself to that fall feeling and theme.
I was very conscious about the colors I used, with the exception of the yellow band around the Hat, which I definitely wanted to go something bright. That ties into the moon that were so that the tree is silhouetted against. Everything else is very much more of a muted autumn type, color combination, the stem of the pumpkin brown and oatmeal same colors. I used for the Frenchy and then we’ll just finish off with a couple of these leaves now when you’re doing no line coloring you’re going to want to add detail to the face. I like to do that after I have die-cut the image, so I went ahead and die cut my main image from my panel here before I color in the two other individual pumpkins, and I also added some coloring in that white area, underneath my images just to Kind of add some nice shading and shadowing, and then I’m taking a black glaze pin and going in and adding detail to the eyes and the notes I will take a black pin then and trace the mouth and any other little detail that I don’t want to Fade out and the face, you definitely want that to stand out and be a prominent feature so that it really draws your eye in I like to let that black ink completely dry. Before I add in my white highlights – and that’s gonna really make the face pop here so we’ll come back to that after we’ve colored in our other two pumpkins and I decided to go non-traditional with beige and light beige and then we’ll use olive, green and Pale Don grey for the other for kind of a tan pumpkin and a green pumpkin. That’s just to kind of help, balance out the design and give a little more color and pumpkins come in all shades and colors, and I’ve really been loving, adding other colors in for my jack-o’-lanterns. So now that I have these two colored we’re gonna die. Put those and we are ready to start putting it all together, we’re going to take our frame and place it in a misty, so we can stamp our stamped phrase underneath our scene. I haven’t adhered anything yet because I don’t want my embossing powder to stick to the die-cut panel, so I’m using it as a guide and we’re gonna pick up this sentiment from the fall Frenchie’s stamp set and stamp the witching you a happy Halloween, which obviously Is a fantastic play on words for this little Frenchy wearing the witch hat I’m going to stamp that, with the Simon Says, Stamp clear, embossing ink and heat emboss with Simon Says Stamp white embossing powder. The embossing powder does have a tendency to want to stick to that liquid shimmer, so I’m just going to take my a dry, paintbrush and wipe away any of those embossing flakes that might be sticking before I heat emboss.
This I did use the powder tool before I did that, so it’s kind of got that powdery look behind it that I’m going to need to wipe away once the embossing powder is completely cooled. If you try to wipe it away too soon, it will smear and ruin your background. So there is that nice, bold white embossed phrase. On our black background, I find that it’s easier to wipe away with a dry rag which I’ll come back to here in a minute. The eyes and nose have had enough time to dry. So I took a white pin and added those highlights back in which just makes the face really pop, and then I wiped away the rest of that which makes our background look fantastic. I’m going to go ahead and adhere my main image. Now I can line that up right above where I’ve stamped and embossed the fun phrase, and then I want to die cut my additional pumpkins. Those are going to be tucked to the right of the rest of the scene to just finish it all off and look how great that silhouetted tree looks against the moon. In the background, this is creating a fantastic Halloween scene, not too scary at all. I’m going to use this great boo and boo die with the shadow for my card, and I played around with placement a lot. I originally thought I would put it up high. I felt like that. Just was disjointed. It didn’t make the scene flow as well as I wanted. This was actually die cut from some lawn fawn black autumn sparkle, glitter card stock that had been it was a scrap. I had leftover that was adhered to fun, foam with stick and adhesive, and then the shadow is die-cut from hero arts vellum, which I absolutely love. But when I shifted the boo down, I like that so much better. But I still feel like that. The top of the card needed something and you’re gonna see how I fix that here in a second. In addition, I’m taking that whoof sentiment from the fall Frenchie’s stamp set and I’m gonna stamp out about three times in the background with the black soot distress oxide ink. This reinforces the theme and the playfulness and fun of the fall Frenchie’s stamp set, as well as filling in the rest of the area and really just kind of completing the whole scene, we’ll also be taking the boo dies So there’s two different boo sets in the step: timber release, there’s the boo and the shadow and then the boo that has two additional fonts and I’m gonna use them all, and it’s just gonna give a really fun.
Glittery feel and finish off the card nicely, so these have also been die-cut from autumn Sparkle, cardstock again, one from the black and one from orange that has been adhered to fun, foam with stick and adhesive so that they all have a little dimension to them It also makes, I think it makes working with the glitter card stock and especially the smaller boo It makes it a little easier to work with as they’re, not quite so delicate we’re going to attach the one boo at the top of the card The orange boo is going to overlay our tree silhouette just a little bit and then, of course, our boo and the shadow will also overlay part of the images and our tree silhouette and that’s really gonna round it out and finish this off beautifully I have not attached my front panel over the background I will be doing that, but I am going to do it with foam adhesive to give a little depth and dimension of the moon being off in the background, but that tree silhouetted against that Something that I try to reiterate A lot here on my channel is using supplies or things you might already have in your stash So you might already have this oval this oval tree It from a previous Simon, Says, Stamp release, and it’s just another way to use this with some new products So we all love new, but I’m a big big fan and a big advocate of using your old with new to really reinvigorate and give new life to those products You might already have now that I have my sentiments all attached I guess I haven’t attached the boo yet with a shadow and all I’ll do that in a minute It’s gonna overlap a lot of that opening, and so I want to make sure I get that right in the right spot, but I’ve covered my back panel with foam adhesive so that it’s really gonna stand up nice and flat I said here this over our moon inked background and then I’m going to use liquid adhesive to glue that boo shadow, boo and shadow right there along the bottom edge just so much fun so cute and a really fun autumn Halloween themed card we’ll attach this to a white top fold card base, and this card is all finished Thank you guys so much for joining me today For this halloween themed card featuring new stamped ember, 2019 stamps and dies please give it a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe, subscribe to my channel and click the bell, so you never miss Says stamps and dies that you might be interested in Thank you guys so much for joining me today and we’ll catch you next time

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