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How to organize folders

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys today, I am back with a how I organize my folders for a level this is a collab with Mellie, Charlotte and Nicole from beauty Col. then links will be down below. So, as I said, I’m going to be filming a how I organize my folders. geography and Spanish. I have two for biology, two for geography and one for Spanish and then I also have add a folder, which I take my work for the day in my school bag so yeah. I hope you enjoy it and give it a thumbs up.
If you do don’t forget to subscribe, if you’re new and let’s just get started, oh this is my day folder it’s from Rebecca. They kindly sent it to me a little while back. You can see it in one of my study with me. If you go further back, but basically this is what I take to school every day: it’s actually it opens up and it does have this little pocket inside. So I keep my school privilege pass. These are my like flashcards with my spanish-speaking stuff on it, and then I have my mock results, which I’m not gonna go into. I have my timetable, then, have just a little plastic wallet, full of important bases like parents evening and school trips and whatnot in there, and that just is at the front because it needs to be quite relevant. I remember I then have some spare paper as you do, and then I basically just take in what I need or what I’m gonna do my it freeze. This is set up from yesterday, so I had NSHE double free, locally and Spanish, but I decided and one of my phrase I wanted to do some genetics work, so this is my folder for one of my teachers. Basically, I split out my plastic wallets into subjects and into teacher, so this is one of my teachers. I have another one for my other biology teacher and every so often I will go through and clear out. This needs it clear out on the moment I haven’t been haven’t were out doing it yeah, but this is just a note, so I’d be making on genetics to try and understand it better, because I don’t get genetics very much at all, and then I have my Recent carbon cycle work, which is, I think this is all of like topic – 3 inquiry, question 3 – that we’ve done so far, we’ve nearly finished, so that’s pretty good. I just have my recent work in here and then I also have. This is all my stuff for inquiry. Question 2. If I take out these, you can see. I just keep a post-it note, which says the inquiry question on it: split it up in my other folder like that as well, which you will see later.
I do also just have some mind maps I’d be making in there, because I thought I may as well make a start on them, because I think we’ll have a test once we finished it, and also that this is in here as well as that is because I was making some my maps in my freeze and I’ve already done inquiry question one so far, so I was just may want to acquire a question too and I’m about halfway through that, and then I’ve got all of this to go and then the rest. When we finished it yeah, I just have my inquiry question two for health, human rights and intervention, which we have now moved on to inquire question three, so it does need sorting out in a little while, once I’ve written up the new notes from the previous lessons, Because there’s so much to go through, I don’t have time in the lessons to write everything I need to so I spend time after school or in my freeze, doing it catching up, writing everything I need and again this is just split out by teachers. So I’ve got it actually technically spell out a bi teachable. So this is human geography and then my other teacher does physical geography and I’m actually really enjoying health and human rights is so interesting, and is it like that same time it’s quite heartbreaking but like it’s so interesting to learn about, and so that’s that I then Have my Spanish folder for the teacher that I had yesterday, so it’s just basically full of some work, some like my past papers and transcripts and that like what I got him like my mock paper and then it’s just got some bits and pieces that he’s given Me before the bluff in the film, so I questions the father direktor essay that I did the themes of the book and then also this like sheet, which has like loads of different ways of starting paragraph at essay, writing phrases idioms and then quotes for all the Characters, I’m just using that book to cover up, because it’s got my school on it and basically they’ve started making us do these trackers, which I’m obviously not in school today. But basically, we plan at the start of the week. What we’re gonna do and then obviously it might change that that changed clearly and I haven’t feel it finished filling it out, but it’s just basically, you have to say what went well and all that, and just so you just got like a record of what You’Re doing so that was my day folder this office changes every day with what lessons I have and what teachers I have and how many fries I have in terms of subject folders.
As I said, I’ve only got one for Spanish and I’m gonna go through that. First I’ve got the spec at the front. I have in all of my subjects folders in year, one obviously because I don’t need to. I only have one for Spanish. It’s just in here anyway. All of my folders are from work code like these big leaver Arch folders are from world code by the way, so yeah I’ve got the spec here. I then have this like these plastic dividers. I wanted to get plastic so they wouldn’t break. These are from Terry Smith’s they’re about 399, but I get them on like three four and this one is aspects of Hispanic society and multiculturalism like there’s a lot of stuff in here from when, like before, I got my exercise book. So, that’s why I’ve only got one, because I’ve only actually got a certain amount of things like half a year’s worth of stuff in here artistic culture, political life, grammar and ferb bits and pieces sub. It’s about a common aqua palette, ocular tea and a little bit into the domino, and then I just have some like past papers and then a load of like specimen papers, past papers. For me to do in a few months time like ready to practice for my exams, is my biology fall that they are actually kind of color-coordinated. This is my year to folder, because it’s more organized than my year, one folder, but basically again, this is from Wilkinson and again I’ve got these plastic dividers. My spec is in the other folder, but I’ve got it split out into photosynthesis and respiration energy. Transferring nutrient cycles, which is stuff I’ve, got to come back to you in a little while, because obviously, I’ve got nothing in here at the moment, I’ve never got my responses to stimuli notes which is still what I’m working on, which is why there’s next to nothing In here and then same with this genetics one I split out into both like into two sections of genetics and populations and mutations and gene technology, but I think I’ll just end up putting them all in one.
And so I have a few bits of where. But I think, as I said, it will just go to one. Obviously I haven’t yet split it out from my day folder yet, and then I’ve just got like past papers, just practice, questions that we’ve done in the lessons genetics stuff – and you know that sort of thing is in there. They are just basically split out into the general topic, so it’s for general overall topics for high level biology, but that’s basically how I spent hours by those topics. And lastly, this is my jock Rafi year to folder. This is the most just one with the most stuff in it, and the best example of this is it’s genuinely my favorite folder, but this one I have actually got one year to spec. I pulled it out of the main spec and then I’ve just gone through and highlighted to make sure we’ve actually done everything because for year one we didn’t cover everything. So, as you can see, yeah, as you can see, super powers, we’ve covered everything and the water cycle. I do also have obviously normally my carbon and health human intervention ones, but bear in with my notes, so I can keep on top of it to make sure we are doing everything then spit into the water cycle, and I’ve got a folder for each inquiry. Question and I put that on a post-it note inside the folder, so this is all of inquiry question one. This is all of enquiry, question two and then this is all of inquiry question three. Just to make it a bit easier. It taught me to get to things if I need to for revision. I’ve actually nearly done all of my revision resources for the water cycle. I’ve done all my mind. Maps I’ve just got to finish off. Doing like flashcards then have my carbon cycle notes. I’ve really really liked my carbon notes honestly really like I just like how I’ve done this again. This is split into inquire questions. I’ve only got inquiry question one in here, because the rest is in my day folder but yeah. Basically, that’s why I’ve got in here and then I’ve got superpowers and again I put a choir question one. I haven’t actually written the question of it on it. This one and I have my coursework. I don’t know if you’re allowed to see the questions, which is why I’m hiding it, but I’ve got like three drafts of it here before I handed it in It was honestly the biggest relief of my life to heard that in the I compared Amsterdam to Oxford.
So, like I’ve just got all the my data tables here and then just stuff about what I needed to know when writing my coursework and then I do have some revision and exam papers, but I don’t have my exam papers, I don’t know what happened to them And this is the only bit of revision in here, because I decided I didn’t like this set up, and I wanted to start again with my mind map So I now have a separate file for my mind, maps which actually I’m gonna, show you okay These are the two I have this ones remote consent, and this was from tiger bone – is all my biology So I put all of my year One content in here is like we’ve done, and then I’ve also got year, two stuff that I’ve done as well I put in little one of these cool little sticky tabs, which signifies the different topics There’s my geography ones It has only at the moment got the water cycle whoops and superpowers in there, but I have started making my tectonics ones and sorting that out I really really like my jaw, grafite ones Obviously like this is one of my favourite, my maps I’ve ever done it’s just like keywords but off the water cycle I just really like these my maps Those are the final taste studies that I’ve got to go over for the water cycle I’ve done quite a few, so it’s not money to go and then I’ve still got to finish oops my superpowers ones Here’s by the time, I’d finished all of this up to here I hadn’t finished the topic and I just haven’t gone back to it yet so I will finish it at some point, obviously, okay, so that was how I organize my folders I’m sure they are amazing I hope this has given you some tips on how to organize your folders So, as I said Give me a thumbs up if you did, and I will see you hopefully next week with a what I got for my birthday, because it was my birthday yesterday, I’m just holding fire with the what I got for my birthday because I still have presents to get From my friends which I’m getting tonight and possibly one from my auntie and I’m not sure if there’s anyone else, but there I’m just holding fire for a bit – and I want to let you know what happens this weekend – I am vlogging it as well I will see you then bye

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