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How do I wear my 30-pound weight gain: 8 tips to know

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to the style and beauty doctor on YouTube and in today’s Vale we’re going to be talking about how I dress around a 30 pound weight gain. So I’m gonna be talking about some tips and tricks that’s shown, and if this is something like your kind of thing, I mean I feel like you felt like it sounded like your kind of thing when you clicked in here, but keep watching. I really i mean obviously style and beauty. I do both. I love both. It’s hot.
So in the summertime, when I film, I have to turn everything off in the background. Otherwise the camera will pick it up and it just sounds like so crazy in the background, so the air conditioning needs to be off. I can’t even so much as turn the fan on, because everything just makes so much noise – it’s incredibly hot and prancing around. But now, if it’s together with no air conditioning on in the summertime, it’s just so high. Let’s get into dressing around a 30 pound weight and I say 30 pound weekend because that’s how much I gain, but you know 50 pounds. 67. 2015. Whatever is like the. It translates. Okay, so number one – and this is like the most important thing I mean all – the tips are gonna be important, but this is like super important, because if you don’t have this first tip you ain’t going to notice. So listen up number one. Do not panic about your weight gain? It’s not the end of the world. Things happen, especially as we get older. Our weight starts to fluctuate. It really is not the end of the world you’re, not gonna start. You know missing out on certain things, just because you feel like oh, but none of my clothes look great. I don’t feel good. My stomach looks big we’re not doing that. We are not doing it, I’m not doing it, because if I did that I would have missed out on like three or four television segments I would have missed out on being in a full campaign um for fashion brand. I missed a lot of stuff. If I was like, you know, tripping over a little weight gain like it ain’t the end of the world. Life goes on now that we have a great mindset and we’re not panicking about the weight gain and we’re feeling good about ourselves. We’Re not beating ourselves up. We’Re moving on. We still want to look good next, we’re gonna go in the closet going in the closet, because you gotta start to sort your things out and see what still fits I’m on the topic of fit.
and that is if it does not fit, you must acquit so we’re not buying stuff. Talking about. Oh, you know I’ll buy this banging dress because you know once I lose the weight that’ll be my motivation to lose weight. You know what have you I mean all right. If that’s your motivation, one thing: okay, you only allow one thing and it can’t be expensive. Either it just has to be really nice and special, and you know whatnot, but nothing super expensive. Now, I’m not saying that because I’m like, oh you ain’t going, you lose the weight. What I am saying is when you lose the weight. You’ve gotta, go forget that you put that whatever. That item is unless it’s like super super, like sentimental motivational and again only one and it can’t be super expensive, because what happens is you go in through all of these sales and you’re buying stuff and you’re? Like, oh, you know it’s two sizes too small, but I’m gonna lose weight num and get into it. You keep doing that. You got have a closet full of stuff. You can’t see what you have, then you feel like you have nothing to wear, because you can’t see what you have. You didn’t get yourself into a vicious cycle which can include depleting your savings and I reckon up day, and we don’t want that. So if it does not fit, you must quit now, if you’re going through closet and new things that don’t fit you and you’re not ready to, let them go just yet. You might want to look into you know, storage, because when you have too much stuff in your closet, at least for me, and at least when I was an image consultant and I was working on helping people – you know get their closets together. When you can see everything at a glance, it’s so much easier and quicker to get dressed then, and you spend less then if you have all of these clothes and everything’s like jumbled in there, and you don’t see what you have you don’t realize what’s in there And make the mistake of buying more things, because you can’t see what you already have so now. If you do want to get rid of some clothing, you can donate, you can sell them online. There’s up sites like you, know, good old eBay, but then there are no ones like harsh mark and D pop and there’s so many different apps and services, where you can go to consignment stores in your area and sell your clothes.
So those avenues to look for rather than you know, keeping your closet cluttered. Alright, so once you’ve organized your closet, you’ve figured out, you know what still fits what doesn’t fit and then you keep everything that fits and you know have it nicely. What color, coordinated or coordinated by piece, whatever works best for you, but then the next thing you want to do is see what you can add into your closet at this new size. So now I actually started to gain my wig in 2017, 2017 was a rough year. I mean. What’s the name became president. I hate. I said I think that might a baby gain weight. Cuz I was like so 2017 for me was like when I started to like really put on the weight and I was putting on weight, but my bank account was taken away way. So I had this really unfortunate situation of not fitting my cute clothes and also not having money to buy. You know new cute clothes, so what I did was I was you know I had to be very strategic: that’s all what fit and still fit in the closet. Um. You know certain cold certain jacket. Well, sometimes jackets get a little snug, but you know certain codes. What I had to do is I had to be like I had to get really creative um. I could only buy a few pieces. I’D be very strategic about what I thought. One thing that I splurged on was this like. It was originally $200, but I got it on sale for like 94, this really cute coat from story of Lola that I got on ASOS. I still think so so hard with that coat, and it’s still something that I wear now and it’s a piece that whether I lose weight or you know if I keep going uptown, it’s something that’s still going to fit just because of the way that the code Is designed so I remember splurging on that, and then I really couldn’t purchase for anything else, but in the wintertime it’s like. If you have a great coat, that’s a piece that you know can help elevate everything else that you’re wearing. I also took a little trip into the men’s section of H & M and because the men’s section in H & M, they still cut things. You know quite, like slim cut, like you know, European cut and I liked shopping certain pieces from the men’s section, because I’m tall and I like when things you know, cover my roofs and cover my ankles.
So I remember getting a few like. I got a cute sweatshirt and a cute sweater is not normally would not advise you to buy sweat, but when I say don’t buy sweats I mean nobody, the baggy, sweats and just live in them, but um those wound up being really cute. Because then, I could wear those pair those with like some cute boots and coat and I could mix and match, and then I have to like designer accessories in like regular accessories that I could kind of spruce things up. You don’t have the money to buy additional things, new wardrobe look for basics. You know pencil skirts, blouses, wrap, dresses, look for things that are forgiving like things that you can adjust the ways things that you can maybe adjust where things are pinned or maybe, if you’re, you know handy with a needle and thread, you can adjust yourself or things That aren’t very expensive to get tailored. So look for things that can grow with you have a little bit more budget. I’ve been buying more things, but I’m still buying these new things. I’m still very strategic in what I get so I’ve been buying. A lot of dresses dresses are something that, if I go down in size, I can wear a cute belt with it or I can get it taken in. These are things that are easily adjustable without me having to go, buy a whole bunch of new things. Let’s have to buy a lot of like dusters and like wrap coats and things that you can just kind of just throw on, and then you know you adjust them with a belt. I buy a lot of those things things I don’t really buy when I know that I’m like not at a weight that I want to. Yes, I typically don’t buy jeans, because jeans are something that, like whether I go up and down away, I’m gonna have to keep buying and I’m like I’m, not gonna, buy jeans now at this weight. Knowing that you know down the line, I’ll lose the weight now these jeans don’t fit and I got to keep going back and forth like we want that, so I tend to not buy jeans. Well, I do have. I do have two pairs of jeans that I you know when the time holes for jeans, I have a pair of jeggings that I got from a cameraman thing if they’re Lee or leave, I think currently, but those are super comfortable, they’re stretchy they carry.
They might not fit me well once I go back down and wait, but you know if I go up and wait, it’s gonna have that little stretch in it where you know I’m covered, and then I have a pair of black high waisted skinny jeans that I got from ASOS that even they’re too big for me, even at the it this way and it’d probably be way too big for me once I lose the way, but because they’re, a high-waisted, skinny jean and I don’t kind of tend to wear them with. You know anything that’s like showing the waistband. I can sometimes get away the next up accessories. Accessories are my friends like I call them when you’re not feeling good, and I take them out for drinks and stuff like that. There were my friends no, but seriously. I love accessories because, probably about 90%, 95% of the accessories that I own are always going to fit. No matter what size I get so turbans other types of head pieces, hats, really cool, earrings and love, really cool earrings belts. Now belts can be a little bit tricky, but I also tend to get stretchy belt, so those kind of grow with me or or can be cinched down with me as well. But accessories are always my friend, because not only are they going to help make my look, you know be a little bit more elevated and be more me. I got a sample damn more than likely always going to fit me. Nothing. I do to you know: dress around my 30 pound weight gain. Is I draw attention to my waist now? I have a whole series on undressing through your body whether you want to accentuate or you want to balance out your figure. I think, probably all the body types now so make sure you check that out. But for me I you know, that’s a big tight cause. So with me, when I gained weight the weight gain shows up. I feel like in my boobs first and when I really know I’ve gained weight is when it shows up in my stomach so because my boobs kind of you know poke out like this. It can make me look bigger than I actually am and if I’m also wearing something where my stomach is going this play than any guy boobs in my stomach, my stomach in my boobs.
If I’m not drawing attention to my waist, you don’t see that there’s a clear distinction between my boobs and my belly. So what happens is if I’m not drawing attention to my waist you’re like wow, we don’t have belt. What is the belly begin with our boobs begin? It just looks like one big thing, so I make sure that it is clear that I have a waist we with something tied at the waist or I’ll put a belt or I’ll cinch, something or sometimes the pattern itself might do it for me, like you know, Sometimes you have these color-block dresses and it maybe it kind of cinches on the side so that you know draws attention or create some waste, or sometimes the outfit itself might already have elements built into it that accentuate the waist like, for instance, I might have something That has like a peplum kind of feel to it that I love peplum, because not only does the peplum usually cinch me in, but it also kind of camouflages. You know food belly. Well, mine is beyond being a food Billie at this point, but it helps to camouflage that or sometime you might have something color blocks where it kind of singes. On the side, like maybe there’s a darker color on the sides that you don’t draw even more attention to your waist, so I draw attention to my waist spend on the styling thing that I do to dress around my 30 pound weight gain. Is I wear a long layer? I love to layer even in the summertime, because even in the summertime you can layer with me obviously a bite or fabric. I also like long layers because they’re long and lean – and it gives me a nice silhouetted, okay. So another thing that I do when dressing around my 30 pound weight gain is I still like to mix my prints and patterns. I think that I might do, depending on where I am, with my weight as I’ll pay more attention to the scale of the pattern or print, so, for instance, this is what I made here. So these are both polka dots right, but you see how these are much smaller and these are much bigger So if I wasn’t, what happens is if I have a problem area, I may not dress that problem area and a print with small patterns like this, because what happens is these smaller patterns are going to make that area look bigger? What I might do is wear something with a bigger pattern on it, because that’s something that’s going to balance me out and then in for me mixing prints as an element of interest.
To my look, so it’s not like I don’t want to look like Oh, my god, I’ve gained weight I wanna hide like nah, still, I’m still a bad baby like one cow and adding to that one of these last things that I do is I still wear color I love bold colors I love mixing both colors together, color blocking I love it all Very rarely will you see me in black and I know a lot of people You know when say gain weight They’Re, like oh, you know what I’m gonna just wear all black, because it’s very slimming not always true, not always true There are other colors that you can wear that are still slimming like, for instance, I often times have you dress in the same color from head-to-toe That’s also very slimming, not just you know, wearing black, and there are other tips and tricks which, if you check out my blog I’ll leave a link in the description box You can read up on some of those tips as well plus they’re Only you know there are a lot of people out there who try to tell you, because of your size or because your skin tone it You shouldn’t, wear certain colors and those people can go, kick rocks and there’s just so many more interesting colors You don’t have to be all bright and color blocking like me, there’s obviously a lot of different colors out there As a matter of fact, if you’re wondering how to wear color in your wardrobe So make sure you check that out, because there is like a science behind all today You know so make sure you check that out It will be linked in the description box So leave me a comment below what are your favorite things to wear when you have gained some weight or if you have questions about style and passion, leave them for me and I’ll answer as many as possible Make sure you follow me on social I’ll have the links in the description box You know also in the description box, of course, you’ll get links to things that I’m wearing Like you know, the hair and the top the earrings are from Zara from a while back they don’t, they no longer have them, guys

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