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How to make my lips look more plump lipstick and lipstick?

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys welcome to my channel, I’m not very, very close, like close up to you guys, hi. because, to be honest, I can’t afford them and pretty much. That’s the only reason why I don’t have them right now, but lipstick works wonders and lipliner. So, if you’d like to see how I use lipstick and lip liner to make my lips look a little bit fuller. I’m just gonna put on a tiny bit of chapstick like a tiny bit, not much at all, and then I’m going to need to sharpen my lip liner.
You don’t want it too sharp! It’s a lot easier to use if it has a little bit of a rounded tip. That’s what she said. Okay, this is natural slim like him. This is a natural slim lip pencil by NYX Cosmetics. That is a mouthful, and this is not I’m going to over line. My lips with all I have on my lips other than the chapstick is a little bit of face makeup. That happened to make its way onto my lips, but that’s fine kind of helps tohide your natural lip line. So it’s going to be really hard to talk. While I do this just following my natural lip shape, but over it and then in the corner. On my lip shape, it doesn’t look right when I bring it out, so I kind of just bring it back down to the natural lip line. If that makes any sense at all, so you can see what it looks like compared to the other side. It’s approximately one inch above my natural lip line now we’re just gonna try to make the other side the same. I do like my top lip to be kind of more straight across than it is so. I do fill in little Cupid’s bow area a little bit more than I probably should, but it’s my face and that’s the way I like it I know a lot of people say that you’re not supposed to over line your bottom lip.
But if I don’t over line my bottom lip, it looks not right So I personally do and I just kind of use my actual lip line on the inner corners But then I bring it down farther on the bottom and then I’ve kind of just fill all of it it and move on to the next step for the lipliner You want to pick a shade That’s really close to your natural lip color or a little bit darker and then for the shade that you go over top and in the middle If you should pick a shade, that’s either the same as your lip color or a little bit lighter, and it should be lighter than the liner Oh, this is trap eye color pop That is a little bit darker than I thought What I’m going to do is, since this is darker that I thought it was going to be I’m going to go in with black label cosmetics, lucid and just put that right on top So you could just stop here This looks fine, but I like to do a little bit extra I like to tap a little bit of translucent powder on top mattifies It more makes it a little bit lighter and alsohides any shine of your real, Oh at the line, and then with a little bit more lighter I’m just going over where you can see my natural lip line and darkening it a lot of it tohide It – and I also like to drop a tiny little line on my bottom lip to make it look extra pouty and that my friends is how I make my lips look a little bit bigger without sticking needles in But I would do that I would a hundred percent get lip injections I know this Video was super short um I hope it was helpful in some way shape or form Let me know in the comments, if there’s any other tips or tricks, that you wonder about that

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