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How to sew / HJ knitting beauty

1 Nov , 2019  

So today we do the hair from hav Beauty. I have three bundles of 24-inch and very natural wavy, and an 18-inch closures is one of my favorite hair companies. They have great hair and I really love their curly hair and wavy hair and not use their water waiting hair before so. Their hair is really really good, lasts, a long time and it’s very reasonably priced um. So today we’re gonna do a traditional. So, in with a closure – since a lot of you have been asking me to do more, so we’re gonna do a sewing with a closure.
Today, I’ve already bleached the knots on the closure. It came with a middle part and they’ve already pluck apart. So I’ve seen once I’ll put it in. If I want to pluck the part a little bit more, I want to start with a part in the middle, because she’s gonna wear a middle part and I’m just going to braid them downward. The braids in the front are going to be the most important, because this is going to be short it your closer is going to be black. I probably will add a little bit of braiding hair because her hair’s a little bit shorter. The Braves are not going to be like extra tiny, because my hands are old. I have a carpal tunnel, so I cannot do a million break and you do not evening million Braves, they have a strong foundation and it’s sewing. They just need to be tight and medium sized. They don’t have to be extra tiny. That doesn’t always mean as a way of sewing, but you do need to have a nice foundation. So definitely the braids around a perimeter needs to be tight and right and then I’m going to sew a net one top of it. So I’m definitely want to leave some hair out on the edges because she want big hair. So these four hair around the edges so now hold on this break. I’m not gonna salt all the way down, because if your client ever comes back and they want to get there closer, tighten you’re gonna, take this bread out and get braids out and then rebrand it and tighten your clothes okay. So these two forms a out of fire, I’m going to show it in, but I’m gonna sell it kind of up because you want it to be underneath your closure. So when you take the closure off and put it back on when every you know putting the closure back now, you can just easily take it off I mean I don’t do it braid redo it again and celibate, so I’m using just regular thread to sew the hair one.
But when I saw the front of the closure down, I’m gonna use one needle with nylon thread, because nylon thread is dinner and a regular thread is a little bit thicker So since the nylon thread is thinner, is gonna help the hose around the front? Not look both so when you make it your neck with your nylon thread, make sure you cut the string off as close as possible, so don’t be sick outside of them all right So since this is really thin, is gonna work out better So make sure you cut the lace off the front of the closure too I like to sew the closures Now they last a little bit longer than gluing them down When you sew on the closure, one, like I said, make sure you got it lined up in the middle, I’m going to start from the middle and sew over, and this is not a ensure that your closure is tightened If you want to be able to like push your closure back and all that like that, without seeing the threat, you’re gonna have to you’re going to have to glue it down But I definitely like to sew down the front So when you, if you do touch it, hair, like your closure, is not like sliding back make sure that your closure is lined up in the front and then you want to start from the middle and the back and so down and around on the side It’s true all right, so I’m just going to straighten up this part in the middle Cranky’s inside fold it over We wanna have the part line up with the part that she is head because you’re going to be able to see the scalp, their closure needs a little clucky angrily going too much for a wet look I’m kind of a neat way to patent the culture and phrase on water in the Bible it works You want me to read it out what why’d you keep me apart You know mr carpenter awesome time to be having everything Okay, so make sure you guys check out HJ, weed beauty and purchase some of that natural wavy hair is so pretty, and it’s such a good quality hair make sure you follow me on instagram I filthy-rich stress, isn’t like my facebook page like and subscribe to my channel and leave a question or comment Thank you for watching you

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