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How to disguise big lips

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys, because a lot of you requested that I show you how to over line your lips now. I know this may seem like an easy task over lining your lips, but back in the day I tried to over line my lips and I was like oh like it looked terrible. I looked like a duck like my just was so bad and I was like Oh overlining lips is not for me. It doesn’t suit my face, like I’m, never doing it again, and I made the mistake, which is not that obvious to over line the entirety of my lip.
So I was over lining like every the whole lip line, so I practiced and I loved the way it looked and I came to work and crispy was like wow. Her lips look good and I was like thank you, so I just wanted to kind of show. You guys how I overlined my lips, I’m sure everybody has different techniques, but hopefully this will work for you. If that’s something that you’re looking to do, because I mean not everyone’s gonna go out and get lip injections. But a lot of people do want that. Like Angelina Jolie, I don’t know why I’m doing that so the first thing you’re gonna need to make yourself look like jay-z or Kylie. Jenner is a lip pencil, and this is the LA color endless semi-permanent lip pencil. These have quickly become my favorite lip liners. I used to use Mac pretty much just Mac, but these are so much better than Mac and they’re only $5, maybe holo the one over lining your lip. Here’s what you need to know – and this is where I went wrong in the beginning when I tried to over line my lips in the past, you really want to focus the over lining in the center of your lip, so above the Cupid’s bow and below this Part of your lip here and you always want to meet the lipliner as you get down to the corners of your mouth, you want to meet the lip liner to the natural lip line that way your mouth doesn’t look like, and what we’re basically gonna do Is create a new bits, bow I’m gonna go slightly above my Cupid’s bow, though so I’m following the sheep, but I’m just taking it up higher okay, so here’s a rough shape. I know it looks like there’s a butt on my upper lip.
This is where my natural lip line is right here and I went pretty far above it and then I also have this issue where this side of my mouth actually goes out. Rounder and this side goes out a little bit more straight. So if you guys have this problem with your lips, you can totally use a lip liner to correct that. So, as you guys can see, I’m still slightly over lining at this point, but now I’m gonna meet it back to my natural lip line. Just like that, sometimes I find it difficult to line my lips cuz. I have this pretty gnarly scar here. I don’t know if you guys have ever noticed it. When I was 12, I went ice skating for my birthday and I had fallen and the person in front of me kicked their foot up and I basically in the face with an ice, skate blade. It was terrible up. Okay, then I look back and just make sure everything is even cuz. There’s times where one side will look a little bit different. I’m gonna try to round this one out a little bit more. The empty space between where I just drew a new lip and my actual lip, I take my lip liner and I kind of load the lip liner in that area, because I have this theory where, like the more lip liner you layer on it like raises, raises The lip line, so it looks more natural. I don’t know if that’s if that’s legit or not, but I do it anyway. I heard that Marilyn Monroe, her makeup artist, used to actually layer several lipsticks on top of each other and that she thought it made her lips look bigger, so that’s kind of where I got that concept. So now that we have finished the top we’re going to do the bottom, so the same thing applies to the bottom you’re going to want to over line just the center. So, just under the lip and you’re gonna meet the lip liner to your natural lip line in the corners they’re already starting to look pretty big. I like where this is going. So now, I’m gonna speak like this sorry, I look you know like. I did in like eighth grade or ninth grade, so I find what works the best when over lining your lips is using maps So if you have a matte, lipstick or a matte lip paint like this, they work the best for me because here’s, my theory, if you use gloss or anything shiny, even satin it’ll highlight the ridge of your natural lip line.
Anything that’s forward reflects light So, of course, your natural rip, your natural lip line, comes forward more than where you just over, lined your lips, so that part is gonna capture light if you use anything with any type of gloss So what I overlined my lips – I only use mouth stuff using Joseph’s colors berry me, which is my fave You guys know similar things to this would be the Lime Crime Velveteen or you can just use a regular matte lipstick So this there’s no trick to this I literally just put it on see like even now This isn’t dry, yet it’ll dry matte, but even now that it’s looks kind of shiny, you can see what I mean like this is reflecting light after I’ve applied the lip paint, let it dry a little bit I’m going to go back in with the lip liner one more time and redefine that shape, I’m taking a small, oh there’s, an eyelash stuck to this leave it to me to have eyelashes stuck everywhere I’m gonna take my favorite concealer brush This is my makeup Geek and I’m just taking a lot of foundation, that’s close to my skin tone I’m gonna put a little bit on the edge of my brush and just kind of start lining the outer part of my lip This helps also make your bold lip Look really sharp sure you blend that out, you don’t to have like concealer lines around your lips Okay, so that’s the last step and you have a new set of oops It’s the Kylie Jenner pose What does she do she like, alright guys? So this is the finished look I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial If you guys try this at home and you end up loving it then hashtag Does he makeup on Instagram? If you decide to post it, because I love to see all your recreations also, if you guys want a tutorial on this makeup I was doing it today and then I thought I should have filmed it, but I’ll refilm it if you guys want to see it and yeah that’s about it Bye,

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