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How does the virus video cover up the Louisiana prep school problem

1 Nov , 2019  

A high-school student in front of a laptop surrounded by classmates, dressed in college gear, a moment of suspense, and then it was a scene repeated over and over again students from one Louisiana private school opening acceptance, letters from their dream colleges. getting accepted to Harvard racked up over 8 million views. But there was more to the story. Landry College Prep abusing emotionally physically. We realize okay, so something’s not right. Every everything is wrong: we’d see him Landry 16 year-old Megan Malvo is a former student.
This little kid. He was probably about seven or eight and he was acting up in class. Mr. Mike he took the kid by the neck and picked him up and body slammed him on the table. Mr. Mike is Michael Landry. He and his wife Tracy founded the school. It costs up to seven hundred twenty-five dollars a month to attend and received national attention for its 100% college acceptance rate in various TV interviews. They pitched a message of hope and hard work, we’re changing society, we’re giving hope, go big or go home. The Landry’s denied falsifying transcripts in college applications and any allegations of abuse, but they do maintain that physical punishments are doled out because they love their students and treat them like family. The Landry’s told the story of young black kids from a working-class community who overcame systemic barriers to achieve success.. I was excited for all the kids, because kids little black kids like us can go to Harvard Hill. I mean the good talking he did meet. You realize yeah. You keep me to go to that school. If you want the best for your kid, you need the seventh time. Tm Landry. You know you speak anybody, Louisiana, they’re, telling you. When the cameras were off students say they were pitted against each other interrogated and humiliated. Students say they were also physically punished. Sometimes they would be forced to kneel on rocks rice or hot concrete for hours. I remember the first time I was put on my knees with because he gave me a test and I filled it A New York Times investigation found that, behind the scenes the Landry’s filled out transcripts incorrectly to reflect classes, the kids say they never took in grades, they never earned.
My transcript was messed up because he messed up my birthday because apparently I was born the year My mom was he put classes that I never even took like chemistry, students told the time, so the Landry’s told them to lie on their college applications about growing up in households marked by poverty, crime and drug addiction If they refused, they say the Landry’s threatened to do it for them A look back reveals clues about Michael Landry’s temperament like in this recent pitch That became a passionate outburst, but this was a rare glimpse at his frightening tone The Landry’s produced a steady stream of promotional material painting, a positive picture of an unconventional school team Landry is a no-frills school, no classrooms, no walls, no books, teachers without certifications classes with no teachers at all After the acceptance We saw that weird land restyled Outsiders, marveled at how the Landry’s could make the impossible happen So, okay, this is incredible The results speak for themselves: hey a figural Andrew secret sauce They really have in media interviews They called themselves a family family First that pushed kids to their academic limits They will make it know Former students and parents told us that four visits like these students would be forced to spend days rehearsing what to say to reporters I plan to attend Harvard iversity University University for the high school students There was a singular focus practicing for the AC T for younger kids a loose, an insufficient curriculum that has left many grade levels behind when their methods were questioned The Landry’s were quick to dismiss any suspicions when it’s a black kid and it’s strictly education, something’s wrong with that kid The reason why I never said man was because I was scared because they were getting all the C tensions from news channels They were in articles I was so brainwashed and I was thinking he can’t do no wrong, but, as you can see sometimes sitting here all right now, many in the TM Landry community say they feel swindled out of time money and, ironically, an education

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