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30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I thought that I would take you guys on a mini tour of the house and kind of give you guys an update. So this is not by any means. The official house tour, because I kind of want to wait until the house is completely done and ready before. I present it to you as this is our house welcome to it and then, at that time, I’ll also show share with you, where I got everything all the details, but for now, since we are not there yet, I thought I would just give you guys an Update show you, the rooms share with you kind of the progress we’ve made and then maybe you guys could give me some advice for what you think we should do with spaces, and things like that.
So andrew has the kids and they are out of the house. So I was able to kind of like tidy up the house. It’s not clean, like floors are not vacuumed and all that, but it’s tidy, and so I thought perfect time to give you guys an update, so we’re gonna start with the living room. First. Okay, so here is the living room, and this is by far my favorite place in the house. I just love the look of it. I love the colors, and I just this is my favorite room in the house. The lights are awesome, they’re, so bright, the recessed lights, and then I just love like the detail in the house on the windows. I don’t know what you call it, but I just love it. I love the doors the handles all of it. It’s just. This is seriously my favorite room so over here this is gonna, be my oil section. I got this. I told you guys. I wasn’t gonna give you details, but I’m gonna anyways. I got this shelf from an antique store and then that’s where I’m gonna store my oils, we’re gonna get a console table or entryway table. That’s another shelf anyways to go here and we can like kind of use it as storage. I want to put a diffuser all of that right here is where we keep Oakley’s car seat and I’m not really sure of a different solution for that, but it doesn’t really bother us. So that’s where that stays over here. This is, is eventually going to be. Like my workstation, for now, we just got this chair today we got from Amazon, so this is the first time I’ll be able to sit at this desk. So far, it’s just been kind of sitting here, looking pretty, but we’re gonna put these signs on the walls, maybe not that one, but this one for sure is gonna go up in this area and I’m really excited cuz. I think that’s just gonna make this look. Super cute desk is from ikea. This is our. I don’t even know what that is our internet tower and so we’re gonna probably get like a little table here to put that in and just kind of hide it for now we have a basket.
I really like this fireplace, I think it’s really. It doesn’t put out much heat, so we just don’t even turn on the heat, but it’s a really cute little ambiance thing and then this is the couch. I was gonna get new pillows. But honestly, I really like those two pillows are supposed to be flip-flop. That’s gonna bother me, but I really like the look I like how bright it is and all that everybody asked me where I got this rug. This rug is from, I think it’s overstock and I think it’s on sale right now, so we love this rug. We think it’s so pretty in it, for the most part hides some dirt, which is really nice. So that’s that this is where we keep our blankets. This is from Target. I think okay, this sign is going to go on this wall at some point and then this is just where we keep all of our Oakley toys that just kind of comes with the territory of having kids, unfortunately, is like these bright colored toys just out in The open, but I wouldn’t change it for the world, so it doesn’t really bother me and then this is a chair that Andrew we’ve always had this chair ever since I met Andrew he had it. It’s got like some tears in it. So, every time you sit down it like poof’s up some feathers, but I really like that chair also. I would like to say that we are renting so in case anybody is wondering we are renting. There are definitely some things in this house that we would change in a heartbeat if we could, but unfortunately, we just can’t because it’s not our place, so the kitchen is a main one. I, like the layout, I love the appliances, would not have necessarily gone with the color scheme of myself. I would have definitely gone with like bright cabinets and maybe just not so much brown, but it is what it is, and you know we’re loving it. We really are loving it also. Another thing that I would change is some of the light fixtures. This one is actually really cute, but some of the other ones in the bedrooms, not my style and then also the carpet is like this beautiful brown shade, and so I would change those three things out, but other than that we love everything over. Here is the kitchen island, our kitchen bar, I guess you’d call it. Our stools are from Ikea. We swapped them out with taller ones in the old place, the old apartment in Charleston we had the shorter version we sold those and then these are the taller version. And then this is Emerson’s high chair in the kitchen.
I am still trying to figure out like how I want to decorate it like this corner is really bothering me, I’m not really sure what to do with it. Yet I haven’t really decorated any of the house. To be honest, not many decorations have gone up, and this is the kitchen sink area situation and then I think that’s pretty much it for the kitchen. Trash Can goes over there and then this is our little. I, like the simplistic person in me, likes to keep it empty, but then also something on top of that might be really cute. I haven’t decided yet okay, stashed that we didn’t know what to do with, or you know they were like decorations, and I just haven’t decorated the house. We finally moved them down to the basement and I’ll show you where they ended up, but for now this has been just like a thorn in my flesh. I hated it um, but we cleared it out and now we’re gonna have a kitchen table go here and it’s gonna be our formal dining room. We haven’t had a formal, dining room yet so I’m really excited to do that. This stuff is just stuff again, we don’t know really what to do with and we’re since Plato, just some decorations we’ll get rid of it soon, but you guys will see in the official house tour the table that we pick and we’re really really excited about it. This is one of the light fixtures that just is not my favorite thing in the world, but nothing I can do about it and then how lovely is this bay window seriously? I can’t wait so we have all that clutter out of there and we can just kind of like I don’t know, enjoy the space. It’s really really pretty and it lets in some really nice natural light. Okay, so here is our pantry and believe it or not. I have a knot, I haven’t organized it since we moved in. So for now we just keep this door tightly shut. This is our coat closet. Again, I haven’t organized it at all. So it’s kind of just a mess: it’s where we keep our diaper bags coats. Obviously up there, we keep our extra diapers to change the kids when we’re downstairs and pretty much like there’s there’s just a bunch of junk in here. There’s cleaning supplies. There’s, oh gosh boxes, backpacks case of water. This is another closet that we just pretend is non-existent. Okay. So now that was the living main living area. Now we’re gonna go upstairs and I’m gonna share with you kind of the situations going on upstairs. So when you come up the stairs, this is the first thing you see it’s, this kind of little like I don’t know central hub area in here is our laundry room and it is just a disaster to be honest, haven’t organized it or anything, just kind of Put everything we needed like that’s gross.
This is pretty much just a situation. This is where we keep the towels. This is Oakley’s baskets. I watch wash his clothes separately so yeah, that is the laundry room and then this is our the only place really that this fits. But it’s kind of convenient because, like it’s a central location, two Emmys room in our room, we just throw our laundry in here and this is our master bedroom. We have not really done anything to it. All of this is the same furniture and bedding that we had in the old place in Charleston. Eventually, we’re gonna get a bed frame and I think that’s probably all we’re really gonna do maybe put some things above the bed, but I’m not really sure, and then this was in our old place. This was actually in the first place we ever lived in together as a married couple in our townhouse. We have this at the end of the bed in Charleston. The rooms were too small, so it’s kind of nice to be able to put this back again. But let me show you once you have kids, nothing is the same. This is our dresser and then I haven’t decorated or done anything to it. This is our little tiny TV and then a mirror. That’s probably going to end up just staying here, leaned against the wall, and then this is the bathroom. This is another one of the things that I just don’t really love, but again renting. So there’s nothing. We can do about it, I’m honestly not even sure how I’m gonna decorate this there’s not a ton of counter space to decorate, so it might just stay kind of like that, but I do love this shower curtain. This is from Target, and I really like that and then these two rugs are probably gonna stay in here. So I mean that’s the bathroom situation, not super exciting, but I we’ll say our laundry always ends up on the floor, even if this is just like in the closet or with that thing on in the hallway. So I have I’ve just put a laundry basket in here because, let’s be honest, that’s real life and that’s the only place that is ever gonna end up there not on the floor. So we keep that there and then I’m gonna show you guys this, because I think it’s hilarious. This is our closet. You know these are all clean clothes that need to be folded, and I have one of these piles going at all times. That’s just me being 100% honest, but we did get our closet and packed and we have a lot of clothes in the basement that are clothes that are either like summer clothes, our clothes. We don’t wear right now, so this is pretty like minimal, and I like it like that – and it’s gonna stay like that umm.
This needs to go to the garbage, there’s our closet in our bedroom. Okay, so that was our master bedroom and now I’m gonna show you the kids bedrooms – and I am so excited about these. I am decorating their rooms ever since I’m kind of like redecorating and Oakley’s, obviously I’m decorating for the first time. So I’m really really excited to be doing those we’re in mid process right now, I’m decorating so I’m going to show you kind of what we have a little bit briefly and then I am going to do room tours of both of their rooms when they’re, so I can’t wait. It’s gonna be so exciting. I’m really really excited to be doing them. So let me show you a merson’s room first, so this is what Emerson’s room is looking like. Now, honestly, there’s not a ton left to do, but I’m gonna do some things, but this is what we’ve got going on so far. This is new. This little four cube thing. We got curtains hung up on the walls and then this is her crib. She is gonna be in a crib for a while still as long as she’s safely, still sleeping in there. We’Re gonna keep her there because she’s content and we’re content. We don’t have to worry about her like getting up in the middle of the night. So this is her crib situation I’ll go over details of everything in the room, but yeah. So that’s her situation. For now I want to get stuff for the wall. I want to like really decorate this and make it cute. I think I want to get a side table something needs to go about the crib. This is her closet and some people were confused about why I put her dresser in the closet. But honestly I mean you see how much stuff she has. She doesn’t have anything to really fill this closet and that dresser is just too big for this room, so we put the dresser in there and it really works out great for us. So I’ll kind of like rearrange this situation a little bit nicer, but for the most part this is kind of how it’s gonna stay. Her shoes go there and then she’s good just got some like miscellaneous stuff in there and then we keep her diapers. I think diapers wipes swimsuits all that kind of stuff goes in her dresser, okay, so now onto Oakley’s room. Oh, my goodness, this one’s gonna be the cutest thing ever so we just put these curtains up today and then this is his crib. So far, that is on a tripod. We are definitely youtubers here, so we’re gonna put that up on the wall. Eventually, I was saying on Instagram that I didn’t want to have anything above either of their cribs that are heavy, that, if they did potentially fall, could hurt them even like pulling the crib away from the wall.
Still freaks me out, so I think I’m gonna get it’s like crocheted. Almost Mac macrame macrame, I don’t know um like a macrame chandelier or even something to go in the wall, just something simple, but something that is fabric material, that, if it fell, would not hurt him and then over in this area. That is like one of my favorite pieces ever that mirror that’s gonna go on the wall. Gon na get some some like antique — is –. Looking dark wood furniture piece to go here, I’m going kind of like I don’t know, moody vintage. Almost this pillow was my inspiration for everything this and the crib, obviously, and that dog does not stay in the crib when Oakley sleeps, I I just threw it in there but side note that Andrews when he was a baby that was like his lovey. So that’s really special to us debating on whether or not I should put a rug in here and in Emerson’s room. I’m pretty sure. I’m gonna put one in Emerson’s room, but I almost like the simplicity of not having a rug in here and the brown carpet doesn’t bother me as much because it does kind of go more with. You know the color scheme that I’m going with oh, and let me show you one more thing, so this is Oakley’s closet. There’s like nothing in here. Poor guy has not a whole lot to his name. All of these clothes pretty much all of them. He has outgrown, so I need to get him a new wardrobe. I don’t know why that’s in here this is just some miscellaneous stuff, blankets. Things like that. His diapers go here more miscellaneous. There’s my pump there’s an old little bed of his, but this is what I was going to show you guys. So this is gonna go on these DIY hanging shelves that we’re gonna put in here they’re super cute. Super simple, like super simple we’re gonna make them ourselves and they’re kind of like geometric shaped and then that mirror will go next to it. This is gonna go on the shelf and then, like. I said that, like a vintage piece right here, look so excited is gonna be so cute, so that was Oakley’s room in Emerson’s room now we’re in their bathroom. So this is where Emerson takes a bath and then Oakley takes a bath in his little bathtub, which he is almost too big for more of these white rugs that match the one that we had in our bathroom, a potty for Emerson that she’s not even interested In and then under the cabinets is just this is kind of like storage, so far for our stuff, that we don’t use everyday, there’s some kids stuff in there and then extra towels.
So I still need to organize all of that. Okay, so off to off the dining room, is the stairs down to the basement. So the last thing I’m gonna share with you guys today and update you guys on is the basement downstairs. Okay, so here is the basement situation you come in and there’s just so much space. It is awesome. This is Emerson’s toys. She has a lot of them right now and it kind of gets kind of messy. So this is probably not how it’s gonna end up. I would like to maybe put some baskets on the wall to put her food in and just kind of like minimize, some of her toys get rid of some things. She doesn’t need, but also it’s just really nice to have all this space down here for her. If I need to get work done or do anything upstairs, then Andrew can take her down here or my mom can and they can play to their heart’s content mess this area up as much as she wants to, and it doesn’t really matter so emerson’s area. There’s also a closet down here that is really embarrassing to show. I haven’t done anything to this area, there’s still boxes that need to be unpacked, and just all of this needs to be organized. So this is a little storage room, but it’s gonna be nice because she’ll be able to come in here, pull out whatever toys she wants. Whatever. These are all stuffed animals, I’m gonna go through and get rid of a lot of them, but also over here is the couch that we used to have in our old apartment out of breath from who all those stairs. This is the couch we had in our old apartment and it looks really tiny now, but that space was so tiny, but it fits this area perfect. Let me back up and show you. This is a nice little like living area, nook down here and so Emmy and Andrew or whoever is down here with the kids, can sit on the couch prop their feet. Up. Watch a little television, there’s Netflix, all that. Oh, this is the TV stand we had in the old place and there’s honestly nothing in it. We just have tons of storage now, which is awesome. This will probably be where we end up keeping our games. Maybe books for Emmy haven’t really decided that yet but anyways back to her animal stuffed animal situation under here there is whoops, there is storage, so I was thinking of maybe putting her stuffed animals in here, which would be just a nice little source solution. Also in the basement is a finished bathroom, so we need to still get a shower curtain rod up here. We have the shower curtain. We just don’t have the rod yet, but this will be super nice for guests It’s nice to have a bathroom down here.
If we’re down here playing with the kids, I haven’t really decorated or done anything and then there’s nothing under here except a humidifier So we have lots of storage We have all of our linens like extra linens extra towels extra sheets and all that right here, but I might just transfer a lot of it and put a lot of it under the sink This will be a project one day, eventually I’ll get to it, but I would like to put like some some of the stuff, just in like cute little baskets, just to make this a little bit cuter, but still pretty nice, and then this is the black hole This is where all of our junk has been thrown I really probably shouldn’t be sharing this with you, but just keeping it real folks, just keeping it real This is just where we keep our extra paper towels toilet paper trash bags These are all extra things for the kids: extra clothes extra decorations boxes We still haven’t unpacked, we just kind of threw in here and shut the door, so stroller Oakley’s little rock and play that he doesn’t use anymore This was a rug that we had in our old house Gosh, there’s just a lot of junk down here so one day I will go through it and I will those are empty boxes like there’s nothing even in those but yeah one day I will go through and I will clean this all out but for now we just do this, so that is our house as it is now That’s the little house update that I have for you guys I hope you guys enjoyed it I’ve been getting so many requests to do A house tour and I’m just not ready to do the finished one, but I mean that should get you by for until I’m ready to like do the big reveal but yeah I hope you guys enjoy this and if you did, let me know because I’d love to hear from you in the comments would love to chat with you holy cow I am out of breath from all those stairs but make sure you guys are subscribed to the channel if you haven’t done that already All those room, nursery room reveals and things like that Lots of fun stuff so much more organizing to do So lots to look forward to follow us on instagram at alli underscore gooch to keep up with us there on like a more day-to-day basis, and we can hang out there as well I love you guys so much and I’ll see in the next one Bye,

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