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How A-Rod met J.Lo

1 Nov , 2019  

I’m good, how are you I am a huge fan of the show? Well, thank you so much I’m a huge fan of you. Thank you. We kind of know each other. This is. I can’t believe this is your first time on the show that doesn’t seem right right. I know how come I don’t know, but it’s good to be here for the first time yeah well, so we’ve met many many times. You’ve been to my house twice. You came to my house to look at it to buy and then you were you would trying to get LeBron James to buy it mm-hmm.
How come he didn’t buy it? Well, I couldn’t afford it. He could I say so I say you know. That was a time that he was almost coming to the Clippers right and then it took kind of a right turn to South Beach, Miami yeah okay. So they were happy about that. So then you came up for lunch and I understand that you didn’t have a good time. Well, I had a great time so Ellen has a great house impeccable taste the artwork to die for the problem came when she served my lunch. She thought I was like a modder or something obviously, I’m not because I’m a big growing athlete right, 6-3 230 pounds and the meal was this small, and I said I hope, there’s others coming and nothing came so on the way home. I just thought that in and out burgers and I’m sorry, I made up for there’s a ton of stuff in the dressing room, right, yeah and it’s all like Dominican food. So I love it yeah, I’m glad, and then I have some shots of vodka in case this is your first time I didn’t know if you’d be nervous, so I just thought if you want to do a shot. Well, since I didn’t make your party yeah what happened, I weren’t you at the party yeah, I wasn’t invited that is not Jim Jennifer was one of the first ones there and one of the last ones to leave danced the entire time. She got everyone out on the dance floor and how else did she behave? She was amazing, yeah she and Melissa McCarthy had a dance-off, which was, I think, Melissa scared her, but it was so fun. Where were you? I was actually in Miami with Mike with my daughters, oh well, you missed a good one. I heard yeah I heard I was. I was disappointed yeah, so do you need to do a shot because you missed the party? Is that what you’re saying I love this? Show as my first time, but I feel like I’ve been here many times so Cheers all right So I have to show you this is your first time so what we like to do is we like to remind people of someone’s body of work, because you know so, let’s show a few picture so there’s that there’s that you know just your body of work.
Just you know just because people need to see that, so you work out every single day, Wow you’re infatuated with yourself I just couldn’t believe it I was seen that’s how we feel not not not every day, but I definitely try to break a sweat today I love it in what way in every way so wait I have to ask you because so, when Jen was here when y’all first got together, I asked her her side of the story of how y’all met So she told me how well her side of the story of how you met So I want to hear your side of how you met yeah, so I described it as the luckiest day of my life No, but I was having a lunch with two women from my office and we then jumped into a room and had a conference call It was very complicated, anyways long story short I’m walking outside, and I forget where I parked my car I have no idea and for 10 or 12 minutes, I’m sitting there and I’m kind of getting upset now because I’m like how can it well anyways someone taps me on the shoulder and I turn around, and I do not recognize this person and it’s Jennifer, but She’s dressed up as Harley from shades of blue and she’s in her jeans and her big boots, and it took him about four or five seconds and she says Jennifer It’s Jennifer, oh my god, Jennifer you look beautiful I was so embarrassed and then I got a little nervous I’m like this is so goofy We all know who Jennifer is and she’s everywhere and and then she we basically had a small chitchat and she said I said I’m here, I’m in LA I’m doing some work for Fox and I’m here and what are you doing and she says: well, you have My number we reach out – and I went home that night and I reached first of all, how did you have her number already? That was because we were looking at someone that in the fitness space – and I wanted to get a referral, I say – and it was just very basic right Okay, so that’s a totally different story She says you went up to her and you approached her at the table and started talking Oh my god, I’m pretty sure Maybe I’m remembering it wrong, but that’s what she said She said you approached her You know What’s funny is Elaine Goldsmith, Thomas her partner was the one that saw me first, which I can’t believe it because she knows, there’s no knows nothing about baseball and in Jennifer’s side, and you know minutes later we saw sorry us outside one of you is lying

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