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Hourglass Hallucination Hyaluronic Acid Skin Color Review Suitable for All Skin Types?

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi Lausitz Ellen welcome back to my channel. Thank you so much for being here and happy foundation Friday. We actually need to talk about a foundation that I have been wearing pretty darn consistently since I bought it. I think two-and-a-half weeks ago, three weeks ago. you guys. So you know I’m a huge hourglass fan, and this is one of the products. I’ve never tried from them, but you guys recommended me to try it and review it. Sohere I am today it is the illusion hyaluronic skin tint broad-spectrum SPF 15.
So this basically a tinted moisturizer and we all know that hourglass is cruelty, free and, I think by 2020 the whole line will be vegan, which is super exciting. What they say is the coverages medium, it’s for normal to dry skin. That’s one thing I like about hourglass, at least with their like a skin products. Is it really gives you it doesn’t say like all skin types, but I’ll talk to you about my my opinion on that, but it’s normal to dry. Radiant is the finish, and basically this has a lot of skincare benefits, as the name suggests. It has hyaluronic acid in it the foundation that smooths the look of fine lines, wrinkles blah blah blah blah. They say it’s anti-aging, we’ll see it has their hyaluronic hyaluronic complex. It’s a proprietary hyaluronic hyaluronic complex to them, and it has a pearlescent pigments in it infused with the complexion for a luminous glow and it says medium to full coverage and again we’ll talk about this in a second and it is paraben, free, sulfate, free, fali, free And all of that, goodness the price is $56. I bought it on my most recent trip to Sephora alright. So this is the deal with this. This tinted moisturizer. To me, I disagree with them. I think everybody from dehydrated to combination could actually use this because it, yes, it says, has a radiant finish to it. You’Ll see it as I put it on, but it’s not like overly luminous right now. All I have on is my skincare, which is my snail mucin essence from coast rx. I have my stem factor and catalase AC 11 on from osmosis, very lightweight moisturizer from amore, and then my pharmacies sunscreen, that’s what I have on right now. I have worn this foundation with a no primer. I have worn it with an illuminating primer and I have worn it with like a mattifying primer. I just wanted to see hello to play.
It played very well with all of them. This is probably how I would pair it, so this is just an illuminating primer. This one is just as Charlotte Tilbury one, but this is probably what I would wear underneath it for the winter or if you are super dehydrated and want just a little bit of extra Chloe I’ll show you how I do it. So I’m just taking a little bit of the Wonder glow. You see me do this book before, but this is a great way to target some glow without giving you a ton of glow through the center of the face, which is where the majority of us will go ahead and produce our own oil. So this is what I like to do just like that, so the center of the face is left bare and then go in with this. I give it a nice ship shake and the one thing though they say it’s a medium to full coverage. I don’t know about that. Yet, if you guys have tried this, let me know I never found, and it could be just me my personal taste here is how much I use right now. I never found that I wanted to pile this on. It makes the skin look so beautiful and lit to me. In my opinion, less is more with this product and I do take it under my eyes. I don’t take every foundation under my eyes with this one I do and some other ones I do as well, but for me when I started to apply too much, it just didn’t, look like skin anymore and it just defeated the purpose, in my opinion like. Why call it a skin tint if it was meant to be? You know like this full coverage, then that would just be normal foundation, but look how pretty it is. Okay, I mean it’s just gorgeous. It just really blends in nice to the skin. I find that the best way to apply this is with your hands. I have used a sponge and I have used a brush and for me hands with this type of product. It just warms it up a little bit better and it just goes into the skin. I can see it’s almost like a cream, and so you can really maneuver it. The only kind of words of caution I will give you about this is do not wait too long after your sunscreen or moisturizer. To put this on. It does need a little bit of slip to move around so fYI, but this is, as far as I really have enjoyed it being built up too. So I’m not quite sure if I can support the claim or Backup. I guess I for my liking. The claim of it being medium to full coverage again, let me know from you guys if that is something that you have worked this foundation up to, but here we are pretty right like do you see like once, you start adding too much.
It starts to kind of coagulate, so in my opinion, this is meant to be like a tinted moisturizer. This is not meant to be a full coverage foundation. Now I know that they have had this product a long time and they’ve had this product before they had any of their other foundations, so they might have just not have changed the Burbidge yet, but there we are okay and I actually use didn’t even use. All of it I’m wasting now, which is about right now. The other thing I will caution you with this is go ahead and apply it first and then do like your brows, and you know your eye makeup and that type of stuff, then then go back and see if you need to set it because some days I’ll Set it and other days, I won’t, it just depends on how the skin is reacting, underneath that what kind of skin care you put on underneath it. You know that kind of thing they do make a matte foundation. I mean a a matte version of this. They call it a liquid powder and I will say for my combination – oily girls. It is a beautiful, beautiful product. It comes in a silver package, alright, so what I’m gonna do is exactly, as I told you, I’m gonna. Do my eyebrows my eye makeup and then a little bit of concealer and then I’ll come back, and I will tell you if I set it and all that good stuff, but this might just be a tinted moisturizer for all I’ll be right back alright. So just my eyes and stuff are on, I have no powder on, but this is what it looks like. So you can see a little a little bit of my perfections. I think this would be a high coverage light like a light to medium coverage. That’s what I would say it is, but I find that’s when it looks best for my skin and my liking. To be honest with you, you can tell the skin has a beautiful natural luminosity to it. It’s not overly luminescent. In my opinion, I will show you how cuz today it does feel like it needs to be set. I have again have not said it before. So today is a different day. I love to set this via the hourglass powder, the the mineral veil powder or I love to set it with the well people bio-based baked foundation on a big ol butt brush.
That’s what I like to use. So that’s what I’m gonna do, but I just wanted to show you guys, but I just wanted to show you guys what the skin looks like before I powdered it. That’s why I think that this this tinted moisturizer would be good for most skin types oily. I think you might be able to get a sample of this, maybe use a mattifying primer in the center of the skin and then just get that beautiful, dewy radiant the rest of the skin. I don’t know, let me know if you guys are oil and you’ve tried this, because I know there are a lot of my oily girls out there. That’s still loved took a little look, a little bit more glowy as well, not so so mad. But I’m going to take my pressed powder foundation. It has hardly any coverage to it at all, but just enough alright going in they go flip your brush brush. I’m going to put most of the powder in the center of the face and then I will use whatever is left on my brush on the perimeter. I just did my eyes with the new. Oh, I have mascara upon my eyeball. That’s fun with the new Urban Decay palette that just came out comment below and let me know if you guys want me to do a look with that palette and its really kind of cool, interesting colors. Alright, sohere is the skin, so you can see it all set and ready to rock and roll. So let’s go into natural light and see what it looks like alright love’s. Sohere we are in natural light. I’Ll come up real close, so you can see everything. Did you do to do? It’s pretty, isn’t it. I know it’s such a great tinted, moisturizer, okay. So a couple things I forgot to tell you is: I am in warm ivory and get a sample, because I got a sample of two of them to see which one looked better on me to pick the right color and then I wanted to tell you that It also feels extremely lightweight. It has no scent to my nose at all, so if you’re interested in that – and it just feels really good on the skin – I feel like it perfects it so nicely. Sorry, I’m trying to get you some better light. You can see everything here so yeah, so I and again you know this foundation. That does not claim to be long wearing alright. So this is not like This is the longest wearing tinted moisturizer ever so I will tell you that I’ve probably gotten about five to six hours of wear, which is pretty standard for me and to do moisturizers and really frankly foundations.
So you can get a good wear out of it We’Re gonna check in a couple times today, but just so you know it’s going to be one that you probably will have to touch up a little bit during the day, because it’s just a tinted moisturizer, it’s not you know meant to be this You know event proof type of situation You of course, could use a setting spray over it, which would make it last a little bit longer But for me it lasts just the perfect amount of time So I’ll see you all in a few hours Hi loves It is me I’m back and it is three hours later so this is a total of three hours of where you can see, though, I’m getting a nice glow, it’s very hot today so and I’m doing a lot around the house today, but doesn’t it look pretty It looks just like again – and this is where we’re at so it really hasn’t changed I kind of have a little bit of a runny nose, so I’ve been blowing my nose, but for that I mean it just looks really good So I’m happy with the wear time so far I’ll check in with you all in a few hours, I loves okay, it is a little bit later than I wanted this review to go I’m actually catching some sunset light, which we call magic hour, and this is what the foundation looks like I’m gonna put my felt you guys can’t really see it, but this what the foundation looks like we are at our eighth actually So this is eight hours of wear You know it looks pretty glowy right I mean I’d literally have been doing so much today, but overall it looks really good we’re starting to break up around here right and that’s okay, it’s a tinted moisturizer So let me know if you guys have tried this foundation I really love it I enjoy it I’m glad that I have it You know in my arsenal of goodies again This, in my opinion, would be great for anybody dehydrated to even combination just make sure you prep your skin, really really well and yeah and actually might be the perfect winter tinted moisturizer, because it is just really nice and hydrating, and it’s kind of perfect for that Kind of weather so I’ll see you all the next one Thank you so much for being here If I lips

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