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Holiday shopping goal! A busy day!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello guys and good morning today is a super content day, we’re giving a lot of content in between Facebook, like filming thumbnails, it’s just full of content. First off, I am making a waffle. So let’s do it. So this is the finished waffle. Batter till it alright everyone we are now about to head to the beach. I am in my Barbie workout attire got pink leggings, just I’m switching it up a little we’re going to the beach to watch the sunset and it’s like 3 o’clock, but we need to head out cuz the sun’s about to set yeah.
I’m excited, though, the sun’s out so I’ve been really pretty recently and I haven’t really had a chance to like you. Go watch one. Let’s do it we’re here at Santa Monica, it’s so pretty here guys. I want to move here. The Sun is setting we’re about to get some nice sunset shots in golden hour for the golden Barbie. I’m excited we’re gonna do it. I got my yoga mat we’re in my Barbie outfit, I’m like not even fazed anymore. Just like, I always dress like a complete weirdo anywhere. I go guys. This is so beautiful and I never come here why and then I’m over here dressed like it’s winter, I’m a Floridian, I’m cold. I get cold easily. Speaking of Florida, I am about to head back to Florida, I’m so excited I am leaving tomorrow morning’s. So I’m going to go home for Thanksgiving, see the fam. Oh, hopefully I’ll get some fun home vlogs. I know you guys, like my Florida vlogs. I kind of hope it’s sunny there. I think it is sunny there, so that’ll be fun because I’ll be able to like tan and just relax. I have some editing to do so. I’m going to call it a night, but I hope you guys enjoyed today’s vlog and I was you guys next time love you back all right everyone. I know we normally do cooking with Mia, but today we’re doing cooking with eggs actually baking. What’s that stage, this is my other sister. What are you making I’m making brownies from a box? So what’s the issue here, whoo that looks so good. I’m not gonna have any okay, I’m not gonna. Have it called for vegetable oil, which we don’t have. However, we did have the oil in form of spray, so we took this spray and sprayed it into like a little serving cup. It looks pretty good. I don’t know why he said I wasn’t yet he’s fine, too. Okay, cool well, okay, they’ll never know so it is Thanksgiving Day. I just did my makeup in the car I feel like I did a pretty decent job, especially cyclone fake lashes on which was kind of difficult, but I’m proud of myself we’re doing a little sister road trip get the jams.
What my Happy Thanksgiving and thankful for you well, I actually am thankful for all of you and I do love you all. So much so gave me a lot of inspiration to work on my house, thankful for the haters hope you guys are having a good thing. Giving it was bittersweet, hi, okay, this is our other sister say say: hi say you don’t mean I was not with the clouds there now people, I’m kind of like the new thing in the book. Sage then go see University of Maryland. She’s 18. Our uncle, like doesn’t sing on he’ll probably do it during Thanksgiving, but he goes around with this camera and it’s like Chloe’s, 19 actually. 20. I still think I’m a teenager we’re heading to our dance right now. She’s, making Thanksgiving dinner, I’m excited well just keeps changing the right direction. Are we going the wrong way? The juicy so you’re fake that he would never say already with the rough way she would say, but I sighs you’d say I even sound a lot different. I don’t want Chloe Couture in the car right now. Are you going the wrong way? No, I need Chloe. I need her to help oh yeah, when I’m vlogging, I’m not help driving miles, and it says we’re 30 minutes away. 30. I know I think we missing it Mia. Oh, my god, I have to go to bathroom. You told me 10 B was I not Tempe. Tempe has not happened yet says: take exit 13, just keep them straight. I’Ll. Tell you what you do. Are you the only one who’s gonna bring up the healthy thing I’m gonna go for like two things leaving. That’s bet. I think I’m gonna go something: stuffed french toast and New York cheesecake pancakes, I’m thinking about three entrees. We got to go for the red velvet pancakes because I want my hero yeah. I think serious right, there’s, so we are here at IHOP and we’re shooting Mia’s. First: hey: what are you guys getting I’m getting like everything like one pancake, or should we get like one of these? Generally, you could say rooty tooty, fresh and fruity five. You owe me money there you go. Can I please have the red velvet pancakes with extra whipped cream? Okay, thank you Mia. Where are you gonna get it yeah Mia? What are you gonna get? I’m also curious. I am also dying to know here. The pig from Florida need some clean up stuff for any of this, so I graduated high school three years ago and I always come back on my school breaks – the company respects to this girl who I’d never met in my entire life.
I went to this school since I was five years old in kindergarten and in ninth grade I passed by this alcove, it’s pretty central campus that I had never noticed before ever. Why is this outcome so important? Let’s walk over and see you together about why I have to stop every single time: okay, see they cut off the sidewalk, just randomly right in the middle. No, this is uh. This is a memorial for a girl named Nicole Chapman. She went to this high school before I came here, and this was a beautiful poem that she wrote right before she died zoom in here on her birth and death day. She died on December 30th. 1996. You know one of that days important. It was the day I was born yeah the day she died, so I always come here and pay my respects to Nicole. Every time I come back, what’s up hello? How are you guys, I feel, like we’ve, been topped in a while yeah alright. So today is an Aaron’s day: it’s actually already nighttime, so I can’t really say day, but it’s Ben and Aaron’s day, and it will continue to be an Aaron’s day. I got a facial this morning with Yoli and touch us will insert some clips here so yeah that was super fun. Thank you so much Tasha and Yoli as usual for making my face. Look pretty. It doesn’t look that good right now, because I have like breakouts. Okay, well, I need to get my nails done. I need to go food shopping and I need to do like a closet clean-out. So it’s just like a very Aaron’s day. I’ve already like had some meetings today and all that kind of stuff, and I’m gonna show you guys my outfit of the errands day. Alright. So this is today’s OOTD at the top is from urban. I think I actually cleaned out my closet last night and today I’m gonna do like a closet giveaway, but I cleaned it out last night and I found this in the bottom of my closet and I haven’t seen it in a really long time. So that was exciting. I’m wearing my bougie sweatpants glow by Cloe Couture check them out. They’Re, like velvet bougie on the booty, whoo, okay and then the shoes I’m wearing are just these fur little slides and don’t look at my toes because I’m about to get them done, got purple and sparkly. What’s new nails are done and now on to the next end. So, let’s do it and I’m sure you guys are enjoying my professional studio lighting here, we’re back home and onto mission number 2, which is to set up the table like a gourmet, pink restaurant.
Beautiful just found these in my oh, my past area. We can use it for something set design in part two.. We do have a giant pink rug. Our creation is looking dull, but I found this in my closet, a bright purple curtain. Let’s see this might solve the issue, we don’t need no paper, tablecloth goods. This is from Target Wow. We are going all out right now feel like I’m at a 5-star restaurant. Do you think that I on the tablecloths at restaurants? They don’t need critten, so they like the fabric that they use, but maybe all right. This is pretty good yeah. What a difference a nice ironing can make how’s that look, Wow, classy modern! I would have been an interior designer shoot. I got it on the table. Chloe, oh wow, we’re gonna trim them on the actual date, dining with diamond we’re, bringing the fur back. It’s got a nice actually gives off a little. I mean it does look kind of cheesy but like this is Barbie decorating the table check sure when we’re done with that and the next item on the agenda, it should go through my closet. What is happening to my voice? I’ve not seen the floor of my closet in a long time and I finally cleared it out last night. I have some socks there, but like oh, my god, I cleaned it. I cleaned it to make sure this is a really up full closet clean out. What is happening to my voice? Oh my god me me me me me me me all right to make sure this is a full closet clean out. I need to actually like give away some stuff we’re gonna. Do a little bougie giveaway, slash, not giveaway, because I’m selling it on Poshmark. I am selling my clothes, I’m Poshmark.. I put them on there pretty cheap, because I kind of just want to give them to guys super fun. It sounds really easy. I like the idea of it, because I like the idea of like passing my clothes down kind of it’s awesome. What are we gonna sell today? I think it’s time to say goodbye to this lovely romper with flowers on it. I actually love this romper, but I’ve had it for a long time. This dress it’s time to say goodbye to this dress. I have worn this a lot. I mean it still is in great condition, but I’ve definitely worn it a lot. I love this dress. It’s so soft, it’s from the brand gypsy warrior and has these kind of like glare sleeves, is really cute. One of you lucky ducklings is gonna get a chance to buy this bad boy. This red sweater is going once going twice: o-over back they’re, going to you in the blue, sweatshirt yeah.
You got this, you got it that could be you on my Poshmark page from LA hearts, and it has this like really cute lace, detail on the bottom. I love this sweater, but I think it’s just too small for me. Oop, let’s see what else this shirt it’s from brandy, melville. I have worn this a lot, it’s just kind of like. I think it’s also a little small on me, but I love the pattern. It’s just soft and flowy. This was from L F, which is like a super cute little store. It’s like a tie-dye flowy dress, I’m also getting rid of this dress, which I think I also got from LA, but I just never wore it. I don’t know why. It’s super cute. I think it’s just kind of. Like short, I’m not really sure. Oh, it’s a romper who knew one of you lucky folks. We got this, never been worn outfit ooh! Oh my god! I wore this too. I think I was plus DC. This top is really cool. It’s like you, wear it like this, and it has all these kind of like strings on it like I, don’t know how to explain it. It’s like fringe yeah, it’s fringed, really cool yeah I’ll insert the picture here of me wearing this top. I’m gonna put this up there, so I’m gonna keep looking through my closet and finding stuff that I want to give away. I’m not gonna like show you everything, so I will link my Poshmark in the description you can check it out yeah. Hopefully soon you guys get these clothes I’ll. Probably keep selling stuff in Poshmark like throughout the year, go through my closet and get rid of stuff. More often that way, it’s not just like sitting there, because someone could be wearing it like one of you guys could be wearing it but make sure to like keep up with my Poshmark page cuz I’ll probably keep adding stuff on there. Oh, my god, if you guys buy my clothes, please like tweet me or Instagram me a picture of you wearing it. I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like you guys are like my younger sisters or my younger brothers, whatever, if you guys could wear my own clothes. It’s literally like hand-me-downs and it’d, be so cool to see you guys wearing my clothes, so yeah um check out my Poshmark page now in the next errand is to go food shopping and we are done whoo check that off the list Now we have a quick stop at Target that I’m going to be done with the errands I just want to get in bed and watch Netflix, yeah mmm, vanilla, pumpkin, I’m getting it okay, I don’t even like sleep masks, so yes represent all right people.
We are done That was an excellent Aaron’s day Oh my god, okay running out of toilet paper, it’s the worst like I don’t know why I put it off for days, but I’ve been literally using paper towels to wipe So sorry, that’s TMI! Now, let’s put it away activate hyper speed mode, I’m so lame! Oh, my god! Hanukkah oh Hanukkah come light The menorah! Let’s have a party beloved it’s over gather round the table I’ll give you a treat spinning top to play with in last conceit get in the Halloween Oh, the Chanukah festivities hanukkah’s like not even that big of a deal Obviously it’s important like it’s an important holiday, but in the Jewish religion it’s one of the least important holidays I kind of feel like it’s just there so like we have something like Christmas, I’ll be doing a vlog makaan again this year So that’s exciting! Oh, I might participate in some Christmasy things, even though I don’t celebrate Christmas I still like want to do like the Christmas Easter, meep-meep boop bop beep bop, Boop, bop beep, guys I’ve been alone in this apartment for like three days, and I can’t like I miss adelon, I miss Mia I miss my voice, I don’t know what’s happening to it, but I’m starting to sound like a grandma and tomorrow I have to be Barbie Oh my god I don’t know if I can do Barbie: okay, wait, hi, I’m Barbie I still got it and I know you guys are dying to know what happened so until you find out who you I bought The sleep mask okay $4, but sometimes gotta splurge on yourself, happy Holidays to me is this: for children, okay, good night just kidding, I’ve gotta make dinner I bought this at Target It’s called throat coat and it’s really good for you If your throat sike starting to sound like this and let’s make XANA guys, I seriously miss like Mia, I wonder what she’s doing I wonder if she’s vlogging, I hope, she’s vlogging, if you haven’t, checked out Mia’s YouTube channel, yet go check it out right now she’s doing really well or trying to get her 2,000 subscribers So if you’re watching this pause A nice little comment Come back over here enjoy the party again make sure to check out her channel she’s gonna be posted weekly So do the thing

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