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How to lift and lengthen eyes

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, everyone, so today I’m going to be doing a luck, fuse that I’ve worn, but I haven’t actually done it toriel on this look now it has been a highly requested look and it’s a look that is very elongating to their eyes without have been an actual Cat eye, I absolutely love cat eye makeup and I do tend to find that with my eye shape, it needs some kind of elongation just to pull the eyes out. Otherwise they can start to look quite don’t turned. So I do like to wear looks that are quite elevating and elongated and uplifting to the eyes.
However, when you wear cat eye makeup all the time, I think it can become quite exhausting and I certainly exhausted the look – and I really don’t like to wear cat eyes in their full graphic formation, certainly not anymore. I also wanted to wear looks that are slightly softer, but still just as enhancing to my natural eye shape and eye color. This look is actually very basic, it’s very simple and it works on all eyes, shapes and all eye types, because it is simply blanking out the eyelid and then a little bit of sculpting through the socket and elongate in with the same sculpting color. So you get definition through the socket, but you also have elongation to the nice sort of furthers the illusion of elongated eyes. It also has an element of color underneath and I think you can go for any color that you like within this look. I will be using very orangey very warm colors because it contrasts with my blue eyes, enhancing them further and I’m using matte tones, I’m not going to use shimmer tones as I do like this look to look more reserved. However, if you are somebody with very very dark eyes, I would suggest maybe using something that is a neutral tone like a brown or a green one of those really earthly brownie greens, very chic colors, with a tiny bit of sparkle, just a tiny bit of sparkle. In this look can look great, but it’s really about emphasize a ssin on the underneath of the eye. The look doesn’t really have that much eyeshadow on top of the eyelid, but it has quite a lot underneath and then a lot of eyelash as we will be applying more than one set of eyelashes. No, I have already gone in and applied my moisturizer, my foundation. My color corrector my concealer, as well as set it all through with powder and applied eyebrows.
First of all I went in with Laocoon concentrate, which is my favorite moisturizer. Then I applied whoo two beauties full filter foundation in the shade milkshake. I then went in and color corrected with this peach tone by derma color having applied that corrector to the areas that required. I then went in with Kat Von D’s, locket concealer in the shade L one neutral for eye Bres. I went in and applied mac cosmetics powder eyeshadow in the shade of maker to stencil out the shape. Then I applied mac cosmetics powder eyeshadow in the shade from and sketched in individual hairs, just add fullness and slide for natural. Now to begin the eyes, I’m just going to even at the tone, by applying a slight amount of Bobbi Brown’s long-wear cream shadow in the shade bomb, one which is this very pale bone color, and I find that this product is best applied when using the fingers. I’m using this just as my primer to the eyelids and I’m only applying a slight amount of it just to even add the pratfall on my eyelids, then I’m taking illamasqua Spota eyeshadow in the shade stealth, which is this very pale pastel cream color I described it – Has been an ivory tone now I tend to find with pale cream, pastel shadows, the pigmentation never tends to be immediate. You always have to build it up. What I’m doing first of all, is just packing that onto the lid with a Mac 227 and I’m taking it through the crease as well all the way up to the eyebrow. This stealth powder, eyeshadow by Illamasqua, is fantastic, as it is an almost matching tone to my natural skin tone. So, as you can see, I’m just applying that, roughly everywhere, just to get a blank tone to the eyelid. As you can see, it just knocks back the discoloration that we have on the eye. This is a fantastic and superb technique, so, first of all, I’m just using the natural color of my skin across the eyelid just to neutralize the tone you can do this. No matter what color your skin might be, you would, of course, just adjust the color to suit and mimic your natural skin tone. Then I’m going to take mac cosmetics powder eyeshadow in the shade of blue, lay on a ZOA 2 to 8 brush. I have evidently hit pan with this eyeshadow, but it is an absolutely marvelous eyeshadow, it’s great for applying a base transition color. So if you have very, very fair skin, like myself, sometimes going in with diem Brown as a transition color for your look, can it can appear slightly patchy.
To begin with, I tend to find that I have to use a base to my transition. Colors sculpting through the natural socket that I have because this color is not that far off my skin tone, you really don’t pick it up that immediately. It does add a slight shadow. It’s almost like my natural skin tone, but slightly darker and, as you can see, I’m only taking that half way into the eye. I’m not taking it really that much further, because I’m concentrating all of the color at the outer part of the eye, and you could actually just wing it out ever so slightly by applying a base, transition, color or a base for your transition. Color, you really create a seamless gradient and I’m applying the same brulee, a shadow on an inked lot. Eight zero h, PS brush just to the lower lash line and connecting around so we connect what we’re playing in the socket round with what we’re applying underneath. And this just pulls and lifts and connects the eye and brings the whole look together, but also serves as a base and a transitional base for the colors that we’re going to apply next. As you can see, it just gives us a subtle definition. Then I’m going to go in and apply it. Some of mac cosmetics, powder eye shadow in the shade or maker on the same zovut two to eight brush and I’m just sculpting that through the socket, but mainly concentrating it at the outer corner and winging it out slightly and then honest over two three one brush. I’m just going to pack that on quite heavily at the outer corner and swish it slightly over the lash line from the outer corner inward into the eye, so that we have greater definition on the outer corner of the upper lash line and with a Mac to One seven I’m just taking some of that and make a color just slightly under the eye just to connect what we’ve applied on top with what we’ve applied on the underneath, then I’m taking Maclean’s over to Jade brush and I’m just smoothing in all edges ever so Slightly just to ensure a seamless Ness, so that’s the eye shadow on the top more or less complete, I’m not going to apply any more. I shall go on the eyelid itself, maybe a tiny little bit of black or dark brown to the upper lash line. Not quite sure I didn’t do that originally, but it can provide a guide when applying false eyelashes.
Now, for the underneath of the eyes, I’m going to be applying two eyeshadows and first of all, on the lower lash line, I’m going to apply Illamasqua spider eyeshadow in the shade of Renae and I’m taking a very slight amount of that on a Charles Fox. Eight one four, six, zero three one brush. I definitely say this sheet is in the Omega family, but it is vastly warmer and a lot darker and I’m swishing it out ever so slightly and bring in a tighten dragging a taco night just connected ever so slightly into what we’ve applied in the socket. And I’m going to take that right into the inner corner. This Bernays shade will act as a base for the eye show that we’re going to apply next, and this gives us the illusion of much longer feline eyes without having to apply black. What I’m doing in the inner corner is just dragging it down ever so slightly as it will just pull the eye down in the under corner and in conjunction with the rest of the look which is elongating. It just creates the illusion of a much more feline long eye and going back in without 2/3 one brush and I’m just softening those edges and on the same child’s Fox brush and then going to go in and apply Ella maskers powder eye shadow in the shade. They paw and I’m just going to play a very slight amount of this. Just to warm up the look, and just by plan a slight amount. You can see that it immediately lifts, contrasts and brightens my blue eyes, so by adding a tone that contrasts with your natural eye color as a hue to the eyes. It shall complement your natural eye, color immensely, so that is all the eyeshadow full alert now applied. I’m now just going to go in and curl my eyelashes and then I’m going in with the bombs. What’s your type of mascara in the shade black, which is an absolute favorite mascara of mine. No, I actually applied mascara looking down into a mirror, because mascara is very, very malevolent and it likes to transfer it likes to transfer to the eyelid. So I first of all applied just very liberally to the lashes. You actually get a better gauge of the amount of mascara going on the eye lashes from a planet below. No, if you get a slight image of a scalp on the eyelid, as I have just done so sometimes by taking a q-tip or cotton, but whatever it’s titled in the region that you come from, you can just sometimes edit and erase a tiny amount by rolling And rubbing never really rub just roll, so you’re almost just grabbing the mascara and taking it off so by just rubbing and rolling ever so slightly.
You can remove any mascara that has tragically transferred no, I never apply mascara to the lower lashline with a mascara wand. I do tend to find that mascara on my lower lashes always goes wrong when I apply it with the wand, I do tend to use a brush to apply mascara and I only just coat the lashes just to blacken them, because I find that when I apply Mascara with the wand, it overloads and overcoats that I lashes with mascara and when I do apply mascara to the lower lashes, I do tend to find that either an hour or several hours later, the mascara starts to perform some very nefarious juju and I get black All around here, so one technique that I have used to counteract that, and I have tried many a mascara and I have found that the bombs what’s your type seems to be the best one. So far for this technique on me, mascara is one of those things that is absolutely subjective to the individual. Not all scars are going to be fantastic for you. You will find your own ideal mascara and I take a little bit of that mascara on a brush and I just cooked lashes playing a lot of the roots and working outward so that the mascara applied. You really get an idea of the shape of the eyeshadow. Once the mascara is applied, so you might have to go back in and just blend over any areas that appear a little bit patchy, I’m just going back over the eyeshadow that we applied earlier ever so slightly just to ensure that we have seamlessness. But now I’m going to go in and apply a set of false eyelashes. These ones are by prima lash, but because these eyelashes are too long and what I mean by that is not their length and how long the eyelashes themselves are, but her long. It is for the eye, so if I apply that to my eye just like that without any glue, you can actually see that the band is too long for my eyes. So what I actually like to do is take the eyelashes and cut about a centimeter off the and and that where the eyelash will then fit on my eye nicely and you’ll have a spare bit of eyelash that you can apply on top of the first eyelash And that way you bring more elongation and feline effect to the edge of quadrant of the eye, rather creating the illusion of an elongated eye.
And now I’m going to glue the eyelashes to my lashline with some jus adhesive, so that as the eyelash is now applied and the glue is going to dry clear. I definitely quite like this technique, as I do not like false eyelashes to look too stiff or too perfect. I like them to be slightly uneven so that the eyelashes look, of course excessive, but they don’t look too artificial and stiff. And now I’m going to take a slight amount of elam askers powder eyeshadow in the shade of Sid Ian on a Space NK liner brush and I’m just going to press that into the lower lash line at the outer corner. This just adds greater definition to the roots of the eyelash, so that will s completes the eyes. I’m now going to go in and apply Kryolan spur to eyeshadow in the shade Sahara. As my contour and I’m stippling that all on a nice number, 6 brush working a Dern from the ear, and I want the contour to look quite warm so I’m using a slightly more warmer tone than I normally would now. I’m going to apply my very favourite blusher. This is mac cosmetics, powder blusher in the shade of blush baby, and I show use the same brush. I’m just going to lightly stipple that onto the cheek, not too much of it, but just enough to warm up the look. I do tend to stick with products that I know work and suit and flatter my skin the best, so some products will seema and appear very regular within my fillings and one of these products that I use frequently and I’m sure you they’re getting quite familiar with It is illamasqua Spota eyeshadow in the shade cascade, and this is a reflex blue shimmer eyeshadow, and I use this as my highlighter and I apply quite a liberal amount of that to the cheeks and a little bit under the brow temples just sketch it in this Slight light, when you turn and Phillips, I’m going to remove the foundation and the concealer that is currently on them with a slight amount of Ghana’s Clair in water with the lips Now, Bayer I’m going to apply some of Charlotte Aubrey’s lip liner lip cheat in the shade pillow talk and I’m just going to over draw the lips ever so slightly and with the lips now lined I’m going to go in and apply who to beauty’s liquid matte Lipstick in the shade dominatrix now I actually quite like the pale pink eNOS of the lips before I went in and applied the lipstick.
So I’m going to go in and apply this MAC Cosmetics, lipstick, which is one of their luster formulations in the shade plink right On top of the lipstick that we’ve just applied and then to add slight highlight to the lips, I’m going to dab on a light amount of Kat Von D’s, Lockard concealer in the shade L, one neutral and just dabbing it into the center and smoothing it in With my finger – and you can actually take a brush just to merge everything together so that more or less completes the look, I absolutely love way in this Look as it is quite defining its enhancing, yet it’s very simplistic At the same time, it allows me to elongate and uplift my eyes and it’s great for my eyes, which are quite hooded but as well It’s actually very simple There isn’t a lot of eyeshadow there’s a lot of makeup, but I think to summarize it’s a sort of a look that I do believe can work on everyone You just adjust it to your skin tone and to your eye color So all you’re really doing is blanking out the eyelid, with your skin tone, color and then sculpting through your socket with a slightly darker shade, just to enhance and to deepen the socket and then on the underneath of the eye We’Re adding a tone that contrasts with your eye color, so my case oranges and bronzes and gold’s contrast with my natural eye color, which is blue However, with this look, I didn’t want to apply metallics I wanted to use maths so that all looks very neutral and very simplistic I very much like it easy This look is yet it looks very polished and put together So I definitely say this look is suitable for all occasions It is a very feminine look and I would almost describe it as an implicit cat eye because it has the elongation and permission and the feline effect of a cat I yet it doesn’t have the same harshness as graphic cat eyes, but I hope that you have phone to dis film, either interesting, useful, helpful or beneficial once again Thank you so much for watching and, of course, take care of yourself Bye

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