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How to dry thick hair!

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey everyone welcome to my channel today, I’m going to be doing how to blow-dry thick hair, whether it’s curly or not. My hair is naturally curly and it took me a long time to learn how to do this. So I’m really excited to bring you with this tutorial. my hair is freshly washed. I just got into the shower about 20 minutes ago. You want your hair to be damp dry, not soaking wet. Otherwise, it takes way too long to do this. I use my favorite shampoo today, which is very much a life-changing product.
I love this you’re also going to need a blow-dryer. Whatever blow-dryer works for you, whatever one you like to use, it’ll be perfect for a very thick hair, don’t apply your heat protectant to the entire head of hair. Before you section it off, I highly recommend sectioning. It off first and then applying it that way, you can ensure the heat protection it coats. All of your hair. The one thing with thick hair is that you have to ensure it’s extremely detangled before you start working with it. You’Re gonna need a round brush. I’m using this one from the drugstore you’re gonna want to take this under the hair, run it through as a test run. If your hair is not tangled, the round brush is gonna get caught. So this is the number one key, especially for thick curly hair have to make sure it’s tangled, and then you can start working. So now, I’m gonna create some tension by pulling the hair along with my round brush and following up with the blow-dryer. You want to keep doing this again and again and again until the hair starts to dry and creating tension is really important for smoothing the hair, if you have naturally curly hair or if you have naturally wavy hair, anything that is not straight and sleek you’re going To want to use a lot of tension with your round brush continue rolling the ends of the hair, but don’t focus too much on the ends until you’ve smoothed and created enough tension on the mid-shaft and the roots of the hair. This is really important. Otherwise, your style will look really frizzy to get really nice ends just roll the hair into the brush and then hold it there with the heat on it.
For a couple seconds I always know, my hair is almost done when it looks like this when it looks really frizzy and bad. That’s how I know I only have a couple more blow dries to do on this particular section until it’s extremely smooth. This is so awesome for curly hair because you can go from the shower to dry hair without having to use any heat, pressing tools. Normally, I would like blow dry my hair till it’s frizzy, and then I would use my flat iron to make it straight, although if you’re a beginner, it’s kind of counterintuitive to use a bigger section of hair for blow-drying, I do recommend it, especially for a beginner, Because when your hair is being blow-dried, it has the tendency to fly everywhere. When you use the power of a larger section, your hair will stay more underneath the blow-dryer, and I find that that’s just easier to do. It does take a little bit longer to dry. It but it’s worth it so I will finish my entire head in about eight sections or so maybe seven, I don’t usually count, but it’s not many sections that it takes it’s just that I have to continuously run the blow-dryer through and through until I notice that It’s smooth and the way that I like it. If you’re planning to watch this tutorial and you’re thinking about blow-drying your hair for the first time and giving yourself a blowout, I highly recommend paying attention to what size round brush you’re using. Yes, you do need to use a round brush a regular paddle brush is not gonna. Give you a really great technique or result, and definitely a small round brush is gonna make you really want to give up on yourself. The larger round brush will cover more surface area and it’s more forgiving on the end style. It’s gonna give you more of a body wave rather than a tight curl, which is a lot easier to make. It look good, and I also recommend this because it’s easier to hold and it won’t get your hair tangled as easily as a small little round brush will This is a really good, finishing technique if you’re noticing extra frizz try this out roll the hair into the round brush and then apply heat roll it out once it’s cooled and then apply a finishing cream.
This should smooth out the extra frizz and I really like using this technique because it seals the hair and it adds a little bit of moisture without making it greasy time to do the top section So people always ask me like how I learned all of these things in beauty and I am like a very observant person I’m a Scorpio and I observe everything So when I’m watching somebody at the salon, I like to see what they’re doing and I often go to beauty professionals for like a manicure pedicure whatever, and I really pay attention take notes I ask a lot of questions and I figure out what people are doing so that I can replicate it at home, so something I did last year was I set aside extra money after I had my baby I wasn’t really sleeping I had no time to do My hair and I went to the salon about twice a month and they took notes, and I learned from a professional how to do my own blow-dry at home All I was doing was just booking appointments to get a blow-dry done, but, as I was sitting in the chair, I would ask so many questions and I asked about their technique on my type of hair and I learned so so much and now I don’t have To go to a salon anymore, I’ve been doing this for like half a year now comfortably and I love the all ticket I know that’s like totally impractical, but I’m just kind of sharing that advice with you guys of like paying attention when you’re getting a beauty service done If you ever want to try doing something yourself, just pay attention when you’re paying for it That way, you can get your money’s worth and learn a little bit along the way Now that I blow-dried all of the sections, I basically just repeated the steps again and again and my whole head is finished now I have to take away the frizzies with that cream to finish up the style, and this is how I like to wear my hair I flip it all day and it gets really messy I love the big 90s huge blown out hair Look, I love it This is my hair and I hope you guys enjoyed my signature style Bye, bye,

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