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How to make wing Eyeliner (easy)

1 Nov , 2019  

Okay, first you’re gonna need mirror you’re going to need eyeliner I’ve got to just because water supply clean without Maybelline master, precise, liquid eyeliner NYX matte, liquid eyeliner, which is my favorite one and concealer If you want, I prefer you only like a starfish, because he sort of me to like wrecked your elbow on the surface part of making this master, precise eyeliner, and what I do is I have my eyes open, so you guys can like basically will open your Eyes slightly and wear your eyebrows finishes: you want sort of meet, make it meet, so it’s sort of like the triangle you’re just going to split it up like that either the other one like alright after it’s like I get restored things mark on the middle of Your eye like that, like that, you see the end of it, you want to leave that in it by itself like so it’s sharp, then you want to take it about there and you want to take it and just like join it up time make the line Is like straight as you can take the eyeliner on its side like this and just lay it down You can even touch your eyelashes That’s what I do to make sure it’s right on your eyelash line You should be touching your eyelash line, like should be touching Your eye just take that other eyeliner and I fill in that space, and I just make it a bit off the LA office to feel hunger Then I just take a bit of concealer right Then usual put some mascara on curl your eyelashes as long because it looks just better when scar I promise you If you did give that thumbs up and subscribe to my channel, if you haven’t already, I really hope it helped you out If you struggle with eyeliner everything I use in this Let’s get up pretty much love you guys, but

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