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How to mix your eye shadow as a beginner?

30 Sep , 2019  

What is up guys so first things: first. Basically. But I decided hey I’ll wait till my makeups complete since we’re teaching makeup and show them the final look.. Sometimes I’m just so easy in my mind, so crazy, I’m a human being.. That’s what it’s gonna be so today, I’m gonna teach you guys how to blend your eyeshadow like a pro.. I should say my version of calm, but I really wanted to focus in so many people asked me so many questions about eyeshadow and blending it and how to apply it and get it that soft smooth gradient look.
. This is a very, so why it’s kind of long and that’s what we’re gonna do today, but without further ado, let’s go ahead and sing a little song be sure yeah that was probably really loud cuz. I grabbed my Mac, and my makeup still looks good. So this makeup last telling you guys you’re gonna learn some tricks today. Hope you ready hope, you’re, ready, okay, so jumping right in my gray, hair has come to haunt, as all you know, always comes back and it brings all of its friends. First, I like to start off with my eye makeup doing my eyebrows, if you like to do this last there’s no wrong in that. I just personally like to do my eyebrows first, so I’m gonna be using the precise leave of my brow, pencil and shade number four I’ve been using this for a long time I like to start to do is actually start. The eyebrows at the bottom will have a nose itch. I’m not picking my nose like that, and I always this pencils very pigmented. As you can see, I barely touched my eye, so you want to use a light hand and you also want to do baby hair. Like strokes, that’s the point in the pencil having it small tip like that Shazam. So I like carve out the bottom of the brow. First, I’m awesome missing a gap of hair right there on both sides. So I like to draw a straight line and not follow that gap that way we’re filling in the missing hair gap and then I’ll go ahead and line out the top. I won’t start right here, I kind of start midway through and then start slowly combing it through little hair like strokes. This is gonna make it look a lot more natural, so right about diagonal, I go ahead and start my little Archie right there. I’m also missing a lot of hair. It just will not grow back from all that waxing. I did back in high school. If you didn’t know me important influencers, partnered up with benefit and we are on the packaging of some benefit products and my product – is that precisely my brow pencil? So if you go in Sephora and you’re able to pick it up, you’ll have a little piece of white Latino glam on the packaging. Thank you so much benefit for working with me on this product, and this is my tried-and-true favorite brow product go in with a little bit more of a heavier hand, and then this area.
What I like to do is draw like one. Two three four five hair strokes upward. Where is very sparse? I don’t want it to be too block and the key is combing through in the front of the grouse. So it’s not they’re a square and then I always use my finger and just swipe up, and that is my eyebrow and as you can see, it’s honestly a huge difference. I’m gonna go ahead and fill in this brow and then we’ll be right back cool. We now have both eyebrows drawn in and now a really good trick. We’Re gonna get into eye shadow, and this part has to do with eye shadow, and I highly recommend this trick is to take a concealer. For me. I like to use the Mac Paint Pot in soft ochre. I’ve probably been using this for 6 or 7 years on my eyebrows to card them out, and this is just the best. I should a primer to me you’re not into a concealer eye shadow primer. I know Smashbox makes the great one so I like to use this product with a flat synthetic brush, something that looks like this. This is m41 and this one is genius for carving out the brows, because it’s not too long and it’s very flat. So you can get precise, so I like to brush it on there and get it on both sides of it coating both sides of the brush, and then I will go underneath the brows now. Sometimes, if I’m feeling more natural, I won’t carve out this eyebrow I’ll leave it as it is because it looks pretty good carving out. The brows also allows for like covering these hairs that need to be plucked. I’m gonna do that. I like to go right underneath small strokes, it’s one big stroke and then, whenever I like, run thin on product I’ll just flip the brush over. That’s why I get the product on both sides of my brush a little trick right there, we’ll just carve it on out like that, and I’m gonna get a little bit more. My brush and just paint it all over. My eyelid – and this is the great part that we’re gonna use, because guess what guys we just applied our eye shadow primer, I’m gonna tap it out, make sure your products also on there really smooth guys. If you feel chunky this, that might mean your Paint Pots dried out. You know it’s time for a new one. My normally dry out before I can use the whole thing, but I pretty much use the whole thing and will do the exact same thing on the other eye, but this just looks a little bit more clean.
These hairs probably need to be plucked, but I don’t think they ruin the look. I’m saying now we’re jumping into a shadow. I highly recommend you find yourself some good. I shadow that’s just a great tip and I know it sounds stupid, but using crappy eyeshadow it may not be you having the problem and maybe the product that you’re using and good eyeshadow doesn’t always have to be expensive. Today, I’m gonna be using the 35 F palette from morphe. This is like a 22 dollar palette and you get all these shades and also, I recently just did a drugstore dupes eyeshadow palette. you can do that. You don’t always have spent a lot of money to get great eye shows, but just make sure you’re getting the right eye shadow because there are drugstore or really affordable palettes that are crap and not worth your money, and they may be forfeiting your eye. Look for the price so just make sure it’s been your money, saving your money, the right way on eyeshadows. I think these are great and the reason I’m going to be using this palette today and picked it specifically because of this row right here. I’m going to show you guys how to use you know, do a neutral, great eyeshadow. Look in this palette has those, and it’s also I find that makeup brushes, helped too we’re gonna go over makeup, brushes as I go, and what makeup brushes I love and why I’m using them. This is an m5 35. It is a fluffy brush and it’s a medium fluffy brush, and because this is so look at that how tacky that is, you don’t want to go in with some eyeshadow. It’s not gonna blend on that it’s gonna be way too tacky. So you take a cream bone shade or you can take a shade like this guy right here, which is very it’s like warm, but it comes off very translucent light, I’m going to swirl it on the top of my brush and then I’m just gonna kind Of go all over like all over like back and forth one two, three four, and what we’re doing is we’re softening up the eyeshadow primer with this color and that way, whenever we go in with a transition shade, it won’t just like clunk and stick together and A pallet I love when I see a pellet has like a neutral matte shade in it. I’m just like yes, please and thank you, give me something to soften up that eyeshadow primer and this brush is so soft. So it’s great for just fluffing around color, like that. The next brush I’m gonna use is an art. 39 is tapered at the top and it is a small i’m tresh. Oh you, hello, get! Excuse me. It’s a smaller blending brush. So it’s great for medium to small eyelids. If you have really big eyelids, you can continue on with the first brush we were using, but I like to downsize a little bit more, and this is just a tad bit more dense.
So it’s gonna pick up a little bit more color. So next, what I like to do is bump the color up, one our actual primer is soften, but we don’t want to just go in and explode dark color all over our eye. So I’m now gonna go in with this shade right here, which is just a little bit deeper. You see we’re moving on up in life. You can even use something cool like this. I’m gonna go with something warm as a transition shade. One thing I like to do is get it on one side of my brush: not both sides and tap off the excess, and you literally see we lost some color there and that’s good, because we don’t want that color to explode and fall right and what I’m Gon na do is flip the brush upside down clean, I’m shadow, plug it in your crease and then very as you can see, like my hand, is so light. I’m gonna start at the outer corner and I’m doing like the baby is possible, like motions to softly blend that out not having a fully-loaded brush, also helps the process. So I am just very softly, and so once I feel like the color is pretty much all placed on the outer corner. I will take what’s left of the color and start to sweep it forward into the inner crease, because I don’t want this much pigment over here unless I’m doing like a spotlight smokey eye where I got the inner and outer corner looking deeper. But right now we’re just doing like a typical eyeshadow look, so we’ll do very light pigment in the inner corner and then darker pigment on the outer corner. So you can do a little back and forth. I prefer both motions. It’s like the whole winch wipers when swiper win wiper. Oh my lord, I forgot how to use words when she wiper motion and then I also like to go with the small baby circles. Those are two different ways of doing it and then here I go. It’s! Okay, if you get it on your eyelid too, look at that. I mean you can literally, even just with that learning how to do that and getting a good medium sized brush in that crease. That could be your eye shadow look. I had the brush up where I’m gonna flip it downward I’m gonna go ahead and hit that outer corner. Look how soft and small strokes I’m going be sure to take your time to you, breathe in breathe out. Look at these tiny strokes. Just oh! I’m not going back and forth huge, I’m not blending it hugely and I’m getting a really soft look out of doing this go ahead and hit it in the center and again, whatever is left on the brush.
We’Re gonna move on right there right on. In that inner corner mm-hmm and if you notice I’m getting a little bit wider and it’s because I barely have any product left on my brush, so I’m just moving that outer edge of the shadow right there. I’m gonna do this eye and be back with a darker color all right. We are ready to move from this shade. I’m gonna skip this really cool shade and keep moving on and going with this guy right here, it’s a little bit deeper and what I’m gonna do is I’m literally just going to tap the top of the brush the tip of the top of the Brush and then tap off the excess or you can like flick it if you want to, and so now I have such a small amount of color at the tip of this brush, it’s the same brush that our 39 them using. Yes, our 39 and I’m going to focus it right same spot, but we’re gonna keep it a little bit lower girl a little bit more. I just tapped again into the color a little bit lower. Also if you hold your brush like a looser hand. Instead of really tight you’ll be able to flex the brush around more so kind of like gently hold the brush like really light handedly like you, could almost drop the brush yeah you’re gonna. Do those tiny, tiny circle, motions muscles motions right in that crease girl and now I’m gonna take a little bit more. I dipped into the color again look how soft I’m going back and forth back and forth really close to the lower lash line, keeping it real low have such a small amount of color. I don’t have to worry about exploding everywhere. It’s like a mukbang. I feel like I’m talking so soft, but I’m really close to my mic right now and I don’t want to blow you guys as eardrums, because the color is deeper. If he knows we’re kind of focusing it mostly towards the outer edge the deeper you go, the lower, I typically keep the color. You can also take that in five three five and where this edge I mean, is that just honestly, fine. But if you want to get real soft, since it is got that soft shade that doesn’t really show up on it, you can take it and just go ahead and smooth that out, give it a little extra blend right on that edge notice. I’m not pushing it in the crease, I’m gonna go back in. You gotta, go back and forth of that motion. Now, I’m gonna do my other eye. We have ready to transition down to a different color. You can use like a chocolatey Brown. If you want to – or you can use a warm tone since this palette – has a nice warm tone right here, I can’t help but to use it kind of creepy with me like poking my head around the palette, but I’m gonna use the same brush still R39, you don’t have to have 50,000 brushes.
This brush is really just a gym, but do your makeup, I’m gonna get it onto the exact same spot, just right there on the tip of the brush and I’m going to tap off the excess and we’re gonna keep this color pretty low, because it Is very warm and I’m gonna go ahead and start putting it right. On top of the other colors you’re wondering why I use so many brown colors. If you notice, is very gradient as the color goes up, it doesn’t look like. I just have one color on my eye, so I normally start from light to dark, and then I normally keep it the darker. I go the lower. I stay kind of moment there and it really helps the eyeshadow look to look really beautiful, like he used 20 colors, but really we just usually only use four okay, so there’s a lot of color, but it just looks so pretty whenever you take your time and Use like a few different Browns and I’m kind of doing the same thing. You know focusing the bulk of it on the outer corner. The outer corner can take a lot of shadow and then, whenever my brush is pretty much empty of shadow I’ll go ahead and swing it forward just really lightly, and I’m gonna go back with that in five three five that fluffy brush and do the same Thing smooth out those edges: this palette has like quiet an arrangement of soft shimmery shades. I’m actually gonna go in with this one, that’s a little bit deeper. Do you have a lighter skin tone? These are really beautiful, but I’m gonna go in with this way. That’s like a gold undertone. Would I use that in four two one, the one we carved out our eyebrows with. We have two of these brushes as well cuz. I love them a lot for a lot of different uses and we are going to Pat the color on once and the brush like wait. Where’s my color. Oh yes, this one, Oh swiping, that color on one side, so you don’t have to wait your eyeshadows. I actually love to. I mean she’s a little bit setting spray he’s watery, he’s your favorite setting spray. He use whatever you want, but you can see right there. The brush is wet and I love wetting. The shadows, cuz you’re gonna see why you deal with so much less fallout and they just become sticky. It’s so much more pigmented. These shadows, don’t have to be wet, a lot of shadows, don’t have to be wet, I just prefer it and once you start doing it, it’s kind of hard to go back so with the shimmery shade.
If you notice I’m doing a completely different technique and I’m placing it in the opposite in I’m placing it in the inner corner and I’m pressing the shadow down this brush has a rounded tip. So it’s really nice because it snatches the crease perfectly right in there because it does have a square tip. So you want to get a brush with a rounded tip and then boom put it right up to the crease right where your crease starts. If you have hooded eyes, you can cheat it and like take it up to here, make it look like your crease and then, whenever you’re, looking forward your eye shadow, see how you would be hooded. Your eye shadow would be up here and it makes you look a lot less footage. Take your time, pressing shadows, I’m going about half way on the eyelid, where this harsh line is we’re gonna fix that no worries. I have a little bit of our deepest brown color on a my r39 brush and just smooth out this harsh edge. I mean I’m so lightly going to take the tip of the brush and just pull that shadow outward little baby strokes like that, and then you can also take your shimmery brush. Go back and forth pull the shadow as well for eyeliner, I’m going to take one of my favorite liners on the market. This is the NYC liquid liner, it’s just honestly the best for beginners. It’s such a good liner, brush too, and this is so Ford we’ll have to get out Amazon now it’s kind of hard to find in the United States, but I’m gonna go ahead and very thinly starting at the inner corner. So I’m just going it to take it all the way across and then I’m just gonna go whoop just the edge and get such a tiny amount of product on this brush so time and today I’m going it to wing it out. So I like to start in that corner of my eye with a at flatten brush and then I’m gonna I kind of two weeks. They’Re gonna see this okay cuz, I’m just gonna bring it on back small baby strokes, I’ll flick, her up to clean up that wing, and we got a little bit of work to do right here. I’m gonna pop on some Lily lashes. I will link them down below Leila, while the lash glue is drying. Hello, I’m gonna. Take this shade right here about our third shade is, I believe, I’m gonna take it in two tin brush. It’s still fluffy, but it’s kind of a straight line, pretty flat at the top and dense. So it’s great for the under eye area. I’m gonna get some on the tip of the brush and tap the brush off and then I’m gonna blend it on the lower lash line I don’t like to neglect the lower lash line.
I feel like it looks pretty ball down there and you can really complete look by just smoking that out a little bit So I like to strictly just kind of go back and forth back and forth right underneath the lashes but keeping it kind of tight to the lashes and the darker, the color I like to keep it more towards the outer corner versus like pushing a darker color All the way across it comes off a little bit heavy This color is pretty little light, not too too dark, so I’m gonna go ahead and pull it on the inner corner Next, I’m gonna take the warm tone color with the exact same brush I’m gonna do the same thing, but I’m going to keep this color a little bit tighter up and I’m also not gonna Take it all the way to the inner corner, I’m just gonna Take it about half way and like that, you have an easily done smoked out lower lash line, I’m gonna take Mac feline liner This is just a black pencil liner and I’m gonna do the waterline I’m only gonna put this color in the waterline I’m gonna make sure and not put it down on the skin Sometimes I accidentally do and that’s Okay Last, I’m gonna take my Marc Jacobs, velvet, new or mascara, and I’m gonna pop it on the lower lashes by wiggling, the wine back and forth back and forth trying very hard not to, but my skin, although sometimes I do that anyways Lastly, if you want to the steps optional, you can take em two three six and three to six hello Dyslexic and you can take a light Shimmery shade I’ll take this second chain right here You can pop it on the inner corner, which is really gonna open up that in our corner of the eye and make your eyes look very awake and open, and you can also take the same brush and just pop a little bit on the upper lash Line, but not too much, this can give you a little lift and tight everything together and lastly, I like to take a little bit of the NYC liquid liner and just run it across the lash band to make sure everything is matte and black This is the final look guys I hope that it was helpful for you guys I hope you learned something to answer some of your questions when it comes to applying eyeshadow Now you can apply eyeshadow like a pro I’ll including at the precisely my brow, pencil Ok, we’re done here!

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