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How to perfect eye shadow introduction tips

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi guys welcome back to my channel. So today we are gonna, be learning how to apply eyeshadow and I’m gonna be showing you a little bit of tips and tricks which will make your life a lot easier. So yeah, let’s get started so first, we are gonna start by priming our eyes. Now primer is a very important step. As you can see, I have a lot of shades of color on my eyelids. Like my veins, it’s darker in the crease. It’s lighter in my transition area and all of that, so to make it even you need to prime your eyes so that the eyeshadows that you’re gonna apply on top are visible and they are very evenly applied.
So take it as a base on which you’re gonna paint, so I’m using my concealer as my primer and I’m applying it all over my eyelids and I’m blending it out with a Beauty. Blender y’all can use a brush as well to blend out the concealer. So the next step is to set this concealer for that I’m gonna use a creamy white shade. You can even use your compact powder to set the concealer I’m just using this makeup revolution. I had makeup chocolate Weiss palette. This is the palette that I’m gonna be using for my entire eyes: shadow application. So I’m just using the creamy white shade and setting this concealer with it using a flat eyeshadow brush. You can use any brush, I’m just using this brush to set the concealer width and you want to make sure that you’re setting your concealer, because that is how you’re gonna get that very, even application of your eyeshadows. Otherwise, if you don’t set your concealer, it’s gonna the eyeshadows are gonna apply very, very patchy. So, there’s a trick that I’ve learned recently, I apply an excess amount of translucent setting powder at the corners of my eyes at an angle so that my eyeshadow is applied at an angle. So the angle is from the corner of your eye to the corner of your eyebrow. This is gonna make your eyeshadow give you that stock cat eye look and it’s gonna apply more evenly, and it’s gonna make your life way more easier to apply. Eyeshadow so next comes the transition shade I like to apply my transition shades with kind of blending brushes. These are like kind of flat at the end, but still fluffy as and so it’s still precise, but still fluffy – that it blends out your eyeshadow. Now I’m applying a transition shade a transition shade is something that combines all your eyeshadow shades together. It’s usually two to three tones darker than your actual skin tone, so I’m taking this light brown color, which is sort of darker than my skin tone, and I’m applying it directly onto my crease.
So another tip is that you want to hold your brush a little further away and not holding it too close to the actual star of the brush. Now what this does is it makes your eyeshadow blend way softer. If you hold the brush too closely, it’s gonna make your eyeshadow application too precise, and it’s not gonna blend that easy. That is the reason you need to hold your brushes a little further, a vm. So next we are gonna move on to the create. Now a crease shade is like two to three tones darker than your transition shade. As you can see, I’m taking this darker Brown warmer shade and I’m gonna apply that directly onto my crease. So one more tip is that you want to use windshield, wiper motions or you can use circular motions or you can use rocking motions or you can use all three motions together. So I like to like alternate between two three techniques. So, as you can see, I’m applying that three shades right into my crease and I’m keeping it there itself, I’m not taking it too high or the transition shade. It’s just near the crease and a little bit upwards just to blend and look a little softer. So once that is done, I like to take this crease shade, even at my outer corners. This is like the most flattering. Look that I do all the time and it looks very good. It looks very natural, so that is what I’m doing here. I’m applying this right at the corner of my eye in a v-shape as you can see, and I’m taking very little product at a time and building it up as I go so take a little bit of it, tap out the excess from your brush and then Apply it on your eye shadow, otherwise you’re gonna get a lot of fallout, I’m applying the shade taking the flat edge of the brush and then blending it out in the outer corners. This is one technique that I use and when I’m applying it in the crease, I point it towards the crease and blend it out and then once that is done, I like to take a clean, fluffy brush. Now these are the two brush options that I have that y’all can use. This is way more fluffier than the brush that we were using right now, and this is clean. So a clean brush helps in blending both the shades together. So I’m just blending the edges in the transition area at the cliche that we applied right now.
This is gonna make your eyeshadow look way more blended and a very smooth gradient that everyone sees on Instagram then, once that is done, I’m using a smaller tapered brush. There are various options that you can see. This is the pro-war brush that I’m gonna. Be using and then I’m applying a darker brown shade, which is two to three shades darker than the cliche that we apply and I’m applying this only at the outer corners to dark in that area. Now this gives a little bit of depth to your eyes and it makes it look like your eyes way more lifted. So it’s a classic smokey eye, but a very subtle smokey eye and again, as you can see, I’m concentrating that color right at the outer corners and I am flicking it a little bit, of course, just to give that cat eye look to your eyes and I’m Blending it out in as you can see, rocking motions and circular motions and then I’m again using my free shade to blend the edges of this dark brown shade. This is like a key step. You want to keep blending the three shades together so that you know it looks way more blended and a smooth gradient. So next we are going to apply our eyelid shade. Now I am using a matte creamy shade that we use to set a concealer. You can use any shape any shimmery shade that you would like to use and I’m using a flat shader brush, which is fluffy but flat and gonna blend out the edges very well. This is a reward brush that I absolutely love to apply. My eyeshadow on the eyelids, like the pigmented eyeshadows, that I apply on the eyelids and I’m only applying it half a wherever we not applied eyeshadow and once you’ve done that. You want to make sure that you’re blending out the edges of these two eyeshadows, the darker brown shade and the creamy white, shade that I applied. So I’m just taking the same crease shade that we apply the warmer brown shade and blending out the edges so that it looks like a smooth gradient. I do not like taking the darker Brown sheer I’m blending it out. I like to take the crease shade to blend it out, because that looks way more natural and like a smooth gradient and then I am just layering the products a little by little, so that the intensity is good enough How much I like it once that is done! I am just gonna remove the excess product or the excess powder setting powder that we’d applied at the outer corners so that our shadow does not apply very sloppily.
So, as you can see in our eye, shadows be more precise, so once that is done, I am gonna Take my blending brush that we apply to use the crease shade in the crease and I’m gonna apply that very sloppily in my lower waterline You do not have to be very precise, just the one thing that you want to make sure that you’re connecting the eyeshadow at the edges of your eyes, so that you know the entire look looks very complete and pull together So the next step that we are gonna do is gonna take a pencil brush I love this Pat pencil brush This is not very tapered at the edge, but it’s still fluffy so that it blends out your eyeshadow very well and I’m gonna Take the darker brown shade that we applied at the outer corners and I’m gonna apply this very precisely, very close to our lower lash line and I’m gonna apply it halfway and connect it at the outer corners now This is gonna give you that almond shape kara That looks very, very flattering, and once that is done, I just love applying a nude eyeliner and my lower waterline This just makes your eyes look way more wide awake and be more rounder and bigger, and then once that is done, we are gonna highlight the highest points on our face, that is under our eyebrow region, right on Robin and I’m applying this shimmery white shade At the exact arch of our eyebrow with the same shader brush that we used and then I’m gonna take the pencil brush that we use and apply the same shimmery white shade at our inner corners Now The technique that I’ve learnt recently is to go from Above to apply our inner corner, highlight that is just gonna make it look way more lifted, rather than going straight or from the downward direction You want to make sure that you’re applying your inner corner, highlight from the upward region and then to pull the entire look together You need to apply, send lots of mascara You can also apply eyeliner That is completely optional, but mascara is a must for your eye Shadow or makeup looks to look put together, so I just applied some false he’s as well with his I love falsies, so yeah This is the entire tutorial, where I teach you how to apply eye shadow I hope you guys launch and if you have any queries comments in the comment box below, I will be very happy to help you guys out and yeah soon bye,

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