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30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today, I’m doing a super. which is basically mind blowing for me, I’m so excited. So. I’m gonna do a demo and show you guys how I get kind of an at-home blowout sleek, smooth hairstyle, using the Dyson supersonic hair dryer to have the opportunity to not only own one of these, but also work with Dyson is super cool for me. I’m just really excited and I feel really blessed so I’m gonna tell you about my experience with the Dyson.
The first thing that I noticed is that it’s ultra fast drying. We don’t have time to spend 30 minutes drying her hair. We want to be done with it and move on with our day we’re trying to get ready efficiently. I think that’s why salons and professionals really favor this hair dryer, because they can get the job done quickly. It also has intelligent heat control, which is really interesting, because it helps prevent extreme heat damage and, as I am growing my hair back anything I can do to prevent any more breakage or damage I’m totally in so now that I’ve gone over some specifics about the Dyson supersonic hair dryer. I am going to start showing you how I use it. So, as you see here, I’m showing you the precise speed settings you can adjust how powerful it is. Also precise heat settings, so you can adjust how hot it gets and my favorite the cool shots you use at the end of blow-drying, my hair. Now it does come with three magnetic styling attachments that pop right on. As you see here, the first one is the styling concentrator. This is a high velocity blade of air. That’s perfect for styling the next one. My favorite is the smoothing nozzle this dries hair and it gives you a smooth, controlled airflow, helping to kind of give that smooth finish, which we all want and then the diffuser. This one is good for curls and helps reduce frizz. So, as I said before, the smoothing nozzle is my go-to. It just pops right on and you can twist it to change which way the airflow is, which I love. So, let’s get this show on the road. As you can see, my hair is towel dried. So I’m just gonna remove my towel and I like to run my fingers through it. I’m not too fussy about my part, really my hair kind of goes either way depending on the style I’m looking for that day. So I just kind of go with the flow. If you know what I mean, so I’m just gonna brush through my hair make sure that it’s kind of smoothed out before I go in and start below drying make sure you use the heat protectant as well. Heat protectants are super important. So don’t forget that step So I like to and also pointed down to me, it just gives a more seamless, smooth, look less frizz.
I do have quite fine hair, so I can use my fingers to kind of run through it kind of peace through it When I start drying my hair and then I do go in with a brush to smooth it out, so this hair dryer has a powerful digital motor It’s very powerful, quick drying It takes me about three to four minutes to do each side of my hair, which is in same because my hair is fine, but it’s quite thick, so you can see I’m just kind of going through making sure of getting the underside and again I do like To use a brush for this now, I don’t even keep the heat control all the way up on this dryer, because I find that it dries so fast that I don’t need to I also love that it has intelligent heat control, very important to me very important to me, because I did have severe damage done to my hair As a lot of you know, when I went to a salon did not know how to use bleach It was very traumatic, so now I’m trying to grow my hair out, I’m really baby it and having a hair dryer that helps prevent extreme heat damage is very important to me So you can see I have half of my hair done here very smooth It almost looks like I flat ironed it, and I didn’t so now – I’m just gonna move on it to the other side of my hair and finish off the process It’s so fast I really can’t believe it I also love how lightweight the dryer feels when you hold it it’s very comfortable, very sleek and modern, but so comfortable and functional as well I do like to take the brush around my bank area to frame my face, so I kind of go in slow motion There and just try to frame kind of a little swoop around my face I just like a little bit of a wave and sort of that Pin straight look on me and then my last, but favourite thing to do is to use the cool shot I’m showing you right here This is basically a cool blast of air and I love it because it seals the cuticle, but it also sets your final look It adds a lot of shine and it really just sets your hair in place so that your style stays all day plus You know it feels pretty good too So this is the final hair It’s so sleek, so smooth, there’s, not frizz I don’t have any flyaways I just feel like it looks like I’ve flat ironed it and I didn’t, which is amazing, because I got it done in literally like eight minutes So if you’re interested in it checking out the Dyson at supersonic hair dryer for yourself, you can get it at or I will have it linked down below Thank you guys

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