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Have you ever thought about what sweet 16 is like?

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi hi today is our friend sweet 16. I was like hold up. I need content. Thank You. Jocelyn first looping the life out of that drink. I think it was a great sound effect. I think it like really added to it. You know I just thank you, but basically I’m gonna feel, like our whole, like getting ready process and maybe like put in a few clips from the party. Don’t fly me, I’m gonna straighten my hair trust me. You guys like. I know how to take care of my hair, like I do like hair masks and all that and every time you guys yell at me for straightening my hair, I’m like I’m I’m gonna strain.
My hair then do my makeup thing get dressed, you’re know. So, as you can see here, this is the before we look dusty and raggedy. If you two have this problem, you can fix this by subscribing to v a 1d infection. Yes, that says Zangara Pontius Andre VidCon me go. Perhaps we snapped so I finished my hair. I just have to like hairspray like all the flyaways down, but I’ll do that like when I’m done with everything gonna do my makeup and then I’ll come back when my makeup is done. Welcome to the night everything’s bright, inflation’s rise, welcome to the night everything’s bright influences rise. Welcome to welcome to welcome, to welcome to login to the my you know in middle school, this one boy. You know he told me, I think the man look like a man in like seventh grade and I was like I’m gonna charge, my camera and then I’m gonna finish my makeup and then get dressed and I’ll. Show you guys everything good. I need to charge it and I wanted tonight: okay, Mike okay hi, so I’m ready at first. I like hated my makeup, but now I kind of like it not gonna lie. I feel kind of cute. I your sprayed my fly’s down. I feel, like the blonde, looks really good. With this whole look yeah. We look good, I mean shoo shoo. I mean how to look 20 when you’re actually 16, how to look like you’re 20 years older than you. Actually, a girl really saw what we look like when we’re doing our hair You know, oh, my god was a real definition of no ever am I thinking of catfish numerous.
You know I know we have so much fun Makayla happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday, I love you I love you and I never didn’t stop loving him Low-Key dude! I love my Airstream It knows so son, it’s scary, because yeah I don’t want to keep straightening it cuz like it’s Obviously, not good for me they’re, not commenting right now She better not shading it she better, not every time I straighten it I literally like it through so much like it’s not that deep y’all, please! You look like that One girl, you know the little baby girl in them in the car where she had the glitter eyeshadow on She was like right and like clearly all beverages hit differently when you’re at a party dancing water It hits different It’s like Oh, my god, that’s quenching You know eyelashes, ah, can they see this? They don’t really plump they just go I don’t even need a pug, oh no! No! No! No stuff! I don’t trust you! No! No! Oh! I’m going in the bathroom your own No literally one time she threw a soda I was literally laying in her bed I was sad, but she threw this soda at me know when Italy exploded is so bad Consider this again unready with me: okay, oh my god, why does it burn it’s supposed to? I also I realized I literally did not record what I looked like at all before I left, I think so hard when we were dancing because literally you just stopped and it looked like you did break dancing I don’t know all of my Hispanic side was I could really want to go hard tonight like do you really really really want to go? Oh wait My face burns I told you I was my eyes my face burning, I’m a can’t just because I shaved my face I love what you like booboo the fool I know that’s our favorite word: oh yeah name cuz I tend to look like it a lot, but people tend to make you look like yeah good night I love you guys Jocelyn, so good night She says good night I love you, my oh, what a beautiful eyes!

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