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Hermit Craft 6: Episode 125 – Its Work!

30 Sep , 2019  

Here we go I’m flying in I’m flying in, and this looks as cool as I remember it looks. I cannot wait to see this thing with mops flying out the bottom of it. It is going to look totally bonkers. Welcome back to another episode on the hammock gravity: episode 125 and today we are going to working very hard on this new mob farm that we built in the previous episode of hermit craft. Now this thing is huge: we have got nine layers or nine segments that are ten blocks across 32 blocks long.
So that’s 320 spawning spaces per segment. As I say, we’ve got nine of them, so loads and loads of spawning spaces. It’s all powered by flying machines and it looks nuts, and I cannot wait to see just monsters pouring out the ball of this thing, because that is going to look extra specially nuts. But right now there is one fairly key element missing, and that is the killing area right now that the mobs would just form at the bottom of it and they were landed the water and then eventually, I’d get a very angry message from exhume avoid saying: I’m Crashing the server, because there’d be hundreds of one hundreds of mobs down here, so you guys need to do something about that and at the end of the previous episode, we actually created a bit of a design and this design uses a ton of resources that I Definitely don’t have I mean I’m holding out a lot of hope here. I’m I’m pleasantly surprised. I don’t think that’s going to be enough for us to actually do it, but that’s that’s positive. You know I got to say, though there is something quite satisfying about gathering up large quantities of magma. Does anyone sell magma? I don’t feel like nobody is selling magma, keep in mind, I’m the worst and knowing what other people are selling. I just it’s impossible to keep up with so after doing a little bit of resource gathering. I’ve now got about all the magma and we’ve got that in place. So that is going to be our killing platform. Then these pistons right here are going to release the water, so the idea is is that the magma is where the mobs fall down onto. If they don’t die, some of them have feather falling. Then they should be killed off by the magma. All of the items will sit up there and then, after a little while the water will be released, all the items will be pushed across and they’ll all end up in a storage system. I cannot personally take credit for this idea. El mango came up with it. First, like all good things in Minecraft, let’s see it’s a few anyway.
After a little bit more progress break this redstone torch. Okay, the water goes across. That’s all good and then replace the redstone torch. I can see. I can see things just gradually spawning on this. I’ve got to be a little bit wary here, but that is all looking that all looks cool so now we just have to do the timing circuits and I need to connect up to the redstone lines which detect when the flying machines actually return. Now, I think the best way for us to send the signal downwards from the top is probably using slime blocks. We’Re gonna have sticky pistons with slime blocks and then redstone blocks, which I’m running solo on redstone blocks or anything redstone related right now, so we’re gonna send that down and then that will hit that we’re gonna have to add a delay. Some pulse extenders, I mean it’s, I’m curious to see if I can actually make this work. So I’ve got a 4 tick repeater running out from the observer that is going to be detecting the flying machine. Then I’ve got another 4 ticks here. We’ve got the post extenders and I’ve got two more 4 tick repeaters, and then I have God’s the little signal shooter, which is going to be sending that has signal down to the bottom. Now I wonder, how does this look? Ok, there’s! No real! Pretty way to do this until we get wireless redstone, this is as good as it gets. Except it’s not it’s not there’s something that I can do with daylight sensors. We can send the signal downwards, I’m just trying to remember how I could do it. Oh give me a second, I mean it doesn’t even look that bad, but I really want to wipe this out now. This is actually a little bit more complicated than I was expecting. Oh ok, so that can send a signal, but then, if it gets dark I mean I’m assuming yeah. The answer is obviously to look on YouTube and rays. Works has done something very smart, so he’s used another daylight sensor almost to control. but it’s such a smart idea and it solves all of the problems that I was running into, that made my design totally not function and makes this design brilliant. I love when I see just smart solutions like this. I mean look that there’s better next to nothing to this. Yet it’s so well done. So, let’s see what happens here then, if we power this piston that is so cool, that’s nuts! Obviously, we need to invert the signal, but still I am – I am beyond impressed by this.
Alright, ok, let’s get that built on the opposite side. Oh my goodness, so I’ve just been working on this thing. What on earth? Look how many mobs there are in this already and that’s on one layer, there’s two more layers. Goodness me, this might actually be quite efficient anyway. The other side is now all fully completed, so we have got the water flushing system and also the killing zone. On that side, completely hooked up with the daylight sensors and all that good stuff, all I needed to do was sleep through the night so that we didn’t die and grab a lever. Oh I’ve just thought I need to remove all of the glowstone from inside here and also add some bits. The flying machines right give me a second, so the modifications that I’m making are to make way for spiders, because spiders could cause history. So, first off I’ve closed up the gaps between each one of the layers, so that should stop anything from traveling in between them and I’ve also added some blocks to the top of our flying machines that will sweep spiders along as well, because I realized that if The spiders managed to climb up to the top. They would then be protected from the sweepers, which isn’t particularly good is it I can see these things gradually filling up with mobs and which is good. This is the last sweeper all done, and now we remove the glowstone from this final layer, and that is the mob spawner. In theory, all pretty much duct jeez look at this. It’s gone manic already. I am very curious to see what happens when we flick this lever here. Okay, so that has activated everything. Now all of the mobs have all of the mobs been sweep town I mean they they should have been. I can know this right now. Is the water going to work? It does seem to have done so that just swept all of those items inter yeah, inter into the water okay, we could start creating some lag wow. This is actually working, though alright, let’s yeah, let’s turn this thing off. So, in terms of our item connection system, originally, I was going to have water streams that all poured into the middle, but I realized that actually, that’s not that smart. Instead, I’m going to figure out all the items with hoppers they’re going to go at the end. They’Re then going to go into droppers and then we’re going to have a single item stream which takes them up and moves them into some chests.
Now, eventually, I might transport the items from here back to my base somehow, but for the time being, this is gonna be a little temporary storage system. So that’s all the hoppers in place and also all of the fence posts in place which are going to stop the mobs from actually falling off the edge if they haven’t died but are getting pushed by the water. Now, I’m just placing these little guys in and those guys and we’re pretty much done. I have never used so many rockets in such a short space of time before on a project. I think I’ve gone through about three, maybe even four stacks. In today’s episode and in the previous episode I went to about eight somehow, a creeper is managed to explode up here on one of the platforms. That is. Is that something to be worried about, I mean, surely that’s a one-off, I’m hoping that that’s a one-off anyway, everything should now be done. I’ve made some modifications to the platforms to hopefully make sure that no mobs land on top of the Redstone, all of them should land inside the killing zones. I’ve done all of the item – collection systems, I’ve done all of the item filtering systems. I’ve made sure we have somewhere that items are going to go very temporary at this point in time. It’s all looking very, very good now. Obviously, all I want to do is test this thing right now, but, as Cal has just sent me a message asking me to pop over one of the sahara areas. He’s got something interesting to show me and, to be honest with you, I do fancy geeking out over some redstone today. So let’s go take a look. I’ve summoned you here because for the past week and I’m not kidding for the past week, I’ve been stuck in our warehouse here at Sahara. I have created something that I I tried to explain to green and he didn’t really catch on. Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure you as the technical admin and superstar of Sahara, will appreciate. You remember that storage room that I built for us and organized everything and then gree and D organized it slowly over time. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, Oh ripped. It out ripped it out because I needed the space to create this. Oh good grief. This is pretty fantastic. Wow impress I yet see now this this. I actually feel the elevator down, okay, okay, so that I mean I feel like you are you’ve.
You know a little bit about me that you know that storage silos are kind of there they’re the sorts of things to get me excited in minecraft. I don’t know what it is about them, but they’re just amazing. This came out, then we were like. Oh, we can’t do storage silos minecraft, but these are actually not storage silos right, oh, okay, disappoint! These are these are stock indicator. Oh, I say that even cooler, so you can see exactly the amount of stock. That’s ahora has at this moment in time right and it’s precise, it’s a hundred percent precise. So what this means here look at the comparative, for example, we have four sets of comparators and if you hover the little item frame, it says and we we sell in 33 for diamonds. That means that we have, however, many comparators that is in the warehouse about right. So what’s this comparator down one of these comparators down in this chest down here, these are the key cards. These are our sales that we have made so the ideas ones one runs out like, for example, observer over here. We know that we need to restock the observers yep. We then take the keycard, we restocked observers. When I say we restock the observers, I have a little bit of an internal thing going on. I mean you need to restock them, so I’ve restocked everything else can service. Please. I can’t yes and it’s not because I don’t have cobblestone right just saying: that’s not the reason right. If you get a thousand common saying, is kill. Don’t oh come on a bit to you. That is a great block to form, then that that has nothing to do with it. Okay, okay, yeah I’ll take your word for it sure, yes, but anyway, so we need to restock observer. So what we would do is we would pick up these nine key cards in the nest yeah. We would restock the module yeah and we would upstairs in the warehouse like we restock yeah, and then we press this button and we put the key cards in the shop front and boom. We are restocked and okay, someone makes a purchase. Let me illustrate you stand down there yep. Let me say that I’m a Sahara customer, I’m all the way at the shop front. What can you hear me? I’m at the shop for by 900 observers, 32 32 Diamonds per observer said. That’s all so. I’m gonna buy 9 sets. That’s all you’ve stocked, Mambo, yeah yeah me yeah, hello, I’m back here now so now, when we had that stupid customer who just bought observers yeah, we should see because he bought 9 sets, which is the full stock.
We should see this thing completely drained. Give it a moment. This is the horror we’re talking about yeah, I didn’t want to say: are you getting more and more nervous? Now, no speed doesn’t matter in this big, oh, oh, oh, this is cold. This is, this is very, very, very cold. I imagine he’s super impressed by that, so that was pretty cool now it’s time to get Bangor onto the mob spawner, because actually there’s a bunch, there’s a bunch more stuff to do so. Obviously, one thing that we need to work on is the gigantic roof that goes over. The top of this thing that has to extend out massively, but one thing that I hadn’t thought of that I have just thought of – is that obviously everything underneath that roof now needs to be spawn proof. So we need to make sure that we cover all of this stuff with it’s so frustrating building in this place. I hate it after many more frustrating moments like that. We’Re now all spawn proof and ready to build the thing that, as you can probably tell up and putting off for quite some time, I’m just it’s just. I don’t even think it’s gonna take that long. It’s just never exciting, building a massive area of slab. So we have to build out 15 blocks in this direction. 15 blocks in this direction, 15 blocks in that direction and in that direction and then fill that area with stone slabs to make this entire place completely pitch black completely dark. Oh, oh. I’ve just thought. After spending all that time, developing those daylight sense of redstone systems and the ability to wirelessly send down the redstone signal. It’s not gonna work. Is it because it’s gonna be in pitch black regardless? Oh I’m, tired! Okay, my brain doesn’t work very well when it’s tired. This new storage system is really quite satisfying to watch, though, so I suppose I’ll take that as a positive. This is how BIG’s the roof needs to be. That is going to I’m actually glad that we have to build this because it is going to look totally bonkers once it’s all fully built in I’m terrible at landing today. One inventories worth of stone slabs later this is how far I’ve managed to get and yeah. I mean I’ve decided to go round first and then cover up the mob farm.
We almost managed to make it all the way around without having to refill, but I imagine this is probably another inventory load, maybe even only half an inventory. I must be able to find some more stone, slabs somewhere, I’ve run out again. It looks like we’re gonna have to smelt up another batch. It’s funny, no matter how fast this thing is. It still feels slow when you’re having to wait for it anyway. Finally, we got there, everything is now all filled in the roof is on top of this, and I think I’ve come up with a solution for my daylight sensor systems. Originally, it was going to be leave blocks, but I thought of an even better solution, which is far smarter and that is to create two tubes: that kind of funnel the light down towards the daylight sensor, but make it so that the light doesn’t reach the mob Farm, so this thing is still in complete. Darkness seems to have worked now. We just test this thing and I am absolutely 100% terrified. He goes flicking the leaver and things are being pushed now. I haven’t really worked out well actually going to afk. On this thing, I guess I should probably FK about 30 blocks above, but I mean, let’s see our mobs actually going to start falling out of here. Yes, that seemed like a lot of mobs to me. Hang on a second, that’s, that’s ridiculous, and the water streams all seemed to work. That was quite a lot less mobs. Are they all landing in the right place? I mean it, they do seem to be. This seems to be functioning pretty well. This seems to be working really quite well to see just how well it’s working, I’m actually going to go afk for an hour Betsy. What happens now and she thought it’d be fun to do this in the form of a third-person time-lapse. So you could see all of the mobs cascading down from the mob spawner and I thought, while we watched this happening because it’s very therapeutic, I will talk to you about the fact that I am in Nashville this week. In fact, I’m leaving tomorrow, I am off to do a mind comm panel and then also visit the Minecon live show as well. All of that is happening this weekend and it’s all is all extremely exciting. I’m very happy to be going there. I’m going to be meeting up with a scowl scar, a bunch of the other Hermits and everyone we’re all going to be on the panel together. It’s gonna be great and I just thought I’d Let you guys know that you should probably be up-to-date on my Twitter and my Instagram, and also on all of the other Hermits Twitter’s and Instagram, especially if you’re in the Nashville area, because we are in the process of planning a meet-up.
So it will be cool to see some of you guys out there if you are interested anyway back onto the homograph server, so one hour has passed gonna break down a little platform that I’ve created up at the top here now I did have some interesting Things happen in the the server actually crashed, and I kind of panicked, because AI wondered if I was the one that had caused the server crash I don’t think I was but, more importantly, flying machines Don’t really like the server closing while they’re running So I thought there was a chance that they had all got stuck, but thankfully it seems like all of them are still moving and I am so curious to know how many drops we have managed to get So I think oh well, that’s how’s That happened I’m always only on one side, that is bizarre, so we’ve lost, we’ve lost a bunch of items in the water, because those are just the ones that that have indeed spawned yet well, regardless That’s not bad is it that is not bad at all So, with some fairly simple upgrades this I mean the voice going on with this Harry Look on this side, there’s even there’s even mobs that mob drops on the fence Okay, clearly, these aren’t aligned the same I must have got the wrong slightly, but I mean I am impressed, so there we have it Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got ourselves a monstrous monstrous mob farm on the homograft server This seems to be working almost perfect It’s like 99 percent, perfect, I’m sure with a few small upgrades It will be perfect and then it’ll be just chuffing out Mob drops left right and center, so very excited for that one anyway Now, I’m just gonna do a shameless plug right here I recently released a film on the filming channel You should check it out if you’re interested in in that sort of thing what I’ve been up to over there I actually went behind the scenes on a pretty high-end commercial and got to chat with the director and everything like that It was super interesting cool For me

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