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How to: perfect messy bread – two easy ways!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey. I wear my hair like this all the time and then I sleep in it and then I wear it again, the next day after it’s been slept in and it’s just like my go-to hairstyle other than curling my hair. So I’m going to show you two different ways that you can achieve this messy bun. The first way is a little bit more complex a little bit more kind of like you can’t really know what the outcome is going to look like with the second way that I’m going to show. You is a lot easier to achieve.
I have some steps that you can take and you can kind of plan for what the bun is going to end up looking like.. Okay, so I move the camera up. I’m going to start with the way that I usually do it and then move into the more like simplified way. So I push my hair back and then I grab it all together and put it in my left hand and make sure that my right hand has the hair tie like this and grab it from the bottom and push it and grab what the left hand has. I push it up and I switch hands and now this time I’m going to grab the hair tie with the left hand, wrap it around to here twist it and grab the rest of it and bring it back around and I’m holding the bun with the left Hand and then I’m going to bring that down so now, I’m going to pull at the bun to get it to where I want it to be like to pull like these areas here to make it look fuller, a little cuter if you have any like crazy Pieces like this sticking out, you can actually pull them around and then tuck them in the rubber band. That’s like hiding under your bun and same with this side got some little stragglers. What I will do now is grab two some bobby pins just to secure it. So that it stays so, I’ve got one here and I’m going to secure this side, push it in and push on this and bobby pins back. So that is the finished first hairstyle. This is the way that I usually do it. You could spray it with hairspray. If you wanted to, but I just feel like there’s no point: if you caught the body pin, it seems a little complicated, but the more you do it. The easier it’ll get, and I swear the best times that my messy bun is looks. The best is, after I’ve slept in it and when I thrown it on top of my head without looking that’s when it seriously looks the best okay, so now we can move on to the messy bun. That’s a little bit easier to achieve I’m going to show you step-by-step how to achieve it, and I think it’s a little bit just easier to understand so start pushing your hair back into just a regular ponytail, bring it up and hold it in your hand and pretend that you’re doing a regular, ponytail And then on the last one you just don’t want to pull it all the way through.
You want to put it like just like that, almost like a little nub of a bun and that the rest of it is just hanging out at the bottom I’m going to tighten this first before going in and then once I tighten it, I can start pulling at the hair because I want it to be a little bit Messier looking everywhere else, so I’m pulling here pulling out all of these things Okay, just because I want to get that started and make sure it doesn’t get too tight, because with this one, it can tend to get really tight really fast So now what I’m going to do, I’m going to take the rest of it and I’m just going to wrap it around the bun just like so, and then you can either tuck this into the hair tie itself or you can pin it into place So I’m just going to tuck it in and now it’s going to get messed up in just a second here, but don’t worry so you’re going to take this and you can start pulling it apart I’m just really kind of messing it up here, pulling it this way pulling it this way all sorts of ways getting it really big really get this part here to be really big, and now I just want to pin this so that it stays So all of this can get pinned right here on the side, I feel, like the sides are the most important because that’s where they end up kind of like moving and lifting and bouncing – and I also get this little front piece – make sure that doesn’t go anywhere To just wherever you think, you need it to be a little bit more secure, and then this is the second messy bun that I just think you can get it to look exactly like this every single time, because you can just follow those steps and it pretty Much looks like this every time that you do, instead of just throwing it up on top of your head all right, you guys I hope you enjoyed both of the tutorials If you end up recreating either one of the buns Please tag me on social media I would love to see your looks I am on frickin everything, snapchat Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, you name it I’m on it and linked it down below So please subscribe before you leave and I’ll see you next time Bye,

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