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How to make the best vegetarian hamburger

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey I’m Rachel, and this is my best ever vegan burger, so I wanted to create something that is like juicy and needy and really replicates that, like juicy texture of a burger so to create the texture of this burger, I wanted to make it as meaty as Possible so I added things like mushrooms black beans. I added the Vidal Weakland was super important and I also added soy sauce, which you know always like blends, are really nice, like mami type flavor, and this burger is a little bit of extra work.
It’s not something. I’m gonna make every single week or even every month, but when you do make it for like a special occasion, if you’re having friends over you’re going to a barbecue – and you really want to like impress your friends, I would say it’s definitely worth the effort And give it a try after I made this burger, I gave it to a bunch of my co-workers to try and they were blown away by the texture of it and they were like. This is crazy. This taste I mean it’s like clearly, it’s not neat, but it tastes a lot like me. It mimics me in the texture in the color in the taste. The beets are really important because they give the burger that pink, bloody color and it’s actually What beyond me uses in their burgers to give it the same kind of bloody colour? So if you don’t have access to the impossible burger at the Beyond Burger, definitely give this recipe a try, because I think it’s one of the closest recipes to those kinds of burgers.
So I did a lot of research when developing this recipe, and I found to get that really like chewy meaty texture Vital wheat gluten was a really crucial ingredient, because vital wheat gluten is what you find in a lot of like meat substitutes that you buy at the store, and it just gives it that chewy needy consistency That is what makes meat taste like me If you’re looking for a gluten-free option taking out the vital wheat gluten, is gonna give you a very different texture, but I would say it’s definitely worth it in turn, so making something That’s really going to replicate that texture and consistency of me I also slathered this burger in barbecue sauce because everything tastes better in barbecue sauce and I put some vegan cheese on it, which I highly recommend So the barbecue sauce also just takes it to the next level and makes you feel like you’re eating a burger Even more, I tried a bunch of different variations of this burger and I found that just the combination of mushrooms brown, rice, vital wheat gluten black beans gave it like the perfect texture and consistency It wasn’t too much like a veggie patty It was more like the consistency of beef I haven’t made this burger now in over a year and now it’s making me really want to eat it again and make it again so definitely try it out You

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