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Hayley is better than bovs Sofia: shoes? |What fashion 2, EP. 23 degrees east! Journalism

1 Nov , 2019  

Dealer, if, if you want to yeah, I’m obsessed with it, I want to go there and search for extraterrestrial beings and stuff. I’m like excited about it, hello, I’m Cyrus thing about forever. 21. What kind of aliens would you be into like a chest burster or a face? Hugger? I like a good face. Hug I like when my face is not puffy and it gets massaged out by the hug. The truth is out there, which style queen is best in Shu what celebs are splitting up and what look has a saying: what nothing find out on what the fasten, if that’s it just because the shoe fits doesn’t mean the shoe works in this game.
These three celebs are putting their best feet forward and going heel toheel to see shoe wore it better, brilliant thanks. First, it’s Haley Bieber in a Jaken blue Jaken and Balenciaga shoes. Yes, Queen full sex pot; full! That’s mine, full! Stop nice stuff pop of red. With the shoes that are tied around the ankles, I don’t have one complaint except in the back, but I don’t own it. It’s just. I buy these shoes. Absolutely. The fact that you don’t have them is mind. Blowing get them approved, daddy, stop it wait. Are you talking to someone through the camera yeah first place right off the bat next to Sophia Ricci and Vivienne Westwood pants? What am i doing? It’s the opening scene in Pretty Woman, but she went through like a good feeding. You’Re. All the shoes are perfect. I mean these shoes are really really good. I’m into the whole look, I love the corset atop, the ponytail is fabulous and here for it, your heel, for it you’re so good at your job, Thanks she’s still. Second, it’s just such a look. Haley is a little bit more like I just left a meeting. Can I help you? Finally? Is Emily Ratajkowski in an inner Murata bikini top and mirror Vodianova shoes? I’m seasonally confused from the beach, yes doesn’t have to be at work in the morning. I’m not digging the hole, look something about this isn’t come together for me fully, but, like I like the shoes ish, I think we could have been cooler with the shoes. It’s too many straps around this, the stomach and chewy straps around the shoe It’s very it’s! Third, it’s! Third! Third, so clearly, our winner is Xuan.
Xu betcha Well, that’s true was a fun game Decisions are hard Thankfully, these next celebs had two choices and they went with both First is Caitlyn a Christian cow and jacket and pants two suits both alike but yet different in their natural habitat I love them, don’t like it, you don’t like it I don’t like it I like the cut of the suit I, like the snatched, a pony I, like the shoes – I just don’t like that – the suit I want it to just choose pick a pick A lane that’s a little like grandma’s couch, I think it was, would have been cuter professional, denim there’s something about the right hand, side of it That just click looks like a bunch of nickels and nobody wants to be nickel People want to be 1/4 What Blastoise keke palmer in our 13 pants, it’s kind of gonna share and clueless 5 yeah It looks like a body suit It’s not a body suit It’s just a shirt It’s a little turtleneck! It’s tight! It stuffed into those jeans Maybe she tucked her underwear over the shirt I do it Sometimes I love the shoes I love the jeans I love the top I like that, it’s double-sided I like that It’s the dual colors with the white hoop leash, looks cute just missing a PSL That’s all she’s, listen, it’s a punk ass face on say: have you had one yet? No, maybe there I guess it’s time for today’s What’s up? Oh, my god! This is what Jonathan Van Ness wanted to wear So this is what he wore I appreciate that he’s in a dress I, like that, he’s in an ankle bootie I just think the dress is ugly So that’s the only problem I don’t care that you’re in a dress I know you’re in an ugly dress That’s what I’m saying about self-expression! You want to wear a dress, do it This just looks like you’re going to like a spring formal in Iowa Your love say yes to the dress, to the dress: clean, hey everyone, Justin, Martin L, hear thank you so much for watching You can just click on the subscribe button to see more of what the fashion and the rest of all the latest breaking headlines For me news we have new clips every day

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