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How did I get my hair repaired?

30 Sep , 2019  

Yeah, okay, don’t judge me, don’t look at me. Okay, don’t judge me yeah. I heard my hair twice in less than 24 hours. It looks like pubes right. I think my pubes look better during the grow-out process. I feel like I look like I speak to your manager. Can you help me I’m gonna be the annoying client. Let’s do 6 SS, so we’re smoked just in the back and then you get up to the mids leave the ends out because it’s porous we’re gonna have to add, like maybe 8 SS, because these pens are so fried.
Look at your inventory. Oh yeah! Don’t play stop, can we add one more thing to the first formula: okay, turquoise booster? Yes, because I want to control the breath, so people are gonna be like. Why did guy tang damages hair? I have to test my own products on myself. The only way to do that is to do things to yourself, so you can experience what it feels like to live in people’s shoes. You know what’s interesting what turquoise booster look at, how it comes out, but once you mix it in helps neutralize foreign Geraci tones. Oh look at that when it mixed together is so pretty. It looks like mint chocolate chip ice cream. The cool thing is that the base of it is violet, so you’re, canceling warmth. Without green. I found you an Instagram. Two years ago you were using guy tang with any color, which is funny. If I never thought that it was actually you. I had no idea that you actually were seeing them. So I saw your work and I thought you’re so talented, and then I brought you on the team. I have to trust you because you’re the hair chef. Actually, maybe I don’t you, don’t trust me fully because I formulated for you so we’re applying an assessment tennis as to my rouge, so if you’re using a level-10 on porous hair is gonna, look like a level seven or eight, if it’s very porous like my Ends right now, if you’re using an 8, it probably gonna, look like a six or even a 5! That’s why you have to add clear to balance it out. So how does it feel being back? I’ve been at this studio for over seven years when I moved to LA this is where it all started. I film all of my YouTube tutorials here. This is where I built my clientele. I had to hand the studio over to you, because I trust you and also because I was working every week. I was traveling to a different trait. It’s something I was really passionate about passion about sharing education. People don’t really it’s like. Not only are you traveling educating at night you’re like on all the forums, answering all these questions and you don’t have any time for yourself.
I find myself crying a lot at night because I start getting emotional. I can’t describe it. It’s almost like, what’s what’s left for me, just coming here, to get my hair done and get away, it’s really nice. Do you think we should do something? What like last thing that you would do in LA I haven’t been to the beach in eight years. Everybody thinks for just at the beach all the time. It’s an LA stereotype. You really think we should go get off Facebook, I’ll Facebook, no fun! If you see me, pull my phone out like this, let’s get sunblock. Okay, do not color your hair at homes like no say they’re, not listening to me. Do not color your hair at home. Do people think I’m crazy? Okay, lifesavers orange there? It is Sheila G brownie brittle. You have kind of taught me to stay hydrated. You are a size clean. You want everything big, I feel so validated in a war. You are the best body Hollywood. Thank you so much you’re. Like know, everybody wants to feel validated a little healthier, though your dad, the industry is so crazy. Now that like companies are like using awards to like control, manipulate hair stylist, they think that that really means something invested this if you’re, using this this and this, that specific brain watching people yeah there. I know my confidant shampoo is so good because it’s like you get that lather. Your hair feels clean. I gotta show you something. This is new. It’s called my hero, oh pretty yeah, it’s called x2 because it comes in after you shampoo. It’s a collagen repair treatment, a lot of times. We turn to others to be our heroes, but we have to realize that we are our own heroes too. So that’s like all the collection, my hero, our body, is made up of over 30%. Collagen collagen is found within our muscle, tissues or bones or skin our hair. It’s like the glue that connects all your tissues together. We realize that when we lose, the elasticityespecially has to be aged, putting the collagen back in your hair and make it feel stronger and healthier. So I’m giving it to you today and you’re gonna spray, it in my hair now how, over the few yeah it softens the hair on contact. Oh my god, right, your pubes are gone. Are you sucking what it also closes down the cuticle? So after you color your hair and shampoo it and closes your cuticles, so it locks in the color Argentines like the roof of the house, to your hair.
So you have to repair it. So this is like putting a roof over your house, so nice, I’ve. Finally, taken time off, my hair does not feel like pubes anymore. I seriously I just can’t put this was my first time here. Can we have cotton candy? I want the blue one now, the pink. I wish I had big nine he’s giving me that look like I don’t think so. I got the pain first I’ll have to pay him. Oh fools. Are the great gypsies that’ll give real ancient wisdom for your happiness downtime? Certainly it’s important to have too much of it can be venomous. It tells me not to talk time. This is fortune. Are you waiting for? Don’t talk to me? I’ve been in LA for like nine years now, and this is the second time I’ve seen the beach. I’m 37 years old I came out when I was 27. I’ve been with my ex-girlfriend, who was my ex-fiance since I was in high school. I was with there for 11 years when I first came out to her was the hardest thing, because I loved her, and I was confused with myself. I thought like what was i bi and my bi, Who am I so when I left her, I felt I felt empty.. You saw like our tug of war. You saw me struggling in our relationship because I loved her, but yet we’re pushing each other away, and it’s ten years later I’m not married to my husband, but yet I still think about her. Like I felt like, I lost some girls, Fred, Oh like whoever you don’t like, I don’t. I should be happy because I’m free to be Who I am I’m out was just knowing that I lost my best friend. She said that if we can’t be together, then we can’t be friends, it’s all or nothing, and so a part of me left a relationship feeling guilty and there’s no way I could make up for it. The only way any of us can be happy as if I let her goes to set both of us free, I have to move on, so she can move on. I think, sometimes getting to know yourself takes a lifetime. Sometimes it takes a long time. Just thank you for listening to me. I’m going to treat you today, it’s all of me, literally our sugar, daddy, oh yeah, not just your hair daddy, but your sugar me and Gina earlier was talking a little bit about like the industry. You know I’ve been doing there for 14 years and how long you been doing there seven so then did about twenty twenty seventeen years. Tell me a little bit about this. Yet what happened? I started off a printing thing and it was such a great program and I really think everybody should assist because you learn from different people, but the salon that I was in was so negative.
They were like bullies. It just turned me off because I wanted to be a part of something beautiful: they do hair for a living. You make people feel beautiful, but in that salon they didn’t make me feel that way. If this is a negative environment, I just actually stopped doing hair. So I quit I quit what brought you back well one night when I was just bored and questioning what I’m doing with my life. I just stumbled upon your YouTube page, and I was like oh my god, who’s this guy and you were doing arm brace back. Then I just didn’t know you can actually make middle eastern Asian hair that blonde and your honesty, you showed me step-by-step on how to do it where, before everybody with their full of secrets – and you actually brought me back – it’s just crazy. How so many people don’t share, therefore, unless people that for so long, thatwould say a magician, never shares its secrets, there’s enough to go around, but they justwouldn’t and then all of a sudden now they’re like oh, I just love to share Oh hot chocolate. Yeah right there me yeah now with social media. Everyone is just getting paid to say, they’d like something when they don’t really like it’s dishonest. You were the first person to really open up and share everything. A lot of people actually followed in your direction. They became a better person because of you. You really changes the industry. Even with like how open and honest you are about how long something takes. I think everybody used to see your things and things. That’s so unrealistic, but you always said like this took eight hours. I don’t think people book themselves every 30 minutes anymore. Whenever I worked in a salon where I had someone coming in every 30 minutes, I was never proud of anything that I was doing and everything walks out the door. Looking exactly the same. People walk in with the paranormal activity all the time, and then they want this beautiful blonde and that’s not gonna happen unless you’re willing to put ten hours into it. I had to really knock down that door to open the door for so many influencers to come in. I got the door slam in my face. Companies then sponsor support me, especially when I start my youtube I did everything for free I’d, never felt appreciated until you guys, you guys really make me feel so appreciated.
It means more to me coming from you than anyone else We have the power to change the industry This is the evolution we played it and we’re gonna change What you experienced that was negative and you experience I was negative and turn into something positive We need to shop, hey, hey, hey, AJ, huh, huh, doing good sup man, I’m just gonna show you some of the some of the new elements I added I got it all stemmed out here and it’s cascading through all the faders I’m liking It sounding good I had those little sparkles that you like I love the sparkles I want everything to go well, so my super power box, I’m at lay it right here, I’m changing some of the lyrics around if you’re, okay, with that, as long as it’s not baby, so they’ll blend scheduled runs, I like to add extra rudd, but I know It needs a sound right: it’s pop music man We got to simplify it a bit and some of the bass will come in right here Okay, I think it’s hard come over here, lower this a little bit Okay, that sounds good You can hear yourself yeah Here’s the mixer, you can control the music So if you can eat more of yourself, you can do it through here So I’ll sing the verse into the pre-chorus Are you ready ready? You know what, when the song comes on, I don’t hear anything: hey uh watching his fade That’s what I have to do I’ll turn down the music So I can hear myself okay So when we go into the in the into the pre-chorus and the chorus bring that energy up cause like we need more tension to build up for that delivery of the course screaming louder screaming louder, yeah, like that, nothing, the silence letting go while we made together Nothing exists What more can I give when I lose in defense turn the pages, and let me see better, I’m not going out like that, and this is all of you and all of me matters I got it yeah yeah, that was it whoo whoo play the pre-chorus and I’m gonna stack it and I’m gonna sing my harmony over the top Could you remind me the harmony the note? Let me look for that harmony really, quick, because I think we changed one of the notes yo mr GT, that was a good session Man awesome I can’t wait for everyone to hear this song yeah dude yeah You killed it Yes,

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