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Happy Makeup with Chantel Jeffries

30 Sep , 2019  

I feel like that’s toohigh: hey yeah, hey! What’s up, I haven’t done you do it. The line is so weird me we’re gonna do before you make up tonight. Um Chantal is going out, but I’m saying it and I’m just cruising in yeah. I just can’t be social anymore, we’re gonna do euphoria makeup tonight. In fact, I never seen you for yeah yeah she’s gonna teach me how to do for a makeup. Everyone actually says I look at like Maddie. I think it’s really good, because I actually have been obsessed with her since, like 2015, but I think we’re gonna do this one.
I tweet it and I asked what everyone wants to see and a bunch of people set this long, and this was the one we like the most PJP guys. I just went to Sephora and I bought all these different palettes they’re, all like really crazy colors for no reason cuz I’ve. Never you know. Are these colors. I feel like you’re, really good at makeup. You just haven’t seen it before yeah yeah. I also never do crazy makeup. I feel, like I have more fun doing crazy makeup, then wait just normal makeup. We’Re gonna start with huda beauty, desert desert does palette gonna use, twilight for like the grease yeah like all over, and then I don’t know how to explain this. I’m just gonna make up, but I’m gonna explain. I just do it and you just like tell them what I’m doing, because I feel like it. It gets more pigmented when you do a different girl like yeah right. I love gonna color the way you have so much fun, because what I was doing, what I should that was caught. Have you never done? Why? Yes, always that’s why I had these ones yeah we did how to Beauty, Twilight mixed with Sephora Pro palette shopped and that’s what we put all over and then how do you pronounce all of this right yeah by gonna beauty? You swap the same palette and we’re gonna do an eyeliner with it. I use the condensation from my Lacroix, I’m like. Oh my god, man you’d, like a tiny Merida I can use. Maybe you spent a beauty on us, the only one that I want to give free pump up to it’s, not really dark.
I mean you just need to make a finger but make sure I like it cuts like right where your crease cuts. I’ve been doing makeup, since I I mean yeah you’re Ivan yeah. I make up this little does ten, I mean, but I used to work for what I’m just saying, yeah you’re older. I feel like you’re, more likely to like play around with like things like freckles they’re, like still like pretty natural and I’m like down to play around with like stuff like this yeah Britta’s really concentrated. I’m like it would be different if it was like everyday makeup, but it’s a pretty complicated make it look. I’m gonna use this random mascara that I should hold a lot. It’s tart. I just found it a my my partner five minutes ago. It actually looks like euphoria and I’m scared. I’m gonna use that, but we’re also gonna be putting on false lashes cos Maddie’s, always wearing false lashes and we’re doing it for eye makeup. I’ve never seen you for yeah, I don’t see it either. It’s like the people that, like think that they’re cooler, because they don’t watch me, I don’t think I’m bored – never started it. Why? Okay, man, I’m your man! I do think we just like. Let any more yeah. Don’t forget one hood yeah! Okay! I bought these on Amazon. I can link them down below or just like brendham right. So where do we put them so you’re gonna put one in the middle one in the corner, one in the other corner, hi Wendy, you for your makeup. You are young, so we don’t have that many of the silver so we’re gonna change up the look a little and we’re gonna put pink on the top. I don’t I don’t like doing my makeup next. You know this lunar. You hurt when it’s all the same thanks, one good cloud, that’s why I’m in here this might be hard because we got lash lift, so our eyelashes are like straight up. Right now, just might be a disaster, but we will see I hate this tell one embarrassing fact about ourselves: everything’s embarrass me muscle one embarrassing bugged, about facts about each other, alright guys so it’d be nice tohave it doesn’t be Ravana cow cheese to running it.
Elisa also can sleep like no one I’ve ever seen before in my life she will sleep until 5:00 pm like literally through anything like earth everything she slept through as how my need for your makeup Looking I’m wearing the Fenty Beauty, sangria sunset, which is a skier adesso, pinkish color up anyways This just makes me really great, I’m done with my eyes, and I took a lot of them, but I feel, like my knees, be more pink What I’m gonna use? Actually, it’s sama time, I don’t know by senji beauty it’s supposed to go on your body, but sometimes use it as a highlighter who I think we should put some of this on our eye because it’s like glittery and then I’m gonna use this Chanel, be This usual or velvet extreme Why don’t you modern all over my lips and I want to be a little more defined, because I think ninety is like lip liner woods like like really really not blended in, and I feel like this kind of blends and with the other colors So I’m gonna use a lipstick tonie’s lip with superior How are you gonna go out in this makeup before yeah, I’m ready to text you back cuz, we’re gonna show you for you and I will force you know to watch you for you they kind of have to wear, not just wear makeup like this everyday You stop no one, I kind of do it, but just wish everyone did it thumbnail mm-hmm Thank you guys so much for watching I are you for inspired makeup tutorial Make sure you like and subscribe click on the links below buy other products that we look down there You guys can create this look and tag us in your photos Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram a little Jeffrey’s at wolfies, and I think you should tell for teaching me how to be a youtuber and what to say, because I never say they saying so: okay, bye,

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