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1 Nov , 2019  

What’s up you guys welcome back to my channel today we’re gonna be talking about food love, food, delicious, I’m gonna, be showing you guys what I got from Whole Foods the other day and sort of how I organized my fridge and pantry.. Half a what’s in my fridge, how I organize my food? If you guys recognize this shirt, it is from my clothing line with Nordstrom.. I want to thank you guys, real quick, because I’ve been reading your comments and they have been so so sweet and supportive, I’m on cloud nine right now.
It is just this has been like the best week of my life. I don’t have any dietary restrictions or allergies, I’m obviously not a food, specialist or nutritionist.. Also, you will notice that a lot of the stuff I get is plant-based and I’m definitely not vegan. I still eat chicken and seafood, but I pretty much stay away from dairy and red meats. It all helps, and I also love eating like meat substitutes and stuff. There’s nothing wrong with that. Also, the other thing I wanted to mention a lot of the things I get are sort of like snacks that I like to keepin my house, because I quite often go out for breakfast and dinner multiple times a week. I’m always getting pasta and spaghetti so you’ll notice that I don’t buy a lot of carbs at home. It’s easier for me to just have healthier stuff in my pantry and then go out to dinner. If I want to treat myself, which is many times lots of times, let’s get into the items that I got from Whole Foods the other day, I’m gonna show you guys the produce first and then go this way into the snacks and other things: organic kale, Salad, pre-cut has some more ingredients in there makes it easy some organic baby bella mushrooms. Recently I tried peas on avocado toast and it tasted so good. So I got some English these lemons. Of course, I love putting them into my waters and I get a bunch of them because I usually end up using at least like one or two lemons a day for avocados. I always try to get two that are a little bit more ready into that. Our green, so that I can space them out and they’re not already. At the same time, I love sweet bell peppers, so I just got one of each color and I use just kind of snack on these without even cooking them. Just plain some broccoli. I love steaming broccoli and eating it with tofu. I get a lot of fruits and berries. I chose some dark cherries because they just looked really good in a store today, but also I almost always get a bunch of blueberries and raspberries and blackberries strawberries. Fairies were just always like a rare thing in my house growing up because everyone would eat them so fast, cuz, there’s barely like anything in here so they’re like a weird luxury.
For me, like I love having all sorts of berries, I don’t know, but I also got some frozen fruits for smoothies wild blueberries and make up chunks. My favorite bread at the moment is the Silver Hills, sprouted power, bread, it’s the little big bread. It’s just sprouted wheat, bread. I got three different types of pasta. I’ve been messing around with like red, lentil, pasta and garbanzo pasta. These are literally just made out of chickpea powder and some protein. It’s three ingredients in here. It’s basically just like a healthier alternative to regular pasta, and I want to try to make some mac and cheese with these shells. I’ve got some follow your heart, dairy-free, cheddar, shreds and mozzarella shreds. So I’m going to try to make some mac and cheese with that. These two are by the brand tolerance, organic, green lentil penne and some chickpea rotini. Those look really freaking good and there’s a lot of protein in these, which is great literally one ingredient. How awesome for almond milk, I like getting unsweetened vanilla, almond milk. This is just the whole foods brand. I got six eggs. I haven’t really been eating eggs lately, but this is my favorite brand. If I ever am in the mood for them, it’s the bridal farms, pasture-raised eggs, they’re organic, their hens actually go outside and have a lot of like room to run around and be in nature and be in the Sun. So it’s a great company. My latest obsession has just been yogurt. I love getting these big tubs of unsweetened yogurt because they tend to have a lot of sugar in them. I haven’t tried this one that actually I’ll post the photo of the one that I usually get, but I saw this so delicious. Coconut milk yogurt and I love just having like a scoop of this in a cup or in a bowl and cacao. Nibs almond shavings berries, all like sweeten it with my own stuff and it’s really good time, love, birch, benders, pancake and waffle mixes. I got to this is the one that I usually get. It’s basically like grain, free gluten, free, no added sugar. It’s made out of like almonds, coconut husk, OVA eggs and monk fruit for this one, and I love making just like a pancake or two randomly at nighttime or in the middle of the day. It’s just like a nice little tree and then also I saw that they made a plant protein, one that I want to try. So this one is plant-based and I just want to see the difference between them these last. For so long, you just add water. I mix it into a cup and I make like a few pancakes.
I got some different meat alternatives. I love these Moroccan tofu cubes I like putting them on top of like avocado, toast or veggies, and then these Guardian, crispy, fingers and crispy tenders are incredible. So these just tastes exactly like chicken strips and then I actually haven’t had these before, but they are chipotle lime, crispy fingers, I’m so excited. I also got some firm, organic tofu and some beyond meat, the beyond burger a plant-based burger patties. These taste so good, and I will literally just use like regular bread slices as buns. I will literally just put these on bread slices as buns with ketchup and avocado, and it tastes just as good. So I love these. Of course, some treats. I wanted to try out these smart sweets. I’ve been hearing a bunch about them already went in on the gummy bears they’re in my bag, but I was eating them in the car and they were pretty good. So I got these sour blast, buddies peach rings and I’m most excited for the sweet fish, because I love sweet fish candies. Lastly, I love getting dark chocolate activated, hazelnuts and sea salt chocolate, some salty dark chocolate and some extra dark dark chocolate. You get back to humans, chocolate-covered, hunks, almonds and sea salt. Here is how my fridge and freezer look right. Now. All of these plastic bins and sort of drawers, especially up here they’re, all from the containers I’ll have them link down below, and I will also link the label maker that I use to make these little labels. So up on this top shelf, we have a drinks. Pin so in here I have like some coconut water as a can of rose. I usually have more in here, but those are just like any fancy beverages and then I have this little cube drawer and it says, treat yo’self, and so I just put in those gummies in here, because I love cold candy and cold snacks. So sometimes I put chocolate in here too, but for now I just have the gummies I always like to have Lacroix in the house or any type of sparkling water. So we have some mango flavored Lacroix and then this bin says ready to eat. So if I have any random like spring rolls or salads or wraps anything that I purchase, that is pretty much ready to eat, then I’ll put it in here. I didn’t have anything of that sort at the moment, so I just put the cheese shreds in here. Back there I have some dates: oh my god, going down, this shelf has some more beauty related products, so I have health and beauty to the right. We’ve got my face tools and rollers that I like to use as well as some sprays. So if I don’t have product on my face, I do a quick mist of this stuff before I use any of the rollers and I like to keep them in the fridge, because it helps to wake up your skin and deep up your eye bags and also Helps with just like making your face less puffy, I love doing in the morning and then to the left.
We have the health category, which just has some green superfood powders, as well as these little vital proteins, sleep collagen shots. I have so many of the sleep ones because I ran out of the other ones and I always forget to have them for bed in this middle section. It’s the tallest one, so I like to keep my almond milk or any type of milks here. I’ve also got my big tub of coconut MELAS vintage glass bowl. I got from females Trading Post, which is just like a flea market, and I’ve got all of my lemons in here. Sometimes I PAVA kados in there or random fruit that I want cold of the two different tofu’s beyond burgers and the then down here. I’ve got all of my vegetables. This fridge is cool because it has a lever and those vegetables or fruit, and so it has like a ventilation. So I keep it on vegetables and then, lastly, this one is set to fruit and I’ve gotten my berries. The door is pretty boring. I just have butter up here: some pasta, sauces, barbeque, curry sauce some like jam other condiments and more down there now going into at the freezer crispy tenders, meatless meatballs, crispy fingers over here some crushed ginger down. Here I keep all of my frozen fruit for my smoothies down in this drawer. I’ve got my friends and vegetables a lot of like cauliflower rice and frozen kale that I’ll throw into smoothies broccoli down here. I’ve got two bottles of vodka from some sort of party that I had and they have been sitting here for I think over a year and I haven’t touched them, but they’re just sitting there and then I also have these little ice packs that are really nice. For any reason, there’s some frozen salmon, some Aussie packets. I like to freeze my bread because I never go through it fast enough. The board starts molding right now, I’m finishing this bread, which is up here, and that is everything in my freezer. Lastly, we have this huge cabinet, which I treat as my pantry area. This is just the apron from hellofresh and I paint with it I cook with it. I am in the market for a cuter apron from like anthropology or something, but I just haven’t, found the right one so for now we’re using this one there’s some random stuff up there, but pretty much going down this way. Everything is organized once again All of these bins are also from Container Store vitamins oatmeal more vitamins.
This is my coffee, tea section so to the right I have my coffee filters or my chem –ax They been for coffee and tea So it’s a lot of like my sort of tea containers and bags of ground coffee tea bags This smaller one has just tea bags in it I thought it was like the perfect size to just lie upin here So when I get new tea, I just take it out of the box and shove it in here and then this box has add-ins So it’s a lot of just like powdered collagen from vital proteins These beauty collagen packets Back there I have some more coffee going down here I’ve got protein, so these are all things that I will add into smoothies I’ve got more protein back there, but these are ones that I’m reaching For more often, I’m obsessed with Earth maven right now This is their plant-based chocolate superfood protein love the care of plant protein This is my second tub of it and then I’ve just got like some add-ins that work great on smoothies some hydrators stuff On the go and over here we have a little superfood bin So I’ve got chia seeds I keep my almond butter cacao powder thrown flaxseed Honestly, this bin is kind of lacking, but that’s all I happen there right now in this bamboo bin I’ve got my snacks This is the more exciting door feel like the katana Just could actually go in here I’ve got all of those different chocolate bars My pancake mixes almonds coconuts got some popcorn back there This one is baking, so I’ve just got flour Sugar brown, sugar, baking powder, knead egg, like that down here, we’ve got pasta, so this bin is pretty full of just like quinoa, xand, pastas, spaghetti spices, just some extra spices and oils that I don’t need to use right now Vinegar, this one just says extras got some coconut oil, some popcorn kernels for my popcorn maker, all the way back there we have some alcohol lined up that I also haven’t touched in a very long time I’m super passionate about it and I feel like I’m in a great spot mentally and physically I just have a lot of energy, and my body has just been responding so well to the things that I’ve been putting inside of it So definitely like the most content and proud, where I’m at right now, which is great let me know if you’re a little too sensitive to watch it, because I know that food is such a sensitive topic to talk about online Then let me know as well I probably will still be making content about it, but it’s okay Bye,

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