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How to Get Loose Beachwave Hair Tutorial

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel. I’m sorry! It’s taken me so long to do it, but I’m finally going to do a hair tutorial, how I’ve been wearing my hair. Lately, I’ve been, you know, wearing it with a little bit of a wave, it’s like very casual, it’s got just a little bend in it and you guys have been bugging me relentlessly just kidding because I’ve been asking a lot to do a tutorial. It’s super super easy to do. I am have no doubt that you guys can do it at home.
I am NOT like super good with hair, so the fact that I can do it, I know you guys – can do it, so my hair is blown out right now. So I will say this is like one of the most important things that I do before. I do the wave for a couple reasons. So, first of all, I have been naturally wavy hair and it’s also damaged because I was just platinum blonde. So you know my hair is pretty frizzy and unruly. So air-drying does not look cute on me right now whatsoever. So I do blow it out early they’re like paddle, brush it or round brush it like nothing, fancy I just have to like smooth the cuticles. If I just went right in with the flat iron and did the waves it just wouldn’t last as long on me like once I slept on it, it would just go back to being big and wavy, and I would then have to do it again tomorrow. So yeah we’re starting on a clean, blow-dried hair. A lot of you guys are saying you know how have you put your hair through so much and it’s so healthy? How is it still so shiny? Look. I have never been one to like be super into hair products or invest in hair products or spend any kind of amount of time on my hair, but since bleaching it, I have really had to step up my game because my hair is not healthy. So, however, it looks like this is a lot of like product that creates the illusion of healthy hair. So there are different things that I use to give it some shine and one of those things I’m gonna be talking about now, which is a brand new product to hit the market. I’ve been trying it for some time now they are by the haircare line called verb. So thank you so much for sponsoring these products have just hit the market. I’ve had the opportunity to be trying them for a few weeks now and I seriously love them, so they came out with a new line called reset and it comes with a shampoo, a conditioner and a sealing mist, and essentially it’s to clarify the hair.
A lot of you guys are probably familiar with what a clarifying shampoo is, but if not, it is a shampoo that cleanses all the extra buildup of like dirt oil and mostly hair product that builds up over time that doesn’t wash away easily, with regular, shampoo and Conditioner, it’s pretty common knowledge that clarifying shampoo strips your hair color. You know there are a few times where, like I dyed, my hair pink and I really wanted to fade it and clarifying shampoo is the way to do that quickly. So I always kind of avoided that, because I didn’t want to strip the toner from my hair even now like I just got my hair colored, I didn’t want to fade that or anything so I normally avoid clarifying shampoos at all costs. Even though I use a ton of product in my hair – and it definitely builds up so I was so excited when they came out this because it is literally color safe, there are no sulfates. Oh this absolutely won’t strip your color. This won’t damage your hair. It won’t dry out your hair. That was super exciting, because I had never seen a clarifying shampoo like that before. So all of these products are also cruelty, free and gluten free that you see water to do like the cleansing and clarifying then honey, luxe and moisture and there’s also a low, which is very soothing for your scalp. So the first time I use this, I was obviously very curious, but also a little bit skeptical. If it’s like, I said, clarifying shampoo, usually just sounds harsh to me. So that’s what was my association, but after using this entire set, my hair felt so light. So like flippy and springy, and like my scalp, I don’t get dandruff but I’d get like really itchy scalp because of like all the dry shade who and all the oils and all the masks and like I use so much product in my hair nowadays that it Just felt like brand new, my scalp was clear: it didn’t each. My hair didn’t get greasy for a lot longer than it normally would. So if you’re, someone like me who is trying not to wash their hair so frequently or it’s using a lot of product or is not able to use a standard clarifying shampoo because of you know, damage your hair or you have color, then definitely check them out.
So there the shampoo which clarifies then you follow up with their repairing mask. This is a protein mask. They use quinoa protein, there’s also honey in it. So after you use the clarifying shampoo, your hair is definitely after washing it with a product that has sea water. It’s not going to feel so silky smooth, so following it up with this is an absolute must. I just like felt this like sink into my hair after I was like room after they shampoo removed all the build-up I felt like this is able to penetrate much better. So then, you just leave this in like a regular conditioner about three to five minutes and then once you’re out of the shower, you apply the last step, which is their sealing. Mist ended towel dried hair. What this does is it seals in that protein mask that you just applied, and this helps bring a lot of shine back into the hair. This helps make it easier for you to style, it helps tame frizz and it helps to detangle the hair as well. So you can buy these products individually, or they also have a set which comes in this tin box here, and it also comes with their ghost oil. I am obsessed with this ghost oil. I’ve not tried this before. I know this is one of their cult products. I’ve heard so many people rave about it. It is not one of my Holy Grail hair products. I’m gonna talk a bit about that in a little bit, but let’s get on with the tutorial so for this I only use one tool and that is a flat iron. The flat iron I use is the GHD platinum. You can use any flat iron. You have at home as long as it’s like a thinner ones, because we’re gonna be making waves with this or not gonna be straightening the hair. I part my hair down the middle in the back. Nothing fancy just to bring it over on each side. I take about a 1 1 1/2 inch section and I want to be moving away from the face so um I started here and then I twist and I pull as I’m twisting before you get to the end. I unleash this is a great tutorial, very professional. I unleash anyway, so I’m twisting the hair like this once I’m pulling and then, as I’m like three inches towards the bottom, I’m unwrapping it and then pulling it.
The bow ends straight and that’s. What’s gonna kind of give look now you’re seeing my breakage okay, my hair is not healthy. Okay, all these products just make it look that way. So anyway, that’s what’s gonna give this like kind of casual like bend in the hair and then leaving the ends straight is what’s gonna make it look like kind of like undone and casual. So, let’s do that again, so you can see so we’re twisting we’re pulling and then we’re unleashing. I guess so just like that this one’s a little I’m gonna kind of flatten that out cuz. I was going a bit slower to show you guys and I don’t alternate the directions I keep going away from the face. Each one is going away from the face so twisting pulling unleashing. Let’s just stick with it. Okay, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. You don’t say so again, they’re all doing that little like it’s pretty much just waving, that middle of the hair and that’s how I’m able to get that kind of casual friend in the hair without looking too done up. So we’re twisting we’re pulling and then about a few inches, we’re unleashing and then just giving a little tug on the ends. Okay. So that’s how it’s done now we’re gonna move on to the other side. Okay, again away from the face you’re gonna have to adjust your positioning a bit and it can feel a little odd, like I feel more natural doing it on this side. But it’s no big deal so we’re twisting we’re unraveling and pulling cĂ©vennes, I’m so happy to be a brunette again you guys it has been so long. I didn’t even realize how much I missed her. It was like, first of all, I loved the blonde and I loved the red. They were so fun, but, like it almost felt like I was like wearing a costume. You know what I mean like it was so fun to like be playing this character, but it was so bizarre to like look in the mirror for the first time after going back to brunette – and I was just like honey – I’m home okay, so put my hair Back and then I just kind of like rake it they’re, like rustle the roots and then just like run my fingers through it I’m just kind of like tousle it see, and it just creates that, like pretty bend in the hair that doesn’t look like we spent.
So much time styling it this way Okay, so now for the oil So, oh, I love this project so so much so they call it a weightless hair oil, ghost oil and I didn’t know there was such a thing because oil is heavy and no matter what, like I have a few hair oils, but I can only do them like on the ends of my hair and only when they’re like freshly washed Otherwise I look like a drowned rat, even though my hair is very dry right now this Ivan, I can use this literally Every single day, all the way up to my roots, which thank God, because I have so many flow anyways right now It’s insane I’ve not seen my hair like this since middle school when flat ironing your hair poker straight because Jennifer Aniston did it was the thing and I had like pretty much a mullet of just like whispies, that’s kind of what I’m rocking right now, but it Doesn’t look as bad because we have better technology ie products, so I just do a little squirt in my hand I rub my hands together It smells so good I want to perfume in this and then I just kind of rake it through like this and then with whatever is left on my hands I go up by the roots and I literally can do this every day until I wash my hair and put this much in and it never looks greasy I am so obsessed with this I wish I found it a lot sooner Cuz, look! No more flyaways, my hair looks super shiny and healthy, and, oh, my god it was She could smell this It smells so good So that’s why I do it You guys I hope you thought it was like pretty easy um but try it at home Let me know tag me in your photos, but yeah look at this shine This is all a product baby This is not like my hair, it’s hurtin, okay, believe me when I tell you, but these products have really made it so much more manageable, hi wizard I’m glad I finally did this hair tutorial for you I hope it was everything you hoped it would be I really have to turn on my air conditioner, because I’m absolutely dying and I’m seeing spots, I’m like really overdramatic about being hot I, like can’t stand it um anyway

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