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How to Design a Short and Disturbed Wave Edge and Intermediate Part of a High Sphere Cut by a Blunt Tool

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys today, I’m gonna be doing something different. I’m a hair, literally hate hair. It’s not something! I have any interest in whatsoever since I cut mine off into this bob long, bob bob, you guys, have never requested a hair tutorial Moore’s. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna show you how I get like those loose beachy style waves on my hair, the products that I use. It’s all pretty minimal, pretty simple, easy, straightforward, make sure you guys subscribe to my youtube channel.
Wednesday and Friday. You guys can also follow me on all my other social media stuff. So Instagram, Facebook, snapchat Twitter, you guys know the drill, Tiki nofollow and do it stop saying you’re gonna do it. So many of you guys come over to Twitter. You like made this just to say hi and I’m like hey, because I reply to almost every tweet, because that’s the way Twitter is Instagram to follow you get some. You know it’s the way it goes. I’m gonna guilt trippy until y’all. Do it because I know you’re not all doing it, because I know it’s a mouthful. Okay. I know a lot of you guys are gonna ask. I was like what kind of cut did you ask for? I asked for a blunt cut Bob that kind of hits at my shoulder blades, because I always wear my hair curly, so when it’s short it’ll be a little bit higher and I love the style of it. There are a couple different things to consider when you get this haircut. First of all, if you have very thin hair, it can make your hair look thicker. A lot of my hair is tape and hair extensions for volume. I get my hair done. It access hair salon in Vancouver, so if you guys do live anywhere in Canada or Vancouver BC, then that’s where I get my hair done from Carl. I live in like Seattle area of Washington and I just take the drive because he’s so amazing. My hair always comes out exactly how I hope it would, and I just love them with my whole heart. I didn’t want to go too short because I have a really round face, but I also don’t want to go too long because I wanted tohave this very specific look to it. So I did show some reference images. Basically, he baleog and baby lighted, my hair. So, as you can see, there are some little baby lights going through to my roots, and then he did a color melt.
A root melt is what he called it, sohe like put a darker toner on my roots, so that it all melts in together and yeah. That’s what we go so the way that I curl my hair is the same as when I had here, except for I just like the look of it so much better. You can either part your hair to the side or you can part it middle today. I’m doing middle, even though I really love the side, I’m kind of sick of the side, I’m doing it for like two weeks, so the curling wand, I’m gonna use, is just a one-inch curling wand. It’s does taper a bit, but I kind of stick towards the thicker side of it. This is the way memory mist. So it says here it’s a heat protectant and it says for use before you style this multitasking priming spray adds heat protection, shine and long-lasting memory to any look, curls and blowouts included using one of a kind’ formula, the lightweight spray memorizes, your hair shape and texture. Until your next shampoo, that’s what I need, because I have the most flat hair of any hair in the world.. Is it Glenn, Glenn yeah, my club over here? She said that this is great, so I trust everything she says because she’s human perfection, so I’m gonna, do my hair the way normally what he said you can like spray each section and then do it, which is the way he likes it or you can Spray the whole head, I’m gonna spray, the whole head type of bitch if you’re super sensitive to smells. You may not like this. It’s really strongly scented of floral, I’m really really sensitive to smell as well, and so then I take my curling wand and I just sort of I don’t section my hair off, but I sort of start in the front and I don’t add the end in because I like to keep it straight and the front of my hair. I pull I curl away from my face because I don’t want it to be like coming into my face and I do like one side of my head first and then the other and then, if I did the front section away from my face, I take the Section next to it – and I curl it towards my face and I kind of tug on it a little bit so it’s looser at the end. I have very, very fine and thin hair, so I have to kind of start up at the top okay, so we’re gonna go away for this. One kinda have to start up at the top and give the majority of my curl up here, because my hair falls out really easily sucks. So also the extensions tend to curl better than my natural hair.
But I want it to look a little more effortless and not so like I’m obviously trying really hard to make my hair curly. Sometimes if you curl it too tight, it can just look a little curly sue little trihard, so that’s kind of the whole top section. It takes like literally five seconds and then I just go in and find some straight sections inside and kind of just do it. It’s really like it’s so simple. I kind of just do whatever way when you curl in both different ways. You don’t get that big lump of a curl, I’m sure you guys know what I’m talking about. Sometimes, if you curl your hair, all away it all kind of like curls into one big giant one. But if you do separate, they don’t stick together. I’m sure you guys know what I mean when I say they don’t stick together right, don’t like create one big monster, curl this parts, just the tedious irritating part it’s the styling at the end. That really brings it all together. So you may like look at this me like a wholeness. Isn’t that great, but at the very end, when you like judge it all up and tease the out of it, that’s when everything comes together and looks kind of contemporary and cool. So that’s the one side I’ll show you real quick on this one. This does come with one of those little heat, protecting gloves for your hands, but I’ll just burn myself doesn’t matter so away from the face on this side and what I’m doing this, I like to kind of pull my hair down in front of my face so That it gives me those bangs cuz. I don’t like my terrible hairline, so I just cover that up. We all have our insecurities, and my five head is one of them. Hera is one of those things. That’s so funny. My entire life everyone’s been like. Why didn’t you go tohair school? Why don’t you do Cosmo talk tohair is one of those tedious tasks for me that by the time I get done doing my makeup, which I love doing, I’m like. Why isn’t my hair just done like this is dude? What why is this like this? I wish I know the grass is always greener, but I so wish I was one of those people that had naturally curly hair. If you do, you don’t know how lucky you are, but I’m sure you feel that way about straight hair.
It is so fantastically wonderful. I bet to just wake up and have curly hair, although I’m guessing the craziness is it’s kind of rough. So once your hair is curled, what’s cool about having a short hairstyle like this is like, even if little pieces are straight in there, it really doesn’t matter like you can go through and sort of take care of the pieces that look like ultra funny. If they just really don’t look right, but you kind of just have to do the top layer. This is the step where I take my comb, I’m just using any basic rat tail comb. It doesn’t have to be like awesome or anything, and I just teas up here at the root. This is not the only place, we’re gonna tease and it’s not the main area that I do tease, but you definitely do want some body underneath there. But then I also kind of gently brush through my hair. You don’t have to use a comb for this. If you have really weak hair, then I gently tease in the hair itself to add that, like volume and body, do you see what I mean if you like, teased down here into the hair? It creates that I hate to say like triangle head, but kinda it like makes it. I don’t know like you know, just run your comb through it to get those curls softer. This is sohard to do, because my my mirror thing is like backwards. I just really judge in the hair here I’m skip back of it. My hair is ultra clean today because I just showered, but if you want something to add some texture back into your hair, which can help it stay like kind of tousled and cute, you can use this, which is the way dry, texture, hair spray or the texturizing Hairspray, I don’t always use this, but I do like this and by the way, this isn’t sponsored by way or anything. I just happen to like these products, but I kind of taken over to quickly spray in my hair and it adds just like a little bit of texture into your hair. So it’s strongly scented too, but in a different way: okay, we’re getting there okay, so this is the hairspray that I use. Obviously you guys do not have to use this. This is a hairspray from the salon that I go to from axis, and this is their works best hairspray ever and it says here, works finishing spray.
Is your alternative to planet, damaging aerosols, because it’s dry to the touch you can use it for heat setting and finishing for hold? That’s soft yet committed to your style layer for a medium hold and enjoy a non sticky non flakey hair day, unlike other hairspray’s access works, is scented with only essential oils to ensure that you don’t walk around smelling like an air freshener. We don’t call it the best hair spray ever for nothing. Now I completely agree. That’s one thing that I really like about access by the way. This isn’t sponsored by taxi. This isn’t sponsored by anybody. Nobody asked me to make this, except for you guys that they don’t use perfumes and their stuff. Now, if you don’t know, I suffer from a headache condition that is horrifying and it’s triggered by scents like even right now, the smell of these way, things is really bugging me. What’s nice about access, is that everything’s essential oils? So it doesn’t trigger my headaches because it’s not a synthetic artificial perfume which I really like, but I’m not sure if you can buy these online. If you can, I will absolutely link the products down below that I use from access if you can buy them online. They’Re so good they’re they’re, just they’re just nice and it’s non-aerosol, so I can use it around my cat. If you guys didn’t know, I have a cat with asthma and I used these sprays today, but I’m locked in my room and too quickly. I can’t use aerosol sprays around him because he gets asthma attacks, so I’ve been using a lot of access, it’s kind of nice spray to it, and so really this is the hairstyle that I do it’s that simple it takes like ten minutes start to finish. I think I’ve been recording total for 13 minutes. So it’s like that simple. When your hair is short like this no lie, it’s so good. I thought that I would absolutely hate it. I’m like it’s just not gonna suit me it’s gonna look. Make me. Look kind of fatter or something disagree. I think it makes me look kind of chic err. You know I don’t know. I just really like it a lot and have you been contemplating cutting your hair highly suggest, I’m keeping my hair short for a while. This is too good.
You could just throw extensions and if you don’t like it sure, but if you want it short, you can’t do that. If you have long hair, it’s fantastic, but that’s really it like it’s so simple, it’s so easy! It’s so quick looks good 2nd day. That’s what I love about this short hair is when I had long hair no lie. My hair looked like dog on the second day, but because my hairs so much lighter now I can just spray. I wouldn’t really like in the batiste dry shampoo. It does leave a bit of a white cast if the only dry, shampoo that actually makes my hair like look and feel clean, not clean, but not hideously greasy, and I can actually leave the house on second hair. Normally I have to like wash my hair everyday. I know people say that’s really bad for your hair, but I’m just not one of those people that can do that and if you guys want to know like how I style my hair, when I do it on the side, part I’ll just show you briefly. I would air dry, my hair on the side, but I always part the left side of my hair over and so that boom I like to pull the hair down a little bit. It doesn’t want to do it cuz it dried in the center today, but if I had curled it, I would just curl this back out of my face. You know, and I always tuck one side behind my ear. It kind of makes it look like asymmetrical. You see how this is like shorter and now this looks longer it just looks cool, and so that’s how I do that. I just honestly carry a comb with me all the time. It’s just always in my purse and then I just George, if I’m at a restaurant or if not anywhere, you just Olivia, grab your phone just finem, do it and also you can kinda just like pull off your hair up at any time and it just works. Like it’s just honestly, it’s one of my favorite haircuts I’ve ever had. I even think I might go like teen spit sure I don’t know. I feel like I’m just gonna get shorter and shorter, but I just I love it. It’s so cute and my husband really likes it too. Every outfit I wear with this hair looks better. I can’t understand it, I’m not questioning it. Oh, I can’t understand it though it’s wonderful, fantastic love it. I know this was really quick and you guys may not be all that stoked about how fast this went, but that’s the reality of my hair That’s this would take me like 45 minutes to do with my long hair and with this short hair, it’s just like 10 like it’s that fast and it’s so flattering I don’t know, and you can use any hairspray.
You don’t have to use these products Are they life-changing, like is the texturizing hairspray life-changing? No, is it fine yeah and do I really know does this like actually protect your hair? It’s a primer, it’s a hair primer Is it like face primer? I hate that too Is it a gimmick? Are you lying to me, because that is absolutely hurtful? How do you protect against heat? How does that work? The ingredients are just hideous You can just use any hairspray from like the drugstore That’s what I do Sometimes I use like my Aussie like awesome volume or there’s one, that’s like extra hold Sometimes I do those like going to an event or something I want my hair to like not move Those are what I go with, so you don’t have to go a bougie and weird You can just use any products that you have at home and honestly, it’s just really the wrap, curling technique with the hair and then really back combing, the out of it and back combing down here to don’t just go up here, the only one negative I can Say about this haircut is that sometimes you look good a little bit like Lord Farquaad What did I hear that from Elena Davison? I think it was you and it’s the case with one of these, these type of haircuts You can look a little far quadi when you walk the hair The air pushes your hair back and then you have triangle head, but that’s really it it’s no big deal triangle head can be kind of keep sometimes I know this was relatively quick If you did Wednesday and Friday You guys can also follow me on all my other Romania, sighs, mommy honey, it’s gonna be so much You know it’s not the drill Okay guys! Well, thank you guys so much for watching, hey testing, my mic by screaming in it why am i screaming and my battery’s dying cool – and this is it says right here – use before you style this multitasking priming spray and heat protectant shine and long-lasting memory to Any look that didn’t what you can, that was my phone back quickie Baja

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