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? How to dip powder 101 for beginners? Gamma

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey besties welcome back to our channel today, we’ll be continuing our tip 101 series and showing you how to apply a powder from start to finish.. If you don’t know what the powder is or need a refresher click. The link above to watch part 1 of the series now without further ado. Let’s get to dipping as we covered in our tip 101. Video tip is applied with the system of powder and glazes that are used for a male enhancement today, I’ll be using the Kyra Skye tip powder color kit.
I love it because it comes with everything you need in easy-to-use packaging and it’s the best of the best on the market. All of the glazes are numbered right on the side of each bottle, and it helps you remember what order they’re applied in I’m going to be applying dip powder directly on my clients, natural nails, because she’s trying to grow them out dip is perfect for that. Because of the added vitamins and calcium, I’m going to start by pushing back my clients cuticles and remove any dead tissue on the nail and now I’ll remove the shine from the natural nail. Using my hand, file for this, I’m going to mainly focus on the cuticle and edges of the nails. As with any service prepping. Above since I’m not using tips. Today, I’m also going to do a little shaping here. My client has chosen an almond which is great for a natural nail. Look now that we’re all prepped and ready to go, I’m going to grab my bond and apply it to the natural now notice. The bottles are all numbered, which is great for beginners bond dehydrates the nail and removes any oils that cause lifting I’m going to grab my base and apply it to three-fourths of the nail and dip into the natural powder anytime that you apply the base. You want to make sure that you’re applying thin even layers so that the application is nice and smooth natural powder is important because it’s the base to build up the strength of the nail. The natural powder looks a lot like the clear powder, but once applied, you can see a big difference between them, ready for another pro tip dust dust dust use, a soft fluffy brush to remove excess powder after every dip.
Now I’m going to grab my color, my client has chosen high maintenance. This color is so beautiful. I’m going to apply the base a hairline away from my clients, cuticle and to straight into the color. Here’s a little pro tip when you’re applying your base be sure to have your dip powder ready to go as the base dries quickly. When dipping the nail into the powder, it is important to dip at a 45 degree angle, I personally like to shake the jar from side to side just slightly so that the powder can fall into the nail instead of just pushing the nail into the powder. Now I’m going to apply the base to the entire nail and dip into my color once more, you might notice that I’m gradually getting closer to the cuticle with each layer, that is, to prevent the cute area from getting bulky. Here’s another pro tip always brush parallel to the nail to ensure the freshest, don’t poke or indent the powder. Now it’s time for the clear layer, I’m going to grab my recycling system for this I’ll grab my base and apply it to the entire nail grab. My clear and pour over and now that the clear has been caught by my second scoop, I’ll grab it and use it on my next nail. Super easy right. Clear powder is an important step because it’s going to protect the gorgeous pigments when it comes time to file. It’s extremely important to use the recycling system when applying the clear, because if it’s dipped straight into the clear it might get pigments of this beautiful color and contaminate it, I don’t want to waste any of my product once the clear has been applied. It’s time for number three still protect. This is what’s going to activate the powders without sale, protect the nail will never dry. You’Ll know that this layer is dry when you tap on it If you hear that little clink sound Vanel is dry and ready to move on to your next step, file shape and buff, as many of you have requested, I will be using my e-file today, only my medium grit hand, file and a buffer block.
I like to start with shaping the sidewalls and free edge, and then I go back and file the surface of the nail I like to focus on the area around the cuticle and shaping the apex Then I’ll focus on the sides until I’m happy with a nice round shape Now I’m going in with my buffer just to smooth out the nail now once I’m happy with it, I’m going to wipe the nails off with a little alcohol just to remove any dust from the filing I’m gonna grab My number three still protect again and really saturate the nail to make sure it’s cured well now This next step is super important and sometimes gets overlooked I’m gonna grab a lint-free, wipe and really rub into the nail to remove excess seal protect If you don’t do this, then your topcoat will look nice and shiny, and your brush is going to harden I’m gonna apply the number-four topcoat with quick, thin strokes and let it dry I like to apply this to the rest of the nails and by the time I come back, it’ll be nice and dry Now, I’m going to apply top coat again with quick, thin strokes and allow it to dry for two minutes Here’s another pro tip wipe your top coat brush on a lint free wipe before returning it to the bottle That’Ll keep your brush fresh and clean I always like to finish my manis by applying nourish oil to the cuticles and rubbing it in and now we have a finished set I love using the Cara, Skye dip system because it’s so easy to use Now that I have the application down It only takes me 20 to 30 minutes to do an entire set Leave me a comment down below and if you’re new to our channel subscribe and hit that Bell to be notified besties bye, you

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