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How do I design my new extension

30 Sep , 2019  

Hello guys, good afternoon, good morning, wherever you’re from oh, my gosh, I literally look into it now channel and welcome to my god refill currently in here getting ready in my car. I used to be like a master art doing this, but today’s just a quick five minute be I’m parked right now and I’m getting ready because I have a hair appointment today. Normally I don’t get ready for my hair appointments. Asia just go for economic mom, but I need to look a little presentable and I’m also vlogging.
So I figured let’s just do a quick 5-minute beat literally the easiest makeup. so you guys can watch it if you want to know how to achieve it. It’s just concealer brows, let in highlight, I think, that’s pretty much it. Today’s a pretty exciting day, I’m getting any new extensions installed in my hair, and I wanted to vlog the process. I have been waiting for this appointment for about a month. Now we are waiting for the hair to come in and then obviously my stylist is extremely busy. So I just wanted to go whenever showing the availability, and today is the day. So we are going to be doing a quick light tone on the hair and then installing the extensions that shouldn’t be this long as well and pretty much helped me out, because obviously I cannot block the back of it. I also am using a dirty-ass beauty blender. I, which do not do that, but i just didn’t bring another brush like i literally popped. The smallest makeup like this is really small to me. I’m gonna go ahead and just do this as quick as I can. When I come back I’ll be ready boom. You guys my life is about to be changed, I’m here with tani and Morgan, and they are literally extension Queens up here. You guys need extensions. These are the two Dakota. I don’t think I will ever be able to go back to a no extension and I’m okay with that, because I don’t know: wake up like a bad bitch guys every day, one that is in, and I already feel what like a bad bitch living here for A good hour because, as they got here, we did shown first and then I found the chair, the Kronone punished and it’s you they are almost done. Dean stop! What’s the right word I mean that’s a very professional Amy. That’s what we did right. Yes, dog. Okay, so I’m just very like profesh over here right so Johnny, you said I really like cut on them and now she’s doing a really soft curl. So this is the program that I bought last time. It is so and I’m like, because it gives you a very effortless way. So what you see is pretty good. I like that one.
It doesn’t be more of a trader Pro, but I feel like you’re, going to swing a little bit more effortless little softer for the good natural free trade. This is definitely the one because other ones don’t do this at all. Like it’s giving me straight up for you guys, but I love how it looks it’s just like a slight Bend, so I don’t you know I’m gonna try to that. I can actually now straighten my hair because, with my clip-ins I felt that in all different lanes – and so this is a little different, so I feel like Michigan, it’s more chopping. You can tell this is now like I’m so happy and surprised. Oh yeah. I think it’s safe to say I kind of suck at vlogs because we’re now in the beauty room and it’s a shockwave vlog.. Because now is the perfect time to give you guys a little update on the extensions and give you guys a tutorial on how I style them, since I’ve had them installed, life has been great. Getting up and getting ready to go is amazing, it’s faster than ever. I have had no issues with them at all. None of them I’ve fallen out. Nothing really there’s happened, I have to say, like it’s just been really easy to get up and go. I have only washed them wash wash them, maybe about five or six times. I know it sounds kind of gross, so in the meantime I have been just washing my hair, but only up here so pretty much. I just get this portion of my hair where there’s no extensions and I will put the rest of it in a ponytail and then from there. I will just wash this hair up here blow dry and it looks like I am fresh and ready than ever having to tell they didn’t take a shower, but that’s kind of what I do on days where it’s really oily. I just can’t take it anymore. So in between, I do use dry shampoo on my hair and the one that I love to use. Is this one from L’Oreal? I have to do this because mine is downstairs. My love I’m Way too lazy to go down there right now, but I love using this one because it takes away all the oils without leaving any white cast or residue on the hair. It’s very easy to work with and I think for brunettes. That’s a really big issues, trying to find a special food that doesn’t leave a cast. This one has been working amazingly for me, so I really like this one and another product I use in between is the in common magic mist, and this is a elixir that protects, strengthens and hydrate your hair. So when it’s damp, I personally love spray all over. My hair, especially the ends because it just protects a and it’s very weightless, and it smells really really good and on days when it’s dry, and I need just something to kind of revive my hair again and make you feel fresh. I spray this on the ends and it kind of just repress the hair again for styling all right.
So that’s that on that we’ll get into the rest of styling products a little later. But let’s get into the actual styling process now and the tools that I love to use the two culinarians that I love and really feel that you guys should definitely check out. Are these two right here, so this one is the baby list? Babble is Babyliss Pro. I don’t know what it’s called the one-inch wand and then the other one is the t3. I believe it’s called the seamless. I will find out exactly what it’s called, but I will link everything down below. These two have been absolutely amazing and I think by far the best culinarians out there, so I love this one, a lot because it gets you a really nice tight curl. I have been a big fan of this brand for clintons for so long. So it’s kinda hard for me to break away from this one feel the curl lasts so long with this. If you guys, like a little bit more of a tighter curl, you might like this one and then for the t3. I feel this one is kind of like the effortless, no wait, very, very soft kind of look so on days, where I just want that bend that little bit of like a natural wave. This is what I go towards so think of this being like tighter curl love. It we’re going out a little bit just more long-lasting versus this one being very effortless for a beachy, very natural, so they give two different finishes: they’re, really nice. But for today’s look I do want to use this one, but this one is amazing, so that is our on the tools’. I really just wanted to get out of the way, because I know it can get confusing, and sometimes I might miss some information. So I wanted to put it out there. First before I get into the styling, and then you guys will understand how it works. A little better as well, so I’m just gonna start off by first and foremost partying, my hair. Normally I do four sections, but today we are just gonna. Do one big section, I’m gonna start off by just kind of parting, my hair into two sections and I’m taking in this brush from great lengths. This is actually the brand of the extensions, so I’m gonna go in first actually with the flat iron and start off by kind of just I’m straightening right at the root first, so I’m pretty much just getting it all nice and even right here now. One thing too, that I should mention to you guys is that with these extensions, because, as you saw, they were kind of melted and pressed into the hair.
You want to avoid heat, getting on the actual tip of those extensions, because the first time I curled my hair – and I know Tony warned me and I did not listen, but I went root to end and I literally had the tip all over the branch. Ah, so it’s really important for me to be careful. So for that reason I just gotta get like small partings, just kind of go in the middle. I mean technically it’s the root just like that, but you can see like the difference it just kind of took away any of the frizziness and evened it out, especially my real hair. That is it right there. So we’ll go back into the iron a little later, but you could see he didn’t mmediately just kind of made everything b1o, you guys angels living his life right now, Vegas, I’m gonna. Just tell you guys that right now not would be me, but here I am filming tutorials, we sort of start off and you just kind of small sections I go halfway in and then from there. I’m just gonna go ahead and hold it kind of just vertical. I think this is kind of works better and then right here, I’m just gonna go ahead and just start pulling it out. Just like that. You’Re, just gonna add a nice little bend right in the middle now, a little tip too. If you do have extensions and your hair is kind of short right, where your natural hair ends is where I recommend to start to curl that otherwise you’re going to have the issue of your real hair being super curled and then the having that more natural curls And then it gonna be hard to hide it. I hope that makes sense, so it’s going to that one one more time. Let’s see what I mean so see how my real hair is right. There I’m gonna go ahead and start that right at the end of it pearl curl and there just go ahead and pull it out. And then there you go and if you’re somebody who does like a tighter curl, then you can definitely go in with some hairspray and spray it down. I personally wait to put all my products on till the very end because still going to mess with it a little bit, I’m gonna be brushing it out. So last thing you want is to spray it and then be committed to the way that curl looks and then it’d be hard to take it out a little later. Those are the curls for now. Okay, so we’re gonna brush them out the ends. I recommend just letting them cool off until you’re, fully democrat and everything moving on in the middle of my hair, I’m gonna start off with the back portion of the hair, I’m going with the flutter and really quickly towards the root.
Oh, it’s something really good about this flatter end. That I love is that it has a sensor on it. So if you don’t use it after a certain amount of time, I think it’s like 30 minutes, maybe less it turns off automatically. So if you guys hear like a random sound, it’s probably this turning off, but that’s really good to know, because how many times do you guys ever left your house and you’re like the fly, turns on or the curling irons on? So I kind of like that. Does up by itself? I think this one does the same thing as well, but I think it’s like the more newer tools do that go. That’s a nice little curl and then right here. This is where my issue is in my life, because of that I have to go ahead and move this all forward and then crawl. This section first and then do this location wondering why there’s no extensions up here or why there’s pieces left out. It’s because I like to change my partying in my hair a lot. So if I were to have extensions appear, would it be wouldn’t wear my hair back in a ponytail or a half-up half-down style? This really allows me to still be able to wear my hair by my ear and so on. So in the past, with my clip-in extensions, I would wear them literally to like the end and then from there. I could never wear it behind my ear. I could never move it it kind of sucked, so I love that these extensions really allow me to still be able to wear my hair. The way I like it, cuz I’m one of those that get to over hairstyles and I love wearing my hair from ponytails or in low buns, and I just like that. I could still do that and not be stuck with one style. What’s a front very, very careful: if you do this, I have burned my forehead many times as well as my arms and my legs, and so you guys ever see that one it’s a battle and I survived a culinary bird. Let me just make sure looks nice and even in the back, so for the top portion, I always just parted down the middle and I actually don’t end up really even curling this. I just do a little bent with the flat iron and that’s it only because it is pretty short up here, and this is an area that has been a struggle for me to grow, so we left it alone. For that reason, but another reason why we didn’t add any extensions up here is because I switch my partying so much so I go from in the middle to the side to the other side back and what not that I didn’t want to be committed to one Style, so for that reason we just decided it’d be best for me to go with just nothing up there.
However, however, however, I always come through with something in case. I do want more hair up here, which I’ll show you guys in just a moment, but real quick. I’m just doing that, like I said a light Bend to get this area looking nice and pretty okay. That is pretty much it for that part of the hair. I’m gonna bring it all forward, so something else that I do. I know you guys probably think I’m a little crazy but days where I do want it to be a little bit more fuller, which is all the time I add to extension pieces. So these are from the hair shop. You could definitely feel the difference in quality from this hair to this and don’t get me wrong. I love the hair shop, but oh my gosh. It is a big big difference like you can totally tell quality’s a lot better down here, but these will do so. I just I’m gonna. Add it right at the top. I do like to leave the little big portion out because I think it looks really nice and cute to have it short up here right there and then see how the hair just kind of brushes over its. But I do need to call it so. I’m gonna taking that clean air alright, so that is it for this portion. You guys may not notice a big difference for me. I do notice that it just looks a little bit more fuller over here. I feel like it fills in where my real hair is lucky in herre. I don’t know it’s funny how back in the day, this kind of hair cell would have been like lazy and slow ha. You don’t take the time on your hair, but now it’s kind of like the way everyone doesn’t here and I love it cuz. I love a really soft crawl. I think it looked just gorgeous and I think it goes with like any occasion. It’s not something to go in and lightly brush my fingers for everything. First, it’s kind of even it all out. I’m gonna go ahead and put this on for just a minute to kind of train this side to move over here. So now I’m gonna go in with the flat iron and I’m lightly just smoothing out the ends just a little bit. So it’s not so curly see compared both sides, a little bit more tighter a little bit more loose. I am more of the loose. However, I want it to last, so that’s why I like I said I go in with this iron because it does create more of a lasting crawl, spend it brush it. I got my fingers again and then now just smoothing out some pieces. So next I’m gonna go in with one my favorite styling products, and that is the Arco mannequin styling paste. I’ve used this for a long time, but it’s really great if you need your hair to stay in place, but I also want to be able to move it still You know like a mannequin like she’ll stay, but if you Boomer she’s gonna stay that way too, so it’s really nice to work with.
So I love getting just a little bit right on my fingertips, like probably a little bit more than that and from there I like to just kind of run this on the top of my hair I just explain the little flyaways and then from there I’ll use it on the bang area to smooth the hair together and kind of just work it all inone After that, I love to go in with another Renko product, and this is he sells Softs waves sell soft wave spray cheese This gives you really nice and natural-looking waves You can put this after or before You start before You get styling, but I like to student after words and just kind of crunching it it’s gonna hold everything together and then again just a little bit on my fingertips and I just run it right at the front so that everything looks nice and even and Then, lastly, I love going in with the Kerastase volume and a powder spray This stuff is magic to your hair, so this I like to just kind of hold it open I just kind of lightly work in between you see I just go boom Is there like more volume, eyes, no II think it looks good now tomorrow it looks even better I don’t know what it is I think the next day hair always works the best, especially since I washed it today If, for any reason, I need to just add an extra curl, I usually will only just do little pieces in between I won’t do my whole entire hair Again, there’s no point in redoing the whole thing again like we already solved it now, it’s easy to work which is kind of small pieces So, for example, let’s say tomorrow I wake up and I’m like dang Alright, I gotta go I need it just you know, do something cuz, I’m psycho I’ll just do this and you see how I’m just kind of doing like a lighter curl on the letting go right away Cuz I already curled it So I don’t need to hold it as long anymore and there you guys go that is it for the hair tude, just a bad look! That’s good! I didn’t have an extra extension right here as well, even though I probably could have called that a little better Alright guys so there you have it I really hope that you guys enjoyed learning how I style my hair I hope we made it easy as well Let me know what you think of all these extensions, I’m pretty cool right It looks like it could be my hair, I believe it’s my hair at this point, like you can’t tell me otherwise so but anyways bye, guys

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