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How can I create my brand, Tamara?

30 Sep , 2019  

I wanted to study fashion design when I was teenager. My parents said no, so I guess I’m kind of getting my way and in a way I wonder what they think about that now, hello. I have to admit that I never really thought I was gonna film this one. I mean I never really knew that they would come that.. which is my sunglasses brand, as you are watching this, I’m in LA where we are launching and Having the official event to start operating as a brand, I kind of like wanted to start something off my own for a long time, but I just didn’t know what it was and I didn’t want to force it.
I didn’t want to start making clothes or shoes or bags if I didn’t know that that was it. I sort of like started with like ideas, and I was like I had so many different ones. Thinking what could I do, but I wasn’t really passionate about any of those things. Long story short. You guys know how much I love sunglasses. I think I have around 200 pairs of sunglasses. I love them. I tend to buy them a lot, I’m obsessed with them. Every time I’m at the airport about her sunglasses, I kind of like I’m good to finally buy one pair. I just love them and it’s something that I feel like you don’t really need hair or makeup. But if you put in a good pair of sunglasses on it’s kind of like you were done, you know what I mean. Sunglasses came as a natural choice for me and I thought it was a great thing because I don’t know any influence that really like kind of in my sort of scene. They do the same thing and I told it the market was really good for it. So there was the idea to start socially again.. I think, like the most common question was: if so, she is my brand or if it’s a brand collaboration with someone, it is my brand. So all the designs are 100% mine there’s. Obviously like a lot of people working on it. You know it’s not just me: there is around eight people working on the brand, but overall the brand is mine and designs are mine and everything that you see from the brand is 100% to me. So I don’t have an in-house like someone who’s like designing the sunglasses, and I’m just saying it’s my designs or anything like that. Every single piece like color of the lines metal, is me we’re not only making sunglasses. We are also making chains, so you will notice that you can buy sunglasses, but you can also buy chains for sunglasses, which is something I really love and something I have been looking for for a long time in the market, because I think that that’s so cool And so fashionable and for Coachella it will be so amazing, so this is how it all started.
I never really knew what the process is behind creating the brand until we started and that’s when I realized what a huge huge thing it is like. You have to kind of select like colors of your brand, the image of the brand, the logo, the colors of packaging. I was just telling you that I remember one point where I was talking to Christina and I told her. You know what it’s actually very easy for me because, like you go through like a palette of colors and then just immediately knew what my brand, what I wanted my brand to be, I had an immediate vision about this whole process, like how it all kind of Takes place and everything is in front of us, and it all comes so naturally, and it’s so easy, like choosing the color as the mantles, the light logo. I was like. Oh, my god, this is gonna, be such an item and I like going through everything and figuring out which one likes to go for, but it was so easy and I think you had kind of like similar yeah. I love the process like it was just so easy like. I was like you know what I know exactly what I want there is no like. Oh, I need how someone else needs to do it. I know exactly what I wanted. I know exactly which ones to think, and I never felt like anything came as naturally to me as this. It feels right like you all, you waited long enough yeah, but I just knew what the right thing happens. It’s gonna feel right unisex feel like I’m. A FEMINIST I’m a strong woman. I I carry my own suitcases. Yes, like also that very fashion and went very powerful. You wanted to be strong right now, yeah, you know colors well, tell me: what do you think? I think the one having to me, though, looks stunning yeah, but it’s like this area would be wonderful okay, so this is kind of my. So I think something like I mean like how do people decide? I can barely decide what nail polish tomorrow, people that five you decide exactly how many of decisions have already changed. Okay, so I think my ultimate favorite, I you guys ready for this. I normally throw away all this packaging.
This is like so Barbie and don’t want my brand to be Barbie likely. It’s too, you know like cheesy, oh my god, I’m trying to not be in fashion month and no one realizes yeah. Everybody was awesome, whereas problem I have so much style like with my glasses and people like are those the biggest kept secret. I was looking to Brad specialists. Many told me that actually, my kind of Instagram vibe is very feminine and that I should probably stick to that. However, I knew exactly what I wanted my brand to be and it was kind of like a strong, fashionable woman and that works and hustles like her everyday to get what she wants and to get to the goal. And that’s what I wanted. The woman that wears soceity or my brand to be, I wanted her to be like a trendsetter. It girl that goes from party to work, but she’s, not a party animal she’s, just someone that goes for it because she likes to make the most out of her life. So I didn’t want it to be this feminine vibe of like something that follows my Instagram like something that follows my job as an influencer. I wanted to be an independent brand that has its own kind of identity. I couldn’t even tell you how many things and details I had to think about when I was design these glasses, like you, receive this pile of different colored lenses, and you need to decide what color lens you want to use in the sunglasses it’s so hard. I’m super visual type and I need to see it on in order to be able to decide what we’re thinking is putting yes yeah. I think it’s better than putting it on yeah, but I’m also gonna have to do because I still want to have some branding outside yeah, so we’re gonna mock it up for you, but we’re gonna put in the future. I would ideally like to have the pair logo on the nose we’re doing that. So this is my favorite. Is the winner? Well, the question about the chains. Are we gonna have different chains as well yeah, so you’re gonna have four chains good. How much you don’t want to slip me pics right. There was the option just so you know. I think it is a charm too. I like that, but I kinda wanna do that a later stage, maybe eventually actually having the charms with initials how cool they’re, just one thing very important to me guys is not to have any plastic use that we don’t actually need to use okay yeah.
So it’s this is the silicone right. We just kind of wanted to get people option, so I think it should come with that and then they can also decide to use it without. Ah they can use it with this yeah fabulous. One question that I have is I hated this chain, so I think we’re gonna have to cancel the chain, but I love the way it’s applied. Okay, the way it’s applied is the best way possible, but I don’t want this chain anymore. I think it’s stupid. The way I envisaged it like um yeah, exactly it has to be, and you know yes we’re good. We have so many variations of things. You don’t change your mind, that’s what I can do. That’s one thing. I cannot promise for designing the logo. There were so many options for logo. I changed my mind a few times. I changed my mind to dance for pretty much everything. Okay, I have my personal favorite. Then I’ve changed my mind five times already girl, it’s a gift, in my mind, find it like they’re. So similar, but not like right, throwing shade. I think this is the most important question, because we’re gonna be looking at this logo for so long. So I think it has to be the right decision, but I think I got it guys. Can you believe it going to be time time? We know like reflection and that’s why your contract, with your father, yeah, pretty lunch, we’re gonna make more so there’s gonna be a lot of gifts that we’re making fear. I don’t like things like sunglasses and invitations of that that you can use free lunch, I’m during Coachella. I just want the brand to be very much me. I wanted it to resonate and I wanted this to be something that I’m gonna wear every single day. I didn’t want to create a brand of which I’m gonna make money and then I’m gonna wear Prai the sunglasses, like I’m not saying for the rest of my life, I’m only gonna wear so shady, but I’m so excited to be wearing my glasses And I’m just it’s a brand that I’ve created that I cannot wait to wear the chains, the sunglasses all seven styles right now we have seven styles in different colors as well, and they all come with different names. You have to go and check out our Instagram page because there you can get like definition of every single pair as well as definition of the whole brand.
Let’s commit to names and even for months and you’ve got a lot of feedback from your girlfriend. So let’s go through those, so this was my favorite. I think this was gonna carry my favorite name so over it. So that’s basically like when I’m so over everything. So amazing no pictures, no pictures, no paparazzi, I eat so so you can name it v. I see but then have a retro bike to it. Yes, so in the kind of the campaign, it’s not that you’re gonna shoot later on. In a few weeks I mean you can do that. I like that this one, which I think would be a statement so flammable, but this one not she said the previous one we thought was about so elegant. Oh no. I think this is the most extravagant fair in the question. I think you should be so I’m you need to think about what’s easy for people, but you’re also setting a tone. So I mean you do too, because that’s just the best yeah you’re being Katya means you’re being bitchy or like feisty. In a way, I received the first set of samples in January, and the goal was to trouble to wear them for two months before I can decide what I want to like take into the collection and before I decide on quality, we are basically producing. In the same factory, we’re like a high-end designers, I don’t think I can say in names, but we’re like luxury designers of sunglasses that I’d normally wear are producing as well, and I still wanted to check quality for two months, and I gave some to people around Me as well to wear them just so you can like sit on them. You can like drop them and put them in your bag without a case and kind of test the quality, and I already wore them haul of the fashion month. I wouldn’t know why you guys have seen the pictures you guys have asked me so many times where the sunglasses are from, but I kind of kept it quiet and just couldn’t stop wearing them and then yeah we decided from cheering to April. It was long enough to decide whether or not it was good quality and we are happy with the quality which was the plastic. Like honestly, that’s my rule number one quality over anything else. When I receive as first samples I remember it was like in this meeting – and I was just so so so excited – I thought they looked amazing.
It was incredible for me to see something that I’m just catched then, like you know having my head, and it was exactly how I imagined it in front of me. This is so yeah not gonna talk much more about this. I just wanted to tell you that it’s a huge process creating your own brand, it’s not just like here’s. The product buy it. It’s not about that. For us. I really worked hard on creating a campaign. That’s thousand story: seven styles, seven alter-egos and that’s what I wanted to complain to be about. It’s like different, seven, different styles that when you put on you, feel like a different person. Do you think I’m going to be able to powerful this year and the weights yeah, so they’re going what you haven’t yet, but different procedures have spoken to them and better about that yeah I, the question is: are we shooting president nine weeks and then we’re doing The normal class just so they can crack the whip and find out on year before and in between the different works, so we’re gonna start with your natural. Are you happy very much yes, tomorrow make sure you wear no makeup like nude, now we’re going to do an amazing in the campaign you will notice there’s a lot of mirror use because you know, like the person that you are, you always are, but the person In the mirror can be different, depending on the hair color, on your attitude that they on what you put on and how you feel you know like sometimes different colored lipstick makes us feel differently, and the same goes for sunglasses, or at least that’s how. I feel we have different types like the ones for kind of like when you’re so over it when you feel so extra when you feel so catty, so sassy etc, and that’s basically what the campaign is well portrays. We were shooting company for whole day and I have to say I’m very, very grateful because we had the photographer Matt that shoots for like Vogue and really really serious publications. Jean Marie, I am very happy with his work and he did amazing job for us getting the hair and makeup I wanted. I was sourcing the wigs out. Actually, why was Serbia because we had a moodle world of howeverything how we wanted everything to be? I’m super involved That’s another thing that I feel people don’t know when it comes to creating the brand.
How much is someone actually involved with creating the brand, but I’m very very involved, because it’s my baby, so everything that we do is going to be as well based on kind of what I sayd So your feedback will be very, very important when it comes to price point I wanted the price point not to be too high, because now these sunglasses are three four hundred pounds and that’s not what I wanted it to be We decided to kind of make the price point appropriate to what I want the brand identity to be and the brand identity is quite luxurious, it’s quite nice editorial and fashionable But at the same time, I, like I thought as much as I could, to reduce the prices as much as possible You will notice that the sunglasses are like lower than most of the sunglasses on the market If we, when you come the same kind of quality and the same like brand identity, that’s basically all in short lines I will leave a link in the description box below, for you guys to check it out It would mean the world to me if it would give me any feedback, because this is my first ever brand This is something very, very big for me It’s a big deal for me and I want to know what you guys think I feel pretty crazy to see that I have my own brand Can you believe that we already have retailers we haven’t even launched? Yet while I was filming this and we already have retailers asking to stock so shaggy, which like for me, is incredible, I’m very grateful It’s a lot of work, especially together with my blogging work, which is my baby number one, and now this is a second business that we started, so I’m very excited a little bit scared a little bit nervous Your support would mean the world to me Thank you So much to all of you who shared so shady on your social media on your stories, thanks as well to everyone who plans on buying them wearing them, showing them on their social media I am officially a proper startup, so any kind of feedback help or support would mean the world to me Thank you for watching and I’ll see you all very soon, bye, guys

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