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How to: perfect messy bun

1 Nov , 2019  

but I just wasn’t feeling inspired and all I wanted to do was put my hair into a messy bun. So I thought that I would show you guys exactly how I do that now it seems pretty simple and it is, but I feel like over the years of doing it over and over again, I’ve somehow came up with a technique to make it look presentable. So if you want to see how I do my messy bun, then just keep watching so usually when I do my messy bun, I’m either just at home, and I want to put it up on top of my head.
But if I’m at, like my boyfriend’s house or if I know that I’m gonna be going out or whatever I want to make it look a little bit cuter, even though me and my boyfriend have been together for like six years, I still want to look Nice, I don’t want look like a hot mess Express. I know I usually try to find at least one bobby pin, because that can pretty much transform your messy bun and make it more secure. I have just a couple bobby pins here and then you just have this, which this is called so many different things. Let me know down below in the comments what you call this. I call it a hair tie. Some people call it a hair bow just an elastic whatever. I found that when I part my hair down the middle and I do a messy bun, it doesn’t really turn out the best, at least for me, so I like to kind of part it to the side a little bit and now this is on second day Hair I find that my messy buns look so much better on second day here or third day here. Fourth day hair. This is also how you can really get the longevity of your wash out of your hair. If that makes any sense, if you can master the messy bun, you don’t have to wash your hair for like a week, and I know it sounds gross, but the longer you wait to wash your hair, the better it actually is for your hair. So I like to part mine on the side and if you have dry shampoo, you can throw that in there just for some more texture.
I showed it actually probably put some dry shampoo in just because I’m about to go to hot yoga and just want like crazy, but I get mine mine. So I put my hair tie it like this push all this back. I just grab it all at the top and I’m holding tight with my left hand, so I’ve got everything in my left hand, all the bottom pieces. If you find that something is falling out and you feel fine that you can put it back into your pony thing – that you’ve got one right now go ahead and do that I always have little hairs fell out down here. I just get those later so then I just take this. I wrap it around so now it’s in my right hand and it’s more wrapping this way. Now I’m going to grab the elastic, pull it around to the back, and then I pull it back around to the front. Let go with your right because you’ve got it with your left, grab the elastic and let go so you got something that looks like this. Now, if I’m just sitting around at my house watching TV, no one’s around, my hair looks like this, then what I like to do is I like to take two pieces. The two pieces differ depending on what this turned out to look like so right now. I think that this piece here would look nice in this piece would look nice, so I’m just going to take those and I’m going to pull them to the side, and it also tightens your bun. I’m also going to take the front and back and do the same thing and just keep kind of pulling apart at your bun. Now you don’t want to pull too hard because then it’ll kind of like right there, I kind of messed it up a little bit. I pulled a little bit too much. This is super flat right here I think it looks so much better when this is a little bit more like voluminous and you can always go in with like a texturizing powder or a teasing comb before you go in and do this and it gives you more volume.
But I like to just pull at this here and the only downside of doing this Is it loosens up your bun, so I’ve already pulled my bun as much as I possibly can in my opinion here, I’m just getting all my little baby hairs out now I’m going to go in with my bobby pins, I’m pushing My bun where I want it and then I’m going to go in and secure it at the base Now that I’ve got the bass pretty much good Now I’m going to position the bun, where I want it exactly I only have two more bobby pins to Julis, so it’s really up to you What you think is the most necessary Sometimes I’ll have these little baby pieces and I’ll pin those up Sometimes I don’t mind those pieces and I’ll actually pull out some more just so that they are going with the whole messy look if you have any random weird little flyaways like this I just kind of position them under and I will tuck it into either a bobby pin That’s you find or let’s see here or you can put it into the elastic, that’s in your hair So that’s it I’m going to go ahead and do this a couple more times, so you can really see it You, oh yeah, I’m taking this one I dig it I dig it uh-huh, pull these out he’s a little bouncy Anything that, like shakes breaks me out You need a pin that bad boy in place This is one of the ways my buns end up Turning out a lot of the time it sort of looks like you did a sock bun in a more messy way, and I like that, so that’s pretty much It I really hope that this was helpful and if you have any questions, please let me know down below and if you guys try this out and if this was helpful, please it show me your pictures on Instagram, because I would love to see your guys messy Buns and how they turned out yes again so much for watching, thanks again so much for watching You

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