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How to: neutral matte crease beginner friendly

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi guys welcome back to my channel, so we’re back with another tutorial, I’m starting off with the brows already done, so we’re gonna jump right into how we got this Eye I’m starting off with my P Louise base and I mix shape number three and shade number five together and I’m using my morphe in two to four brush to apply that one side, her lid, I’m taking my BH Cosmetics, v 5 blending brush and I’m using That to me tap the product into her eyelid to create a nice smooth canvas for her eye shadow.
So i’m using the morphe 3 505 palette and i’m using these two shades from the palette. And then i’m also using this mac eyeshadow and brown script. And I’m using more fees and four for one brush to tap that into her crease and he’s the exact same eyeshadow brushes in every single tutorial. So if you want to know my favorite eyeshadow brushes just watch the tutorials, because it’s the same brushes every single time. I’m just tapping that color into her crease area that lighter color, that I showed you from washi and I’m gonna use that to blend out the harsh edges of that brown script. So once I applied that lighter color, what I did was go back with brown script and just reapply it. I don’t know what happened, but the camera didn’t capture that. But, I always go back and forth between colors. So I apply one color apply. The other then go back to apply the first color just so that nothing gets lost in the sauce fun. Doing the same thing on this, I’m going in with that lighter eyeshadow from Murphy and I’m still using the morphe m4 for one brush, like I said earlier, I’m going back in with the brown script. So it’s just that I don’t lose any of that color, because this is the darker color that I’m gonna be using. So I wanted to be very abundant, so when I got the crease you’ll still be able to see it. So now I’m going in with my Mac 252 s brush um! This brush is flattened. If you haven’t seen my tutorial on how I flattened my brushes, it will be down in the description and I’m just taking that brush and I’m tapping it along the I wanna make sure you take your time with this, because you are using the glitter liner. You can cheat and it doesn’t have to be like a perfect cut crease, because you’re gonna sharpen it up with the glitter liner anyway. So you know if you do want to cheat, and you don’t want anybody to know. You’Re, cheating, sis just add a glitter liner and everything will come together.
So what I do is tap that extra um base off before I go in and add my eye shadow and I’m gonna go in with the morphe in 4:33 brush and I’m gonna. Take the lightest shade out of the softer lamp palette by Nastasia and I’m gonna use that to apply onto her lid, I like using the fluffy brush, because I shadow doesn’t get cakey and it doesn’t start to like kind of do. That thing. Where, like breaks up and get cracky, the fluffy eyeshadow really helps to prevent dial it’s nice and smooth and blown out when you apply it this way and I’m just lightly tapping it on her eyelid. Oh once again, you want to be sure that you are tapping off that extra bass. The bass shouldn’t be like extra extra wet. It should just be a little bit of product on there, because too much product will make that eyeshadow like cake and flake up and I’m just using the same BH Cosmetics brush to tack. That off I mean also for this. I’m gonna take another math 252 brush and I’m just gonna make sure I get the edges of that cut crease. So now I’m taking this glitter liner, which is not really a glitter liner. It’s like a metallic liner, but I used them on my. I use them a lot on my clients and a lot of people on Instagram asked me they’re from Amazon it’ll be linked down below says, so I’m going on to the eye Wow. Moving on to the face, I mean I finished up her eyes already and I’m just blending out her foundation. The colors I use will be down below, but it’s a mix of Lancome teint, Idole and Mac sound ation and I’m using my Real Techniques foundation brush to just blend everything into her skin by tapping it into her skin. Once of the concealer, I actually makes um la girl concealer, which I really very really use, and every time I use it. I remember like why I don’t really like it, but I used thorn and AB mixed Mac’s in c42. Only because I’m running low on my concealers and I haven’t restocked yet so I had some mix le girl. I know people love la girl, I’m just not personally, like that big of a fan. I know how to make them work when I need to, but don’t shoot me because I said I don’t like la cosa. It’s like calm down, there’s definitely ways to finesse to make it work, but I prefer my Mac concealer and I’m just gonna take a concealer and type it into the skin Now I’m mixing laura mercier is under her eyes and then i’m using a mix of laura mercier in sasha cosmetics on her forehead, her nose in her chin.
Only because i wanted to bring the yellow back into her skin, but not too much I also used a little bit of that makes underneath her eyes as well for her contour, I’m using the black opal foundation, stick in moco suede, just to add some warmth back into her skin and then for her powder contour, i’m using a la femme blush in The shade sienna and then I’m gonna take Anasazi of mahogany just to darken that up a little bit Okay So now I’m taking my foundation brush and I’m pressing that powder into her skin, I’m taking my art, Naturals makeup, setting spray and I’m gonna spray that all over her face I’m gonna put my hands over her eyes so that the spray doesn’t get on her eyes and myself This shadow, I already put some eyeshadow underneath her eyes and now, I’m just gonna add some gold glitter on the bottom Now I’m taking that same white eyeshadow and I use it in her tear ducts for her highlight I’m using skinny cat cosmetics highlighter in Dior It’s like a light gold color Her lip gloss is on this covergirl lip gloss, which I’m so scared to share with y’all, because y’all If this look was go out of stock, like other stuff I’ll be putting out one So I might have a whole attitude So it’s just a nude lip gloss Y’All and I’m taking this morphe like chopper, it’s like a lavender color, and I just put that on top now, I’m just letting her face using Mac Studio Fix powder, I believe, is called and I’m using the shape c8, which is almost having a kid like It’s a really great color The liquid foundation in the powder like you need, is this? Yes? Okay, no wait! No is that huh key keep on the beat, I hope don’t Nobody else is saying it because I I think I came up with that I think you did it the best tablet to we get into it and so that I not Pharrell likes you the best ever totally against it at the house That’s Kiki! You wanna be its period Okay, so you guys this is the completed look Finally, I filmed this look for you guys, because this is one of my most requested looks so I was finally able to do it yeah oh by the way, the next look that will be uploaded on to my channel It’s gonna be the black smokey eye, because a lot of you guys keep asking me to do that So stay tuned for that and I will see you guys later bye you

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