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How to get the perfect side ponytail!

1 Nov , 2019  

What’s up everyone, everyone is Jojo, and today I am showing you guys my daily hair routine. So, let’s get into it. So first, what I’m going to be doing is taking my wet brush and I always do a side ponytail. So obviously, that’s what I’m showing you guys today and I am just going to brush all my hair on to the left side of my head nail that you guys so now I’m going to take my frizzy hair spray. I use this like every day and I obviously, as you can tell I spray a lot of hair spray, because it is like amazing, but it does not taste well, you know I’m just going to be using my wet brush and I am just going to slicked Back all of my hairs make sure, there’s no bumps, and now I’m just putting my ponytails in, I actually use a lot of ponytails and I use the really really thick ones I use for ponytails Pro ponytail.
I mean star quality right here. You guys now that so I have a really two really big here. Pepys one of them is wispies. I am like addicted disliking them and two is I can’t handle, even when there’s like one non straight piece of my hair, so what I use to shave my hair is this amazing time iron, its tym II. I love it so much. It is really cool. But what’s really cool about it is, if you do it like that way, you can do it curly and then, if you do it this way, you can do it straight. It’s amazing. So it’s literally like a curling iron and a straightening iron and one it’s like amazing. So one day, I’m feeling like straight year, but then no, I can do like curly hair with this straightener. It’s just it’s just so cool you guys. You don’t even understand I love it so much so what I’m gonna do today is straight hair because it’s really hot out in LA so I am going to be rocking the straight hair today, but don’t worry, I’m also gonna show you guys the curly hair later nailed.
It literally that is just everything Oh yeah skip those dance moves, hey, hey, Milly, wop, Hey and a DAB on them Let’s go really kill them again So now I just put back my other hairs, so they’re not in my way, but I am showing you the curl right now So literally, you just use it like a one way and it does straight and then you use it the other way and it goes curly and, as you can tell it’s like amazing, you guys, I don’t twist it cuz It gives it a little extra curl If you know what I mean, but it’s just a really fun nothing loose, but not really tight curl and I love it so much I can’t really go out of the hotel room in California with one curly piece of hair, though so I am going to be straighten it for the day and now I’m just gonna give it one last brush out and a little spray and a little tease You know giving it the little last BAM shablam I mean nailing it over here and last, but certainly not least elbow I mean nail that you guys that is my daily hair routine I love you make sure you subscribe to my youtube I have a special link, that’s down in the description down below and you can get your very own time iron, including a awesome bag with it, which is amazing, so makes you guys, go click that link down below and go check it out I love you guys So much and peace out – oh yes, fixing that bow right Now, you guys! I love you!

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