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Hope to procrastinate. Is it worth it?

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys, I feel like I’m just like the wish hall Queen at this point in time. No. This little bin here filled to the brim with all little goodies from wish. I just kind of picked out really really random stuff. Without further ado, I’m gonna go ahead and get right into the hall. This here is actually it’s supposed to be the eyeliner stamp. It’s called the. I don’t know how to say that it’s called that here is kind of what the box looks like magic eye on your stamp.
Why they needed to put plastic over this, but at least you know it’s you know sanitary. It looks really pretty nice packaging. So it looks like one and this eyeliner and one says seal eyeliners that are what that means. Okay, so this is like the little stamp and I don’t know if you can see that there it’s like a little triangle and then on the other end, it looks like. Oh that’s like a really thick eyeliner. So let’s just go ahead and do a little like watch. Okay, that’s pretty nice and I guess oh I mean I could see that totally working. It looks like on here I paid a dollar for it, but it does say right here that is out of stock, which kind of sucks, but I know they do have like a ton of like different little things that are just like this on the website. If you just type in like eyeliner stand, but I’m gonna go ahead and try, I mean it kind of work right. It’s like I would need a longer wing like it’s kind of short and stubby. Looking. Oh it’s because I’m running out of ink look. I do suck at doing wings, I’m not gonna lie. That’s why I bought this. I guess you could go in with this like what do you think at that point you might as well just do it. You know it works kind of I mean honestly. I think it’s kind of gimmicky you might as well just you just need a practice that wings it did help me achieve this wing, which is really pretty, but I still had to go back in and like. I guess if you want, like the base of a wing, a good wing, it could work. But overall I thought look at the next thing I have here is another makeup item, or it is supposed to be one of those little lipsticks that have like the little. Our inside and it looks like I paid a dollar for that as well. What’s and that doesn’t include shipping. Obviously you just posed to be like color-changing lipsticks, meaning like they go on clear kind of.
I think, and then I look at how cute this little box is, is adorable and then oh, my gosh Wow smells a little bit like chemically, but that’s totally. Okay, look at how cute that is it’s a little flower. I mean I thought it was supposed to be clear, but it looks pink um like see how the image is clear reality. Oh, I guess maybe some of them are pink. I don’t know this is the one that I ordered right here. So that’s kind of a little side-by-side comparison, so it went on clear like a really pretty pinky color. It goes on really clear and then it literally gradually changes with like the temperature of my body. Obviously it’s not like pigmented lipstick. Overall, like this is adorable I mean it is what it is. It was like basically what you would expect to be moving right along. This is something that I got, that is super extra of me for buying, but so it’s this ring like oh, my gosh, looks like a frickin wedding ring and this one says it’s free with shipping, so I got the smallest size. I believe it’s a 5 and it’s a little bit big on me. So this is how it came. I’ve already tried on tried it on and stuff and worn it around, and it never turned my finger green or anything yeah. It doesn’t look so pretty with my manicure, oh my gosh, I’m engaged y’all finally got me a man it’s very loose on I mean it looks like it fits pretty perfectly, but I feel like if I were to like go like this really really fast, and I Would swing off like sometimes you get creepers or if you work at a place for a lot of guys hit on you or something, and you want like a little fake credit wedding ring for very inexpensive, and this looks so real. Like I mean, if you even look up close, I mean unless you’re like a jewelry diamond expert, you would not know. I wouldn’t, because I don’t have any expensive diamonds to get that for free plus shipping. Like girl, hop on that deal, it’s so pretty. I’m gonna leave it on the rest, in fact, so this is like a little nightlight type of situation. It’s actually like one of those neon signs. This is the post right here and it looks like I’m here I paid $5.
00 for it. They do have a bunch of different little on designs. I ended up opting for the moon because I thought it was so pretty they’re. All kind of like different price ranges as well, and that’s pretty typical, also of wish I’ve already plugged it in and stuff and tried it out. Just because I wanted to make sure it works. It does come with like a little USB cord to plug it in with so. This part is definitely like made out of, like plastic, looks like something you’d, maybe find at Walmart or something I’ve actually looked into getting a neon sign in my room before and they’re very expensive, especially a custom one, they can run you upwards of 400 dollars. Honestly. Okay, so I’m gonna plug it into my computer. Please can get one of those little boxes like your little charger boxes and you can just use that to plug it into the wall, with look at how pretty it has a very slight humming sound. I think that’s pretty normal, with like any lights like this. The cord is like pretty clear, so I feel like it was look good on any wall color how cute that would be. If I hung that up right there, I really like it. Oh, I have two jewelry, I think, which is a really great place to actually get your costume jewelry at. I don’t know if you can even oh there, you go because it has like the two chains on it. I always get like my chokers and step off of wish. Oh they’re actually separate. That was a surprise, usually they’re, like the ones that look like that are usually already built together, but I kind of like that, so I can mix and match like I could even wear like one of these with the one I’m wearing. This is just like a heart, and then this guy goes over top um with the little beads on it. It was free with the cost of shipping. Of course, I don’t think y’all are ready for this one. I bought me a new wave. Oh, I’ve actually heard semi good things about the hair from wish. Obviously those are the blond ones. I opted for like the dark brown and it looks like these were only six dollars with shipping, some ones I’m wearing right now. These were around 400 300, like Harrah’s and investments like if you’re going to get hair. You want to pay more because that means it’ll last longer it’s an especially if you’re going to get human hair, it’s always going to be more expensive.
So this is the synthetic hair. So oh my gosh, it’s so smooth. It smells a little bit weird, but look at how silky smooth that hair is. You could see the shine in it and that’s. What’s really nice about synthetic hair is because it always is gonna be shiny. Sometimes it can look a little bit too shiny to be honest and that’s how you could tell it’s like fake a little bit lighter, but it’s really pretty. These are super long and nice-looking. I mean they are thin, cuz look. This is one left here. Usually they are a little bit fuller, there’s some like fraying at the top, it’s definitely doable. I mean, I honestly think you could definitely pass this as real hair. Also, I don’t know if you can heat style these or not this one’s really silky straight. So you don’t worry about that. Unless you wanted to curl them, I mean, if you all want to try some inexpensive hair extensions heck. Yes, I totally recommend these. I think, especially if you’re just going where I’m like for a special event and you’re, not gonna wear them all the time like it’s definitely hop on this. This here is the new me rose, water, priming and setting mist. This was actually supposed to be in my makeup. I think – and I just got this like a couple weeks ago. I don’t know it just is crazy how long it took to get here and when I got it the label was actually so faded, like I feel like it’s definitely got lost in the mail or something like a setting spray. It actually looks super cool. I don’t know if you’re gonna see on camera how cool that is like when you shake it. Look at how cool that looks. It smells like a regular setting spray it like smells like one I bought like from L’Oreal. I think it doesn’t leave like any sparkles. Now, honestly, I feel like it’s just watered honestly. Most setting sprays are mostly watered, like it’s not gonna make your makeup last any longer. Let’s be honest, so I guess it’s just free shipping. So that’s what the picture looks like. It was fine. I just feel like I’m not gonna put this on my face, so I know you guys probably know me like. Why didn’t you and try it on your face, but you’re not gonna see anything. You just saw it on my hand, it’s literally like a clear water, but not a huge fan of that.
Personally, I have a couple clothing items. It’s at like 3-4 months. For this item to arrive um – and I got the one in the army – green color – now you would think this would be like a big t-shirt. You know nice, Maggie, nice and cotton material. Look at that! It’s like a crop top, but then it has that thing in the front. I think it’s because they’re like holding the shirt all weird, but it just looks so weird and then the back is like a crop like am I supposed to tie this? Maybe because I feel like that would make them way more sense, the material it’s really nice, it’s very silky and smooth, but I feel like in the picture it just looks like it would be like a cotton t-shirt, you know that’s just kind of a no. For me, I would not purchase that if you were looking at it online. I thought it looked so cute on the pictures and I was like not expecting it to be like that at all what I got it next thing. I thought this was so freaking cute. I think this is, I actually got this. One has an ad on Facebook campaign, so I mean I’m not expecting a whole lot from wish, especially paying only 13, which actually that’s a little bit pricey for wish I feel like, but for Victoria’s Secret. That’s a good deal. If you look closely, I just feel like it. The lettering just looks very like spaced apart now. This is just me being picky. You can tell it’s a knockoff if you know Victoria’s Secret and then it comes with like the little pants leggings. I don’t know if those will fit me, I always get the biggest size so yeah. This was an extra-large. I think you had an extra large on that savage t-shirt. Also, I’m not loving how this band looks here on these pants. I will be honest. I, like me, a thick band. If you know what it means it does feel like cotton, it’s not like a real soft cotton. If that makes nice, and so before you guys make fun of my body just remember: everybody is beautiful in their own way. This is supposed to be able extra large. This fits like a freakin extra small. You know that’s very typical of wish. The top actually fits not too bad. As I was pulling up my pants you guys This is not a thong YouTube.
Do not do monetize, yep yeah might as well right, there’s no fix in it This is like with minimal effort like I’m not even trying to break This was like the most fail of a fail I’ve ever had on wish her Honestly, the fabric is not stretchy at all, like, I feel like these don’t feel like like they feel like constricted, but then again, stroud because they’re too small hard path on these But I already can hear the hate comments A lot of girls and guys are very subconscious of their body, I’m one of those people, 110 percent It was always struggled with my body image No girl loves their body So this is my message to you guys out there that are going to comment and say you know it’s because you’re fat, it’s because you don’t look like the mom, I’m like getting over a cold, don’t buy that, like I guess if you are size, your own yeah you’d probably fit in it, but that just goes to show that the material is obviously cheap You don’t want to waste your hard-earned coin on something that’s just gonna rip when you’re trying to pull up your pants and that yes, it is probably because it didn’t fit me Obviously it’s one of those trigger moments Honestly, when you I’m sure a lot of you, girls in general, who have tried on clothes – and it just is too small on you and you know, even if you go to the biggest size in the store and you’re still too big for the item like it’s Very frustrating – and it’s very sad – and you know it makes you feel like you just don’t fit in with the rest of the world, especially when all my friends are like a size, zero and you’re over here size Twelve, I ain’t even mad, I’m just over here, trying to preach to all you other girls out there that have struggled with their weight You know body positivity if you guys want, because I feel like I am slowly but surely accepting myself and if you did please do give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel I’m so excited we are almost there unless we hit that I am doing a giveaway share this day with your friends, so we can get there I just want to give back to you all and yeah I will see you all in my next one: bye,

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