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How to make a silk press thin natural white hair!!!

1 Nov , 2019  

and this one is so so so widely requested. This is going to be a silk Perez on pretty damaged natural gray hair. Now we are also going to be doing some color correction and with this color correction, what we are going to do is create a clean, clear canvas and then we are going to go ahead and create what I am going to call as she cream soda baby. Okay, so seriously, all jokes aside, when this beauty came in, she had a wig on and the wig resembles the color that we are going to create today and so now.
What I am doing first is for moving all of the colors and all of the pigments that I do not want. So I’m not using a developer with a bleach. I am using ade 20 volume developer with a high lift color. Now the collection that I am going to be using our collection brand that I’m going to be using is joy color, I absolutely love joy, Cole, lumishine collection and their whole collection in general is absolutely amazing to me. I’m a joy called girl, y’all, I’m sorry anyway. So in who I’m going through and what I want to do is pull out all of these black and brown hues and I want to get out that little weird little funky color, that’s always in gray hair. So that’s what I’m doing right now and as you can see, there are a couple of patchy places of black hair, especially around here around her hairline and so now. I am going to be removing all of this because the thing is gray hair comes in, but when it comes in it doesn’t just come in everywhere, all at one time it comes in sporadically, wear it ones too, and almost impetuous. Sometimes so now I’m just gonna go through and even that out, and not only am I getting those patches even though her hair is almost 100% gray, it is not 100% gray and there is still black hair sporadically. You know throughout her hair, so I want to get everything to an even tone and a one base color. So I’m can manipulate the color properly. I think a lot of people are really really scared of gray. Hair gray. Hair is colored just like anybody else’s here. The thing is most of the time: gray. Hair is very, very, very porous you guys.. So if you want to learn a little bit more about that, just click the link in the description box below so, as you can see, we now have a clean base and now we have a whole new, color girl and listen. I do not know what happened, but I just lost the footage and right now we are here at this as she you know cream soda color, you guys, so I love love, love this color, so much likely to blow it out and stuff.
So you guys can get a better idea and a visual on what’s going on now whenever I first did her color. Well, this second go-around on our first city. We actually used the two different colors and I went in in one of the colors that I put in with Azure base and another one was more so of like the golden tone. This you wanted, and that’s where we came from with our kind of cream soda like to you guys. normally she’s in wigs. So you know this is going to be her first time. Having it out in a while, that’s why I have decided to use my paddle brush and now that’s not that a round brush is you know it hurts my clients or anything like that, but because my Connie isn’t really familiar with it and things of that nature And is her first time having her hair out, I like to make it. You know it’s easy and familiar of an experience as possible, so it’s not like too shocking for them. If that makes any sense. So, yes, you guys, I use the same tension method with a paddle brushes that I do with a round brush. Nothing is really different. The only thing is, I just feel like. I have a little bit more cuz you roll with a round brush, but other than that everything is the same. You guys so keep watching, and then I will be back when it is time for us to do our console. This is mrs. Zhang. I mean consider look in this eye, even though, like it seemed like you, okay, so as you can see, the color turned out really really good the exact colored that we were going for you guys, but, as you can see, she has quite a bit of damage. However, I don’t like to do anything unless my clients are a hundred percent comfortable and even though she said go ahead and do it. I could still tell in her voice a little bit that she wasn’t a hundred percent okay with it. So I decided to just go ahead and do you know the bare minimum as much as we could to seal? You know get some amount of damage off. So what I’m going to do in this case is go ahead and just do some layers. I love doing layers because it’s a really really easy way for me to get rid of the damage without compromising too much and length. And I do that with elevation And what I mean by that is this eyes: take the hair up and then, as you can see, all of that hair on the bottom dropped off.
So that was the majority of her length, I’m getting like golden storm vibes from her hair Yes, anywho! I’m using elevation and, as you can see the hair that is on the bottom, which is the majority of her lineage dropping off, and then I am cutting all of the hair on the top off So that is a really really good way to get rid of As much damage as you can without compromising limbs and then in this case is also, you know, killing two birds with one stone, because creating layers helps to create volume as well and as you can see, she does need a little bit of help with volume, because She is not used to having her hair out on a regular basis, you guys, so that is pretty much it I am just going to go ahead and trim her hair all the way through and then next I am going to take my nano titanium, baby bliss iron on its lowest heat setting, which is 315 to 320 I always said it I never remembered you may be who I’m gonna, take it on his lowest setting, and then I’m gonna put a couple of little body curls in her hair, just to give her a little bit more volume you guys, but that is pretty much it Now I am going just going through and checking my hair cut a little bit because I am NOT perfection and I’m definitely not a robot, so I am prone to miss a spot, so I’m just going through and polishing My haircut making sure everything is okay, and that is pretty much it you guys if you have not done so already make sure you subscribe to my channel and after you do that make sure you click on that bill notification, I love you guys so much and wait girl I almost forgot girl, make sure you subscribe You know all that stuff, but also make sure you follow me on Instagram girl and turn on your post notifications There too, I love you guys So much please, let me know what you think about you: now they new lively cream, soda color that she has I think that it really really matches her skin tone very well and kind of brightens Her face of you guys, she’s gonna go under the dryer for 10 minutes on cool heat, make sure it’s not hot, because you do not want your clients just to wet You guys and that’s it I love you guys so much I already fed their girl battery

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